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  1. this project has been titled 'RobCon' and moved to SourceForge https://sourceforge.net/projects/ugv-robotics/
  2. stay tuned folks!!! the next episode of "The Way The CPU Burns" is coming your way! will Link21 succeed in converting all of us to NT? or will his CPU overload from typing "windows 98 is junk" too many times? if you plug your PC into a 220v outlet, does it really run twice as fast? stay tuned for the answerers to these and many more exciting questions in our next episode!!!
  3. please remove that image and either post a smaller cropped image or, better yet, a link to someplace where you can host images. might want to read the forum rules as well.
  4. do some homework and you'll find that's absolutely NOT recommended for a few very good reasons. also see my post above.
  5. i succeeded in disabling some of those directories, but not all. i got rid of temp internet files and cookies i think (i've since restored them while trying to troubleshoot a seemingly unrelated problem). i used only Autoruns from Sysinternals to find the offending DLL's. you may find some other very useful utilities there that will assist you as well.
  6. not familiar with the game, but did you try running 'dxdiag'? also, although not a fix for your problem, you could try an alternative driver. kxProject
  7. well i thought i had a lot with 20 until i went over to the TweakGuide forums and found 2 users, both with over 60! and if there's a limit, i'm not aware of it. it's just that FF will load slower as you add more extensions. it may run slower as well. i try to keep them to a minimum - just what i need the most.
  8. FF prompts to download. saved file and scanned and, naturally, ClamWin detected: \browsercheck.tif: Exploit.WMF.Gen-3 FOUND opened file and got error "format of the file could not be determined". however, i don't have windows p&f viewer installed. 'tif' is associated with XnView, but it obviously wasn't a valid 'tif' file. calc.exe didn't run.
  9. you shouldn't need to reboot to turn off on-access scanning, however, with norton, i suppose anythings possible. as much as you may not want to hear this, i'd highly suggest removing norton - that is, if you even can. it is a known source of many problems for many people. once removed, see if your problem still persists. if you need help choosing an alternative to norton, please say so.
  10. yes. i'd say the best way to adjust that is with the monitor controls. there should be an on-screen-display (OSD) available from one of the monitors buttons. you may find an 'auto-calibrate' function in there somewhere. another way can be the video card drivers. some drivers allow you to adjust that stuff. i would suggest trying the first method first however.
  11. @suryad - good points. one of the problems is that people tend to buy into hype rather then researching how well a particular component is going to function with the rest of the components in their system. competition is good, but it has it's bad points as well. DDR2 just plain sounds better than DDR and attracts a certain amount of attention by itself. however once you research what's really going on, DDR2 on an Intel isn't as good as DDR on an AMD - at least not for the time being.
  12. @seapagan - hmm... some good points there. ok, i'll relent... but only 42%
  13. heh. how 'bout that. i better rip that computer out of my car since it doesn't have any software on it. ATTN ALL CAR OWNERS: your cars computer isn't necessary! send it back and get a refund! seriously though, if you weren't so blinded by your one-man-crusade, you might see that the principle is exactly the same. exactly.
  14. are both users loading EXACTLY the same apps/background apps at windows boot? are both of the same member group? do both have the same s/w installed? do both have the same OS preferences set? there's lots of reasons. is there a specific application or process you want help with?
  15. yeah, so is my car. think i'll write to Mazda and see if i can't get them to cease all support for my car and tell them how stupid they are for supporting an outdated model in the first place. that way i'll force myself to go out and spend $20K, that i don't have, so i can have the latest and greatest and make all the other Mazda owners happy. actually Link, i think you could write an even better letter. could you do that for me?
  16. kind of adds an exclamation point to my first post, doesn't it? i had a box at at work that was so hosed and so s-s-s-l-l-l-o-o-o-w-w-w because of 'norton security 2005' it was a pathetic joke. i probably spent well over an hour trying to uninstall it, both automatically and manually. another joke. seems there's a lot more complaints as well. it may work fine on your system, but plenty of others have plenty of problems. this isn't directed to you, but to everyone: just because something is popular doesn't mean it's worth a toot. /atomizer steps off his soapbox, slips on a 'norton' CD, falls into a box of ready to incinerate AOL CD's and breaks his neck.
