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  1. Hi did you tried edit title font color with aeroguiTool ?
  2. My current desktop set for personal use " Smoked Yoda Glass" Very happy for daily use Merry Christmas all !
  3. I'm running last CB build 14393.479 and aero updates symbols with no pb .
  4. Hi Ziyaad ! My registry seemed corrupted ( Accentcolor , inactive entries missing ) Now all works fine when setting accent tab You are a saver many thanks !
  5. I have the same result as carlitosoo for both active and inactive But I must admit that is confusing , and I finally noticed when I get my settings right , every time I run aeroGUI , it manages to disable inactive window color so I set it once for all and all runs fine .... windows AU 14393.447 X 64
  6. Nevermind , thanks for help ....got a transparent commandbar module with hover text and custom icons
  7. new trial desktop hacked and no pb under 14393.351 with modernframe.dll but I upgraded from 321 , no fresh install as I could have seen relating bugs
  8. My personal custom theme " Yoda bb8 " with my newly custom hack for winver branding ( tuto posted on my deviant page )
  9. Hi all and thanks again Tihiy for the wonderful work I'd like to get rid of the help button of commandbar and tried several tricks or hacks but I just want to make this disappear Old methods get rid of all right sided buttons or make commandbar invisible or hidden and I also tried to make changes from shellstyle.dll of visual styles , I just wish to keep it in place but without the ugly help icon Is there a way to modify oldnewexplorer.dll to realize that and if so , where should I look for , using resource hacker ? Thanks for any help
  10. Hi Could you tell me how to use these files provided by Big Muscle ? have to copy theme at specific place ?
  11. This is the debug window for modernframe-debug.dll released with build 652 of aeroglass package, BM told he try to release the final one soon
  12. Well ... it seems even loggin in donator account , experimental releases were removed - Just tryed now and nothing appears ATM to download . but B652 was avaliable for a while
  13. The debug moderndll is included in build 652 available to download
  14. Yes Noel , I realized that and did work well , just the debug window which is quite annoying lol Hope a final modernframe.dll to come
  15. Running Big Muscle win81_x64_1.5-rc and modernframedebug x64 .dll and Noel C atlas theme Eveything is ok ( modern and classic app frames but is the command window message related to microsoft server ? EDIT: my bad , forgotten the debug console with Modernframe debug
  16. Hi Running last build 14393.222 I'm having issue with aeroglass on modern apps but working well with other windows Aeroglass build 669 with correct symbols on windows X64 and atlas theme from Noel C ( rounded corners ) Is there something I 'm missing ? Thanks for help
  17. yes , the best I have is using a modded theme by Neiio ( "dark vertex" one ) with a custom glyph
  18. Yes , had this too so after several tests I 'm using both Black glass enhanced with system transparency. Didn't found any info about it ATM but working here under 14393.187 and aeroglass pre release 669
  19. It is obvioulsy on tablet mode See the hamburger menu at top and bottom left....
  20. mine with classic shell custom and win 10 custom one too ( windows 10586.164 x64 )

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