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  1. You can put your question on this topic: Or this other, also, if you can, put a picture of your folder C:/Aeroglass
  2. http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/175938-experimental-builds/?do=findComment&comment=1129765 Click in "Reveal hidden content" For me does not work in Anniversary update, only for applying themes.
  3. I'm not an advanced user but this is the way I change the color and transparency:
  4. In build 14931, Starlsback blocks the Start button, I was forced to install Classic Shell, I prefer to use Starlsback, so I hope they solve this problem soon
  5. Starlsback does not work in build 14915 and completely blocked the Start button when installed.
  6. Thank you, that's what I was looking for, I 've always used that theme atlas:
  7. Anyone know if there is any way to make the maximize and minimize buttons remain white without applying any theme like in the rest of the system? I mean in modern apps.
  8. "- it does not work correctly in apps which has their client area extended to the frame (e.g. Edge) - it sometimes works, but sometimes does not" In such apps like Edge and Onenote all you have to do is maximize and minimize the window twice and Aeroglass work well, at least in my case, it is not a big deal, thanks Bigmuscule for this Modernframe
  9. Something weird happened, after maximize and minimize the window, Aeroglass worked well on Edge:
  10. You did not do anything wrong, the current version of Aeroglass does not work in Edge:
  11. Do you rename "ModernFrame-x64-Debug.dll" to "ModernFrame.dll"? for me works very well in modern apps, btw, there is other theme atlas compatible with the anniversary update, like clsharp?.
  12. Back in February I put a comment about that in this topic: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/174668-old-experimental-builds/?page=15#comment-1118985 is not new and not only in the start menu, also in the Action center:
  13. Any news about new ModernFrame.dll for Anniversary update? Edit: already there is a version and works very well, thanks Bigmuscle
  14. No, Aeroglass does not work in modern apps in build 14393.67, i hope Bigmuscle release an "experimental build" for the anniversary update soon
  15. This is the agreement of the Windows Insider Program: https://insider.windows.com/Home/TermsOfUse anyone who enters the program should read it before.
  16. That is known for quite some time, it has been published in several pages and will not make any significant change, is just a little patch or revision for build 14393, not a "new build".
  17. I knew it, this is the build to be released on August 2, a new cumulative update change the version from 14393.0 to 14393.3, now just wait aeroglass version that works 100% with this build
  18. I think that "this is the one", i hope that Bigmuscle release an "experimental build" of Aeroglass for this build.
  19. Aeroglass has some glitches on modern apps in build 14383, works well in file explorer and browser:
  20. I installed 14371 and 14372, Aeroglass don't work in modern apps there, i need to use some modern apps, so, i return to build 14367, there are no notable changes or novelties in the new builds, like i said before, not worth the upgrade, i think Aeroglass working again on modern apps in some new build, then, It will be worth the update.
  21. Thanks for the answer, i wanted to be sure because i have tried everything, but, Aeroglass not work in modern apps in this particular build.

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