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  1. here : 1. execute before , execute after , doesnt match my needs. before for me is before wpi.hta starts, (i run a program in autoIT who check for installed updates in regs who create a log file for every installed update, i have separate entries in separate categories for installed and uninstalled updates...need separate categories,are 47 seven today,) after for me is after wpi.hta ends, not inside wpi.hta. (also run an autoIT program, with restart/shutdown/exit/device manager....+++ more options...+++... who also can launch wpi, so i cant launch wpi from wpi...) so need to back to wpi.cmd for me . by the way : not translated execute before+after in programs window. 2. options -> installer -> disable when dependencies not met -> not checked <If this is not checked, all checkboxes are enabled. If a program is selected, its parents will become selected too.> here this is not true : my parents programs are not selected automaticaly 3. force installation on exit : checked : perform force installs on exit + ALSO perform force installs on begin install, this is oK UNchecked : DO NOT perform force installs on exit + also DO NOT perform force installs on begin install , this is not oK (here suppose to force installs on begin installs and do not perform them on exit, this was like i said at least in versions before 4.3.8) this is why i need, i run my cleanup.cmd here, but only on begin install. 4. @Kelsenellenelvian & @mritter : congrats for this piece of art.
  2. 1. win98 do not run .cmd files . how do you manage this ? on those systems. i run today my wpi_cd_4.38 on an older sistem. wpi.cmd do not run and so on... i use .cmd files. 2. i ask this because , related is next question : how do you manage the two new entries execute before and after ? i have before and after more than 2 tasks . my first ideea was to use a .cmd file !? ....
  3. my fixed 4.38beta2 still working. with 1 exception , ALL my entries use fileexist() in cond[pn]. ?
  4. device manager -> set "view device by connection" if the device is connected to a controller who have the word "enhanced" included in his name then the ports are v2.0 otherwise are v1.1 if this is your question !
  5. miscellaneous -> use multiple defaults when unchecked , need one other check box , to hide <select defaults> + <select all> + <select none > why ? several times i made separate WPI-CDs for friends with a single program and in this case this options became useless. or maybe if it is a single program in config.js, WPI can hide this 3 options.
  6. Romanian attached. still have english words in options -> audio player -> (the 12 buttons : 2xAdd, 2xDelete, 2xTop, 2xdown, 2xUp, 2xBottom). probably the template do not use [lang] variable. lang_RO_WPI_5rc2.txt
  7. 1.5.0532.0 is the new version for Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications (KB905474). KB905474 change my .dll version to 1.5.0532.0.
  8. songs , 4..6max . the problems with actual player came from an autoIT library included in .exe files audio.exe & closeaudio.exe false positive , but ... the problem still exist ...... i live in bitdefender country ... i suppose the new media player will be also in pure java ? not related, but , i wish the new wpi.exe file capable to run before AND after WPI, a custom .exe, or .cmd ore else.. i use this in my actual wpi.cmd. i cant wait for 5.0 . i still use a 4.3.8beta2 , because i was waiting for promised 4.4 ...
  9. i tested it in three different computers. manually(regedit) . and works in my case. how do you tested it for not working ?
  10. Thanks for the tip. More usefull for me is to rename <Links> to <MSFN> for example. I tried with MSFN_2 (MSFN already exist) and when i open IE6, the folder MSFN_2 was there . and Welcome to MSFN @leo29.
  11. thank you for your answer. is not exactly what i want , but i get the main ideea and this is for me more than a hint . what i want is an UDF function , to use it in different scenarious . like (shorted sintax) :
  12. i am wondering if exist a function , in beta or UDF who can WinWaiActive for 2 variants of title/text ? i have same script in 2 languages : a function something like : ok i will wait for a window, but i will finish the waiting when will appear one window who have the couple title/text equal with title1/text1 or title2/text2 ? if not exist ... well...i will study the while function . thank you !
  13. mine is 3.5GB , so my DVD works with %cdrom% , believe it or no. i dont know what is wrong above butanyway , during install , your $OEM$\$1\INSTALL folder is copied in the root of your system drive . so you can address your files like
  14. welcome to MSFN ! ?? can you be a little more specific ?WPI does not performe a booting operation . can be included into a CD or DVD who contain an OS who can boot. if you mean %cdrom% is the same for DVD .
  15. autoIT ? with the source attached ? (i hope)
  16. thank you for your answer. but , no . this is what i want : in my form the print button must be enable if the printer is online , or disable if the printer is not online . I print in a specific printer, not in the default printer several reports. the printers are in other room . if this is possible in access 2k .
  17. i cant find a way to see my printer status inside access 2000 (i need to know just online/offline status, i have 2 printers in other room) can be this solved ? maybe with VB scripts ? any help here ?
  18. for monitor pack Samsung SyncMaster Samsung_713n_740n.rar
  19. how can i do "Added: Support for Samsung 740N" i have the three files 740N.icm , 740N.inf and 740N.cat for my syncmaster 740N . just add them in the D\R\S folder ? nothing else to do ? register somewhere ?
  20. 1. some mobo's , really need to have the second connector from PS (4 pins) plugged . 2. some mobo came from factory with the jumper for reset CMOS set ON , must set off manually .
  21. of course it is . its a MSFN way . isnt this the general ideea : Where People Go To Know ?
  22. i use this file and works for me . BSPlayer_RegisterFileExtensions.cmd

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