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  1. Yes, indeed. Strangely enough that kb regarding SHA2 was never installed on my system. Anyways I downloaded it from Microsoft https://www.ghacks.net/2022/04/01/firefox-100-requires-the-windows-update-kb4474419-on-windows-7/ My problem with mozilla is, that since version 97 there is a slight stutter on youtube videos that can be very annoying. Even though it has been reported to bugzilla nothing has been done about it. Actually it affects Nvidia cards. I had to use opera or the overbloated vivaldi in order to listen to music or watch videos on youtube. I also downgraded mozilla to the esr version and by changing browser.sessionstore.interval from 15000 to 60000 did the trick . well almost. you still get the odd freeze here and there but sound is not affected at all. Couple of weeks ago I installed Librewolf that plays all youtube videos flawlessly . You can get it from here if you wish. https://librewolf.net/installation/windows/ I am extremely happy with it. Apart from chromium browsers even palemoon and @roytam1 New moon ( on windows XP) reproduce youtube videos perfectly unlike mozilla.
  2. @roytam1 NM28 link w32 and w32 sse not working . 404 error. Thanks
  3. Just to let you know, Video preview does not work in latest official Palemoon.
  4. @Monroe I did use ZA up to 3-4 years ago if memory serves me right but due to updating screw ups ( ZA antivirus was trying to update even though was not installed thus disrupting my work every so often) I uninstalled and installed PC TOOLS firewall plus version considered one of the best firewalls at Matouasec. It has been running flawlessly and I found it to be better than ZA. The software retired about 9 -10 years ago. It is firewall + HIPS.
  5. I have no problems whatsoever on youtube. It even performs ( NM28 +XP ) better than Vivaldi browser on win 7.
  6. @Dave-H: why don't you try here: https://get.webgl.org/ I would do it, however it has been over a year since I 've uninstalled f52esr. Cheers PS; Speed test with NM@* it starts and then pauses. Tried link right above and says that mybrowser NM28 supports webgl. Maybe not all webgl functionality is supported. Also " The bad news: WebGL is dead --it's an API that's been stagnant and neglected for nearly a decade, which is outside of the control of Unity. Most of the limitations Unity has with WebGL are limitations in WebGL standard itself and/or lack of browser support for WebGL features. " So I reckon @D.Draker question is pertinent.
  7. Download of Avast where non - SSE2 processors were still supported https://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=164936.msg1322691#msg1322691 See Reply 36 Cheers
  8. From Avast forum. Versions 8 and lower no longer supported. https://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=233272.0
  9. @VistaLover You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Worked like a charm. Καλε μου άνθρωπε σέ ευχαριστώ. I hope it is right.
  10. I couldn't agree more. Now then, whenever I try to import a filter list I get the following message : The address wasn't understood Palemoon doesn't know how to open this address because the protocol ( abp ) isn't associated with any program. you might need to install other software to open this address. try again Same thing happens with official palemoon. Any Ideas on that ? Cheers PS. It involves lists that I already had imported without any problems then removed them plus a couple of new ones.
  11. Absolutely right. So sorry about that , NM28. If it helps I also had to disable ublock origin in the official palemoon win7set up to be able to access Spiegel International. Cheers
  12. @bernd I had same problem trying to access Spiegel International. I had to disable ublock origin. Also make sure NM compatibility is set to firefox from preferences -> Advanced.
  13. @roytam1 It seems this weeks NM28 actually is last week's one. Version :28.10.1a1 (32bit)(2020-06-05) Cheers
  14. ublock origin updater has become obsolete ! https://github.com/JustOff/ublock0-updater/issues/112
  15. @roytam1 I managed to download files using mypal. Installed NM and tried links to see what happens. Everything is fine now. I reckon something was wrong with previous versions of Basilisk and NM. Thank you kindly
  16. @roytam1 When I click above links I get this: Please see image attached. Cheers
  17. Suggested name for Basilisk :Lernaean Hydra or just Hydra ,that monster from Greek mythology New Moon : Moonmadness
  18. @roytam1 Thanks ! By the way, I update my NM and Basilisk/Serpent every week for the simple reason that it always works flawlessly. Also be informed that ublock origin legacy has been updated to version https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/releases
  19. @roytam1 I am afraid NM28 32bits link still gives 404 Not Found Cheers
  20. Sigh of relief. My issues regarding google accounts in general and a handful of other sites have been fixed as from last Friday. It had been like that since the 13th of November.The culprit was my cableTV+ Internet service provider. I had to install windows 7 pro 64bits ( dual booting ) since the problem for some reason that am not aware of ,did not affect win7 to that extend. Win 7. As it seems also the Mozilla 23 min bug is fixed ( latest Mozilla and official palemoon ) This goes for all sites. Win xp. roytams1 New Moon works fine on youtube no bug , however all other sites present this symptom. Cheers.
  21. @caliber Yes I have. I have tried without antivirus, firewall, extensions etc.. Anyway my adguard settings do not interfere with ublock @msfntor I did clean my PC yesterday but to no avail. Here is my system's summary : Thanks a lot my good people.
  22. @sparty411 Modem/router Wi fi in one. velocity 1Gbps from the tv cable Internet provider company.You may connect up to four PC's. I contracted this service end of August and until last Thursday had no issues.
  23. @msfntor Thank you ! I do not block any java scripts. From the link you provided JavaScript Detection JavaScript Enabled✔ True Inline Scripts✔ True Same-Origin Scripts✔ True Third-Party Scripts✔ True What worries is that gmail does not respond at all. Is the end nigh ? Got two PC's (Win xp & win 7) connected directly to a modem. Win 7 no problems at all. Cheers @caliber Yes, I am fully aware that ff52 is garbage. I'll be uninstalling it soon. Obrigado.
  24. As from last Thursday I seem to be having the same problem as @caliber but on you tube. See image attached. I can still watch the videos and some times have to refresh the page in order to do so. Strangely enough around midnight youtube thumbnails load not always all of them. Also cannot sign in to YT nor gmail. The connection has timed out google server is taking too long to respond. I receive 0 pings from gmail. Other streaming sites that I use work fine. Any Ideas on that ? Cheers Same applies to serpent 52, firefox 52.9, mypal, google chrome.

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