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  1. Nope. Doesn't work in any directory. And when I /u the dll, it works fine...
  2. When I register the DWMGlass dll file (on 2 different PCs), it disables my Open Command Prompt and Open Windows PowerShell options in the Explorer File Menu. Once I unregister the dll, all works normally (on both). Anyone else notice this?
  3. do you have debug windows still coming up that you hide? mine still shows them. just uninstalled and reinstalled it again today and am getting the same results... Win 10 14393.576 v1607 aeroglass 1.5.1
  4. That's the one I have 1.5.1... still has debug windows and a watermark (with my donation key in place)
  5. I have it installed and running with the debug windows on 1607 14393.576. Is there a final release candidate for this build yet? I have read through the other topics but am beginning to become lost in this as there are so many threads regarding installation, etc. Thanks in advance.
  6. Just the interface as far as I know... it does seem to process a bit faster (or did when I was fumbling through 2 dozen documents at a time while I was in school). For day-to-day use, I honestly don't notice much different... just thought it would look cool if the whole top colored portion was glass..
  7. you shouldn't install that... just unpack 669 to C:\AeroGlass and then create a task in task scheduler to run aerohost at startup as the SYSTEM user account.
  8. My laptop shows 3 debug windows after the newest build combined with the latest windows updates while my desktop only shows one debug window with the same combo... anyone else having this issue?
  9. Cumulative updates as of 09/14/2016 make it show all 3 of the debug windows again... will these be hidden for the final build release?
  10. Any news on when the final build will be released for 14393?
  11. Just curious, will AeroGlass ever be able to be implemented with Office 2016? Unless I am mistaken, it does not work with it... or at least not for me since build 10240. Any insight is appreciated. Thank you.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. I have returned that string value to empty and am editing my post for others that read it.
  13. Ok cool. Well its getting closer! Thanks.

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