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  1. Did you installed Aeroglass in new build 14371? it works well?
  2. I deleted all files of Aeroglass from my system, then, i download Aeroglass from Bigmuscle page and install it manually, and it works.
  3. Finally works for me in modern apps with the same bug and clsharp_v4.4 also works fine:
  4. Doesn't work in modern apps in build 14367, at least for me.
  5. Yes, i had the same problem, this build has so little changes and novelties, not worth the upgrade, i ended returning to build 14352, where Aeroglass works almost perfectly, until Microsoft release a new build.
  6. Again, Aeroglass doesn't work in new build 14361,
  7. This is the version i use, i repeat, without .layout
  8. clsharp_v4.4 (without layout) works fine in file explorer and chrome, in modern apps doesn't work:
  9. Aeroglass works again with new build 14352, even in modern apps!!!
  10. In my case works great without any problems, only in modern apps doesn't work at all.
  11. Is it just me or Aeroglass doesn't work at all in modern apps in new Redstone build 14291?
  12. I forgot to clarify that the theme "clsharp_v4.4" works in build 14279 only without the .layout file, if you put the .layout file in C:\Aeroglass, the theme not work properly, at least in my case, and for the inactive titlebars i use WinaeroTweaker, this is how it looks the inactive titlebars before and after to use WinaeroTweaker:
  13. Like i said before, the theme "clsharp_v4.4" works fine, only in modern apps doesn't work at all, i don't use many modern apps so, i don't care:
  14. When Microsoft release a cumulative update, why people call that a "new build" or "the last one build"?, is just a simple patch for "build 10586", a "real" new build is, for example, 14271 or "the last one" 14279, that is a complete new build, not the cumulative updates from Microsoft. that is what i think. sorry for my english.
  15. In build 14279, the theme clsharp_v4.4 works fine in File explorer and Chrome but, in modern apps, not work properly With UxThemeSignatureBypass looks like this:
  16. I meant the current windows 10 build, not the redstone update. Thanks for the answer
  17. When you say "the latest build", you meant TH2 or Redstone build? i don't understand.
  18. Aeroglass in build 14271 is causing a weird bug in the Action center and Start menu when blur is activated, but, for me, looks awesome:
  19. I had the same problem until install UxThemeSignatureBypass, after that, the text looks good... http://1drv.ms/1Nw6DDK
  20. I think then, it must be the theme you are using. I don't think so since I tried the default Windows 10 theme and NoelC's squareborders theme (colored) and had the problem with both. Which Windows theme are you using? I suppose you have tried several of them, though. For the Windows theme, all I did was uncheck the Win8 Aero theme during setup of Aero Glass and kept the theme preinstalled with Windows 10, except with Aero Glass added to it. Look, I know there's all this stuff about donations going on, but I still have this problem! Would be easier if you post images of your problem.
  21. Everything is working great with build #506 in threshold 2, i had some problems with UxThemeSignatureBypass and text in titlebar, but, finally is working, yes, i like complete transparency in titlebar and taskbar, no color, no blur, only glass reflection, i'm using clsharp_v4.2 theme, thanks Bigmuscle:
  22. Try this: go to Settings-Personalization-Colors and check the option "show color in start, taskbar.... and look again the title on explorer, it works for me.
  23. I started with BigMuscle's original .layout file, for which that's expected behavior, so yes, it's expected - but perhaps not wanted. What entries do you tweak to remove the border from the Windows Start Menu and Notifications pull-out, dhjohns? Since the border there is not blurred I might prefer to remove it or at least make it smaller -Noel Here is layout file. I do not know which ones are specific, but here you go. My goal was to get rid of all borders everywhere! LOL This is for cl_sharp V2, but the concept is the same for all layout files. This is how it looks your layout file with clsharp_v4.2, i have no experience with this things, i just simply save your files as clsharp_v4.2.png.layout and put it in C:\AeroGlass, the result was something strange, but, i like it, the corners are dark and are bent inward, is this normal?

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