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  1. ok xpmate , thanks for halp now could u provide me with an exe that has all the posready updates? cuz the update site no longer working ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  2. ok its very unclear instruction they putted there , is there any prgram that has all of posready updates? that would be the solotion but that topic is very unclear
  3. how do i enable 1.1 tls and 1.2 in Internet explorer ? link to the link of that posready file
  4. rlly? lemme see hey sir , how do i enable 1.1 and 1.2 tls sir? provide me a download or something in my maypal tls 1.3 works its the latest verison btw
  5. hello i use windows xp pro 32 bit and i have the latest sp3 and sp4 , i want to enable tls 1.2 , i know posready does have that update but seems like the windows update site is no longer working ? or is it just me guys?

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