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  1. Nice, works perfect! thanks for share this method Im a noobish with DB, until very recently discover the desktop client for windows,but only shows "you need windows 7 or newer system to sync your account"
  2. Ok, i downloaded the game,no luck ,same Kernell32,dll error, the same since AW April Patch, so no chances to get working on Vista Its strange ,the Crew (before graphics update) had the same error,but you can play it normally if you close the message. I cant find the thread of the modd, but i remeber he copy some numers of the HEX of the non patch version to the new one , and the game runs fine ,warning about the consequences , i try it later
  3. i only test the beta (the game runs terrible with massive stutters) , not the final game,i say that because Activision send new updates and cut the compatibility at some point,that happened with Infinity Warfare, before April patch the game runs fine, after that , the game crashes at startup, with BEX error, a user found a way to fix it, but you could get VAC, ban because he mod the Hex of the exe. I try to install WW2 beta and sahre the results
  4. Please share your results, could be interesting for my next build, i kept my i5 2400-750ti-16 gb ddr3 PC for two or three years , i probably use Ryzen CPU for the succesor build. I will be happy if the system dont crash , just for nostalgic feels (probably the support at that time be zero) , otherwise , keep my actual build for the memories
  5. Hi, i get Zotac gt 1030 a couple months ago, after driver installation and reboot the PC ,the screen stays on black (mouse cursors shows, startup sound appears, but... windows vista's logo dont show) ,i tried multiple versions without success, i hope you got better results At the end i resell the card, and got the MSI GTX 750TI Low Profile, still have decent performace, if you want Windows Vista on Pascal, gtx 1060 and up its fully supported, or try some gtx 900 and lower cards series.
  6. For me, the best browser on vista its UCBrowser, i received a update two weeks ago , fluid and stable,FF 52 feels slow using both at the same time. My Windows 10 drive died,so i stay on vista until my drive dies Overwatch runs on Vista fine, my cousin installed without problems,rockstar probably keeps support for gta v on Vista, at this point of his life i dont expect a major update like the crew with his new graphics,saddly vista support was drop, Battlefield 4 last UI Update works on Vista and let switch to Battlefield 1 on the game (i wish someone could mod the installer setup to
  7. Do you make a bakcup of this thread on Web Archive site? that helps for people who dosnt find new page
  8. ¿Your modding works? I tried run 382,x modded drivers, to get support for a new gt 1030 without success, installation window shows driver correctly installed, but after restart the monitor stays black, i hear startup sound ,but didnt get videosignal,only on safe mode
  9. ¿Using 3rd party themes maybe? i remeber at least 3 themes with that feature, isnt too dificult, search on Devian Art
  10. Not really , if you play games,the right way is update to windows 8.1/10,some games start putting windows 7 as minimum os supported (AC Rogue doesnt lauch and Advanced Warfare inicially works on vista,but after a patch, they decline vista support) For working/editing, new drivers isnt increase a lot the performance,against update your OS (without mention dx12 are coming next year). Windows 8 1 works a way better , 10 in couple months too Catalyst 15,4 Drivers are fine for the most recent games (im playing gta 5 really smooth with those drivers, the crew and bf4 /hardline same) Im only waitin
  11. Its weird, i installed 15.4 with the patch (i downloaded gta 5 and catalyst 14.9 isnt optimized for this game) as you can see at the right, i can play inkball without problems, the only error i got its the user32.dll running the crew and CCC, but its fine,if i disable CCC for startup the message error never appears again. I tried this patch to make install 15.7,but doesnt works, appareantly,the driver installs fine,but shows two pop ups errors,and aero cannot be enable again and ccc dont startup to check the version of the drivers,so its usseless right now. For me its ok,i dont play games
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