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  1. must be changed in I tried all where is false to change to true but nothing changed. Where else can that function be hiden ? Should I update all .js files and you can check what's wrong ?
  2. Here is Serbian lang. Hope it wil work Yipi Serbian.js
  3. Nothing hapns.I put all to true but nothing here is the original file : // // User defined options // var numCols=3; var appsPerInstallWindow=15; var secs=160; var language='en'; var load_checks='default'; var discPath=''; var timer='on'; var ReallyForce='no'; var sorting=true; var debugOn=false; var debugLevel=2; var alwaysUseScrollbar=true; var dontSplitCats=true; var disableOnDepsNotMet=false; var showOptBtn=false; var FiltersEnabled=false; var installByCategory=false; var sortorder=['Drivers','Office','Security','Programs','Tools','Multimedia']; var bgpicture=''; var resolution=0; var theme='default'; Style[0]=["black","black","#FFb200","#FFD980","","","","","","","","","","",200,"",2,2,10,10,51,0.4,0,"",""];
  4. In one windows instalation I have WPi without buttons - options and configure , so I can't add new programs. When I add them to standalone WPI I see them all. Where can I return buttons Options and Configure :-)
  5. Hey people I need help about WPI (Windows postinstal wizard) it can be anywhere ,not only in Borg I dont need help for warez.I know the rules WPI is allowed and I dont know how to solve this problem. Maybe I should leave WPI as standalone. If somewhone knows please help. THANKS
  6. I have a problem with Windows XP Microborg edittion.I integrated Ryan update pack and thats great but I cant add new programs to WInBorg DVD menu . They removed Options and Config buton and I dont know how to get it back. I added programs to config.js file and when i try WPI lite only it has all programs but when I try it in Microborg,I don't have new programs. Please help

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