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  1. Can anyone test call of duty ww2 on vista? I'm curious if it will run
  2. Just want to add that it's going to take more than API support for Vista to stand a chance. Even with SP2 and the Platform updates, Vista is still missing a lot of kernel functions from Windows 7 that a lot of modern games are starting to use. Vulkan won't matter if you're getting kernel32.dll or user32.dll errors upon launch.
  3. I was thinking about getting an X79 Deluxe and an i7 4960X, basically the best Ivy Bridge hardware money can buy. However on the support page for the X79 there aren't any Vista drivers outside of BIOS updates, but perhaps I can use the sabertooth drivers since the components are the same?
  4. I am using this HP Envy 700-074 pre-built desktop: https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03787848 Trying to install Vista at first was completely impossible, was getting 0x00000124 blue screens just trying to load the Vista installation. Had to disable the PCI SERR# Generation option in the BIOS just to get it to work. After installing Vista (which took a couple of attempts because some times the installer would just leave me with a black screen and a cursor), the operating system was completely unstable with random services not starting up when I got to the desktop, and going to the lock or logout screen would sometimes leave me with a back screen and cursor. This was from a clean install of Vista Ultimate SP2 + Platform Update 64-bit US. Eventually when I put my PC into the lock screen I got a black screen that I couldn't get out of so I had no choice but to hard reset my computer. After that I couldn't even boot into the OS anymore, blue screened everytime with an IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error.
  5. That's a bummer. I'll have to try the Steam version whenever I get a system running Vista.
  6. Really weird how Firefox ESR 64-bit requires Windows 7 or above. There is nothing extended about it's support since it's just like the normal releases.
  7. If you can, please do. Modern gaming is the only thing that might make using Vista miserable, since there is nothing you can do about game compatibility.
  8. Did that happen when you tried running the bethesda launcher or the game itself?
  9. For anyone who games on Vista I would like to know if Quake Champions (steam version) and Tekken 7 work on it.
  10. I tried using Vista on my Haswell machine, and it was exactly that. Eventually when I put the computer on the lock screen, I was stuck on a black screen with just a cursor, so I had to hard reset my PC. Then I started getting IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL blue screens after that. So now I'm back on Windows 7. You're guide to make 7 look like Vista is very thorough and nice, I just wish the taskbar was more proper. Like, when you hover over an item, the color is not blue all the time but rather the dominant color of the applications icon. To my knowledge, Sandy Bridge was the last Intel processor line to fully support Vista. Ivy Bridge doesn't have USB 3.x drivers right? If AnX can prove Vista is fully supported on Ryzen, I might pursue that for my new build.
  11. Sometime in the future I'd like to build a new PC and install Vista on it. My current PC cannot run Vista at all (Haswell i5), so that's out of the question. However now that Vista is completely deprecated, most modern software and games require at least Windows 7, and Intel and AMD have stopped producing chipset drivers for Vista, is it even worth it? Vista is definitely my favorite Windows OS. Windows 7 is whatever but Windows 8.1 and 10 are complete trash and I never want to be bothered with them. Linux and other Unix-likes are also really unattractive. Are there any modern chipsets that support Vista 64 bit with USB 3.x drivers?

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