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  1. can be a SATA_II harddisk , over a SATA_I controller some combinations like that [old chipsets] crash so, any SATA_II [3.0GB/s] harddisk can be set to work as a SATA_I [1.5GB/s] with a small jumper ! it happend to me.
  2. hello shaun ! welcome to MSFN . can you put your question in a complete sentence for us ?!
  3. oneless

    XP Password

    my MSFN source of this link me too... you are right . but maybe he really need help. if he want to crack his father computer or a bank ....!!! what can i say ... the linux community , have right to blame m$ products , no ?
  4. oneless

    XP Password

    kel , what is illegal !? really i want to know ...M$ said that NT/2k/XP/... credentials provide you 100% safety ? is not 100%.
  5. oneless

    XP Password

    this can help you . [tested , do not work on ALL systems , 50% for now]
  6. probably in not the right place , but i place here a very small requst for Shark : shark , thank you very much for your hard work, but would be more nicer [i am 40, same my memory] if is possible , to publish in your repository the date of last modification for your files . thank you !
  7. my problem is the other side : if IE7 integration can do this with user control panelhow can i know that all other things are Ok ? i remove IE7 from integration , i run IE7 with WPI after installation of XP and now 100% all is ok . just an opinion and my way till i will test other ideas / versions....
  8. same here ... [ XP SP2 english version ]
  9. december, 12 KB890830 [malicious] updated new KB926255 replace none new KB923694 replace KB920214 + KB911576 ?? [ THIS IS A QUESTION ] ?? also new here [klite mega pack installed with media player classic] KB925398
  10. thank you ! exactly what i need . thank you again !
  11. i had problems when i play my WPI [5.x , maximum 5.4, 5.5 not tested , 5.6 downloaded today] in some friends computers the installer run very slow till i stop MP [10/11 no matter] so i want MP but i want it playing after i press manually the start button [if i decide to press this button] i want MP in WPI installer but i want it silent : autostart=0/false or something like that where [manually] can i set this ? i use glossy but is not related to the theme [i think!]
  12. yes , you are right . a backyard note. for w2k they CAN say very clear in fist lines : thanks
  13. i seen this update on 4 computers today.i have IE7 RC1 at home. didnt show up on automatic update and also on WU !? Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-055 , said Affected Software: • Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 — Download the update ?!? is IE5 and IE6 only related or not ? if yes , why M$ do not say IE7 is protected already ?
  14. first, your setup.exe suport the /VERYSILENT switch ? if you run them manually is all OK ? second, just as ideea , i dont use in my pathes signs as .-!" or others. ("Sonic.DVDit!.v5.RETAIL-CROSS.30-7-04") third , is nothing wrong in your code . so must be another reason !
  15. sorry . i will . [too much european football ( soccer) this days.]
  16. is not. i set romanian, italian, chinese traditional ... only english.i like english, but this is a WPI 5.4 bug, not a language bug.
  17. "I am tired of fals virus warning" also here. you probably still use , like me , a wpi.cmd / wpi.bat i use anyway an autoIT script , and i completed it with : the wpi.bat(dos window) is visible , you see it minimizingbut i can live with that, because my bitdefender is very very bad with cmdow.exe. advice : if you use BTS Driverpacks , after installation you will have a copy of cmdow.exe in "c:\windows\system32\" folder same script do for me a FileRecycle ( "c:\windows\system32\cmdow.exe" )and at first cleanup cmdow.exe is vanished.
  18. Romanian translation for WPI 5.3 updated. lang_ro.js
  19. in my opinion NO difference in performance between 2x1GB or 4x512Mb, unless the memories are not identical (as timings especially , not your case). if you are upgrading now , your mainboard is not very young, are you sure your mainboard can manage 1GB modules or total of 2 GB ?
  20. Run( @SystemDir & "\install\Applications\RegCleaner.exe") ?
  21. thank you mark . can i get the new code ?
  22. i dont know if it is a good ideea to "put this line in the config command" , manually or not such you are not very sure what is doing. so , config.js can be edited in 2 ways: first way, inside WPI , pressing "config" button, clicking in "navigation" field the program to edit so there you can see something like (here really is this entry) if you choose the second way to edit config.js manually , open it with notepad and you can find (in my config.js exist this line , i give this example for show you the difference) gcond[pn]=['FileExists("%ProgramFiles%\\BSPlayer\\bsplayer.exe")']; the last one is the real syntax in config.js, first is based on a front end created by WPI team for simplyfing user interaction but i dont use this one because is much harder for finding items. this about edit config.js about gcond (grayed condition) , was a great ideea introduced in WPI to make a difference between already installed programs and not installed programs - not installed programs have normal colour and the check box enabled - installed programs have gcond colour (other colour , user editable) and the check box DISABLED this check box DISABLED make me nervous. i think this is the "little explanation" you asking. as a supleant : gcond have same syntax as cond, but cond (CONDITION) is just a condition who is evaluate , if is true the entry is showed by WPI , if is false the entry is hided by WPI (simply you cannot see the entry after WPI is starting) BUT , i think this are nothing to do with your original question about %programfiles% variable. for helping you , you mus help us , providing something .... files ... code...

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