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  1. This page doesent have nothing [url="http://msfn.nlc.roxr.com/?q=node/1"]http://msfn.nlc.roxr.com/?q=node/1[/url]
  2. Nope.! But I download it and never turn on AutiIT without it any more.! Simply it's good stuff.! On .au3 right click and Edit Script then it'll open SciTe for auotIT.! Verry verry good.!
  3. Why This Doesent Work SetupParams.! I make it like this.! [setupParams] UserExecute = "%systemdrive%\cmdlines.cmd" UserExecute = "%systemdrive%\DELITE.cmd" Structure $OEM$ ..|----$1 ..|.....|...Here are cmdlines.cmd and DELITE.cmd ..| ..|----$$ When was into $OEM$ then it worked.! DELITE isnt worked then.! Now doesent work nothing WHY.! Isnt that on 13 min copyed to systemdrive.? And then execute from systemdrive.!
  4. That will be great.! Also I dont need nothing else from It.! Except to Run it and test Unattended Install + Apps.!
  5. How can I make Unattended Windows. That are not asking for activating at first boot. I have Activated Win. Now I heard that I haveto COPY some activated files into i386, and then it will not ask. What are that files.! What are it's name. And do I haveto do something more except just COPY that files.!
  6. Thank you.!!! Oh on my previus question.! I make it on top with WinSetState. Yes it's on top.! But let say if I sending something to Notepad and then I click on something else let say Exploler. Notepad is OnTop but now all send commandes are send there when I click on Explorer. That is what I need, so that you can let say searching to explorer and Send($text) is sending into notepad (it can be on top, This is just if I installing on some oether computer or give him unattended.exe and he is clicking on computer while this working then script will not do it's job).
  7. I sow where is problem in my previus app. I Send($text) and that text have special chars.! I have to made Send($text, 1) and the it worked just fine.! Now still it's question.! How to made always on top.! So when installing only interupt can be CANCEL of Scrip Exit.! And when open oether app this installing will still RUN and Installing.!
  8. How can I make that installing app is always on TOP.!
  9. I make it like this.! But $var is too short.! How can I make it bigger.! It have 80 chars AutoItSetOption("SendKeyDelay", 50) Run("TEST.exe") WinWaitActive("TEST") Send("{BS 8}") Send("TESTKEY") Send("{TAB}") Send("{ENTER}") Send("{TAB 2}") $text = WinGetText("TEST", "") WinClose("TEST") Run("notepad.exe") WinWaitActive("Untitled") Send($text) Send("!e") Send("{G}") Send("2") ; GO TO SECOND LINE IN NOTEPAD Send("{ENTER}") Send("{SHIFTDOWN}{END}") Send("{SHIFTUP}") Send("{CTRLDOWN}{C}") ; GET KEY INTO CLIPBOARD $ActKey = ClipGet() ; PASTE KEY INTO VARIABLE Send("{CTRLUP}") Send("{ENTER}") WinClose("Untitled") WinWaitActive("Notepad", "The text in the Untitled file has changed") Send("!n") But $ActKey is too short by default.! How can I make it bigger.! ----------- OK.! I sole this problem like DIM $text[81] and when sending I dont send Send($text) But I send Send($text, 1) Bacuse It have special chars.! Same thing with $ActKey
  10. Run("TEST.exe") WinWaitActive("TEST", "testing") Send("{BS 8}") Send(@ScriptName) Send("{TAB}") Send("{ENTER}") $text = WinGetText ( "TEST", "" ) WinClose("TEST") Run("notepad.exe") WinWaitActive("Untitled") Send( $text ) Send("!e") Send("{g}") Send("{2}{ENTER}") Send("{SHIFTDOWN}{END}") Send("{SHIFTUP}") Send("{CTRLDOWN}{C}") Send("{CTRLUP}") Send("{END}") Send("{ENTER}") Send("{CTRLDOWN}{V}") Send("{CTRLUP}") ----------- Well Like this i Went into second line and Copy it.! How can I take from buffer that line and put it into let say $keyvar and that it can be longer than 100 characters I manage it with Send($text, 1) ---------------------------- Second.! How can I make that Script is take control.! So when It's installing then user cant do nothing.! I'll installing never mind if it's Active.! Or that it's always on top:!
  11. From where AutoIT gets it's template. So I can add few lines into AutoIT new script template.! ---- Formated text like this ----- Line One This Line I Need ---- Then I make TAB and Select text When I make $var = ControlCommand ( "Key", "", "Edit1", "GetSelected", "" ) . . ControlCommand ( "Untitled -", "", "Edit1", "EditPaste", "" & $var ) It Paste into Notepad "Line One" But I need "Not This Line I need"
  12. Yes I look them all.! Thank you.! But now when I sow posibilites I go little further and I need some new things and questions.! ---- Do I need to have Installed AutoIT on Computer if I wanna Run from Compiled AutoIT .EXE What If I wanna install on another computer and that computer doesent have AutoIT.! Will it work.! --- How can I take some word from some NOTEPAD or Oether .EXE file and paste it in looking app.! Something like.! GetStringFrom_NOTEPAD or oether app PasteStringTo_APP --- Well there I dont know what number will be written. Let's name it $i WinWaitActive("Here is number it can be from 0 to 30 like in TRIAL apps") Concrete WinWaitActive("Application days let say 11 remains") Well I dont know what number will be here.! And how can I make some LOOP to make it if number is from 0 to 30

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