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  1. Thanks Maestro, now everything is as it should be!!! For once, found myself in the right place at the right time
  2. My fault, never fallen in love with Noscript because of his aggressivity and tricky learning curve But i've borrowed that great rule, applied and saved it in a uBlock backup folder for future reference
  3. I hoped so but with Mypal (FF68) i can see no TLS 1.3 support, despite from FF60+ TLS 1.3 would have been enabled by default
  4. Thanks for detailed answer. I think you're perfectly right on positive effects of decreasing adblock entries for a smooth efficitent web browsing, but the next warning (not cited) quote of Extremely Condensed Adblocking List: let me think that for an old OS like XP (moreover whose source code getting leaked) it's maybe little better to give priority to safety at the expense of efficiency adblock listing. But in W7-W10 scenario your choice it's really worth of implementing.
  5. Thank you roytam1. It's only for knowing that this XP browser option now it's really better to put it aside, in favor of great other alternatives. Personally for this old desktop snail i found Mypal really impressive in terms of speed in front of FF45+: there's only one thing that can't understand why it's broke and that is the language pack (IT in my case) that, despite seems to be upgraded, continues to not work as it is not even installed. Everything, from the bar to the right-click-mouse options, remain in native EN language
  6. Just a curiosity about FF45+. On an old XP desktop runs a version of Firefox (also known as firefox-45.9.19-20200104). Has this branch development been permanently abandoned? Can't find no mention about it on https://rtfreesoft.blogspot.com/
  7. They are not included as strictly bound to ESU clients
  8. Good idea the guide, despite scrambled in SDI vs Driver Booster war and windows update issue. For the latter, i've used WSUSOffline v10.9.2 (last version supporting Vista) to download everything - Vista Box Checked on a clean installation of Vista SP2, and after that used a more recent WSUSOffline (don't remember the version) to download everything - Server 2008 Box Checked to get all the compatible Vista updates after Vista EOL.
  9. I think FF45 generally mess up with automatic extensions update: i have that option permanently checked but never see in a long time it's working. I always have to go in relative setting (wheel) and manually check update to get some response Merry holidays
  10. This updater extension doesn't work at all, not even notified of the update.
  11. Same deprecable and unprofessional attitude on SWRare Iron: Can't believe someone claims Chromium 78.0.4050 eligible for XP. They're better at selling pots or smoke without roast!
  12. Malwarebytes working and updating regularly on XP real machine
  13. Work for me too, clean profile no patched yet, only Ublock Origin Some other extensions (freshly installed) work but after i close FF45.9 and re-open it they go in "stand-byesque" status and don't work anymore. But it's not a irreversible state as in the panel extensions/add-ons clicking on disactivate and activate does the trick and every suspended extensions is back to work.
  14. FWIW on FF 45.9.xx no problem going beyond legacy with uBlock0 1.18.16, so with SP52.9...
  15. ProxHTTPSProxy is really wonderful tool. It allows access to many sites blocked and also to private & pubblic institution website not avaible before partially or totally (graphic defects/certificate errors/lack of visualization elements/address not reachable). The question is: can we safely access these sites, through the ProxHTTPSProxy, entering sensitive credentials without any risk whatsoever (privacy, data theft, etc..)? I suppose ProxHTTPSProxy couldn't expose severe security holes (otherwise Mr. Heinoganda would have warned about it) but, just to clear the field of doubts, are any security implications known?
  16. Finally everything it's working, thank you for the correct advices: it was just a corrupted profile due to frequent switches between Firefox forks. Now i can bookmark in all the ways single star/all open tabs
  17. No, i don't use it. I've also disable extensions but nothing changed.
  18. Thanks for the reassurance! I was a little doubtful about F45 behaviour in bookmarking as i cannot bookmark anything (see the following figure) https://imgur.com/a/v8eepR7 After clicking OK the pages are not bookmarked: i don't know if this failure is related to the UOC Patch.
  19. Since 2 weeks I didn't walk through this topic and now i can't find new build for Firefox 45ESR SSE. Is F45 branch deliberately interrupted for severe reasons?
  20. After installing on F45ESR new release the UOC_Patch + Enforcer i found all the quoted parameters set correctly as above, except for the following: browser.urlbar.maxRichResults - 1 That one was set to 12. Is it 1 ok or there's a missing "2"?
  21. What an epic rig!!! Personally i would do a thought about an additional heatsync for the case (just in case of intensive scenarios)
  22. Hi Dave, can you please clarify how to get working ProxHTTPSProxy-Proxomitron to access (in IE8) to websites not compatible with IE8 standard? (we had spoken about it in other topic). A simple link where it's explained is well enough (i read some forum but still I didn't figure it out) Thank you
  23. I've always use that to save memory/cpu and now i know i'm also preventing vulnerability

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