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  1. OMG I would like to thank all of you !!! it is now working under 10586.122 ! what I have done : - installing again updates to 10586.122 - downloaded symbols zip from Escuridao link on mega - unzip the archive and paste all folders in aeroglass folder which is located on my PC in "programs" - reboot and no error mess ! What I think : maybe the folder symbols I got with SDK and bat file was corrupted ? edit: it was corrupted ( size of the one I got = 3.66 Mo VS 5.95 mo with Escuridao archive Anyway have a nice day all , I'm so glad to get it work !
  2. It worked following the link you gave me ( installed SDK tools ) and it fails when aeroglass try itself to after the error message
  3. Hi and thank you for answer Noel I noticed something strange though : From the topic linked by Escuridao , Jofkata posted the symbols folder here http://picbg.net/img.php?file=ea31d29bb440bbbd.JPG and the one I could download manually with the workaround installing SDK is : Pb is there is one folder with different name than Jafkata one ?? I have application frame .pdb instead of dwm.pdb?? or may someone kind to upload this symbols folder working under 10586.122 PS: just saw escuridao ( thanks for upload ) and dhjohns posts with symbols archive but it is the same as mine ( including applicationframe.pdb ) I try to send my issue and debug log to Big Muscle too ( I rolled back to 10586.104 for the moment Regards
  4. Yes Noel I got 2 valid key from donation , but it failed when searching to download from servers - so I have no clue even with "manual" advice from shining escuridao
  5. thanks for replies but I still have the error mess even when rebooting few times I try re install aero glass
  6. Hi NoelC I have the same issue since 10586.122 update but aeroglass doesn't seem to download from symbols servers ( warning as failed to conenct ) and when I try to go there ( http://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols) nothing appears Server is down ?
  7. My favorite is qttabs from Quizo : - you still work with windows explorer as it's an extension - you get tabs - instant previews for pic - movie - sound ( wav - mp3) files whatever view you set when you just hover files - cascading menus from " my PC" on each drive without open them - colored background in explorer - you can pin any app you want on toolbar for quick launch - an infinite menu with mouse wheel on the vertical toolbar ( amazing feature ) - a desktop tool ( mouse clic on desktop and you get a custom menu ) - integrated right menu commands like " copy from or move from " to the place you are ( very useful ) and lot of more ... - skinable tabs menus or toolbars and best iof all it's free ( though I made a donation for such hard work ) and windows 10 compatible can't live without for a while http://qttabbar.wikidot.com/
  8. oh ok I see Strange I 'm using aeroglass 1.4.5 and still have those hamburger menus on modern apps ( groove, weather, movies & tv etc ) Running windows 10 pro x64 ( build 10586.36 )
  9. Hi Raiden could you explain to me "hamburger menu" plz? ( dunno what it really looks like on your previous screen )
  10. Hi Dunno if it may help you getting back windows 7 flavor http://mfi.webs.com/
  11. Thanks MTdirector I edited some top part of the theme and get back aero effect on title bar Same when enabling areglassGUI " theme atlas" with a transparent but I loose the caption buttons lol
  12. Hi all It is my first post I'm using aeroglass 1.4.5 without any issue till now under windows 10 pro 10586.36 but I'd like to use the following visual style form neiio: http://neiio.deviantart.com/art/Vertex-for-Windows-10-576678605 Problem is I have aeroglass not working with THIS theme but no pb with others ( ie : Mr Grim ones - Gsw953 ones too ) Using oldnewexplorer but even enable aero effect doesn't show with this VS. Is there anybody who knows what part of the msstyles - shellstyle.dll with vista style builder should I edit to get back aeroglass ? or maybe a regedit tweak ? Thanks for help !

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