  17. ok. i'll bite start > control panel > display > settings > screen resolution or am i missing something?
  18. have to have XP Pro for Apache? if you mean you have to have Pro verses Home, then you may be right, but you certainly don't have to have windows anything to run Apache. it was first developed for Unix or Linux (one of those). you'll find the answer to your question on the Apache website (i've found it there myself a while back). sorry, don't have a link. somewhere there's a conversion table for *nix / windows permissions. or try googling: "security permissions" convert windows unix
  19. i didn't vote. personally, i detest anything 'norton' however. way too many problems and it embeds itself way too deep in the OS. i don't think it's worth crippling the system in order to protect it. i like the idea of an all-in-one app, but i haven't come across any that caught my attention. here's my personal preferences... ClamWin - http://www.clamwin.com/ - FOSS ClamMail - http://www.bransoft.com/clammail/clammail.html - FOSS Kerio Personal Firewall - http://www.kerio.com/ - free version available
  20. what kind of [potentially crappy] virus scanner might you have there?
  21. @jacarle - yeah, for the time being we AMD folks are stuck with DDR, however, if you think DDR is a bottleneck, take a peek at these quotes: from: http://www.deskeng.com/Articles/Cover-Stor...0050513458.html and from tomshardware: many more articles on this as well.
  22. WindizUpdate is another alternative for FF users, though i do like the idea of jcarle's utility better for a few reasons. more on this below... It's an option, however personally I saw this prog as something you set running then come back to a directory full of hotfixes which can then be used as PC's require them.To be honest, the slipstreaming of hotfixes is pretty well covered by RyanVM's packs, and I dont see the need to add another tool into the mix. Integrating with nLite would be superfluous for the same reasons, and just add more to the 'nLite doesn't work cos I cant be bothered to read the instructions' posts that litter that forum. Similar I would thumbs down on your tool integrating the hotfixes into the XP source also. The best tool does one thing really well, not everything badly ;P i disagree with the above. yeah, Ryan's CAB pretty well covers it but, with all due respect to Ryan (and i donated funds to him), the CAB is not always up to date, whereas jcarle's is as up to date as MS is (which isn't necessarily saying much, now is it ). the statement that "The best tool does one thing really well, not everything badly" seems kind of odd. if that were the case, then nLite would be restricted to ONE purpose, whether that purpose be unattended OR slipstreaming OR components removal OR tweaks OR etc., etc., etc.. anyone really want to d/l, install, configure and run 5 or 10 different applications to build a windows installation? i know i don't. since one of the capabilities of nLite is to slip service packs/hotfixes, i don't think incorporating this utility is out of line at all. the only suggestion i'd make is to allow it to run using nuhi's .NET runtimes for those that don't want a full-blown .NET installation. of course this is all just talk if nuhi doesn't want to incorporate it and as other have already stated i think, i'd also like to see: 1) ability to install, then delete the hotfix installer 2) ability to install, then remove the hotfix uninstall option (and related windows directory), thereby saving some space (with a STRONG warning!). 3) the ability to install and save the installer to a selected directory. 4) the ability to d/l and save the installer only (no installation). it would also be possible to select more than one of the above options. EDIT... ah, wasn't thinking when i posted the above... if this is ever incorporated or added as a plugin for nLite, then there's another option that i think is very important and that is to be able to slip Ryan's CAB and use the windows updater util to d/l ONLY fixes released after his CAB.
  23. i'd put the 2 large SATA drives (assuming they're identical) on a RAID 0 array and the other 2 wherever else. however, jcarle may have a point, but i'm not so sure. the RAID controller may be slower, but is the bottleneck the controller or the disk drive I/O? if the latter is the bottleneck, then the former is irrelevant. @jcarle??? watchya think?

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