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  1. Who's Line Is It Anyways - Richard Simmons - jeez these guys are funny
  2. is that an opnion, or is that confirmed? About vista, wow, seems the consensus is 1) bLOATEd and 2) crap I run an nLite'd XP Pro, but have toyed with several flavors of Linux over the years. What i really liked about a lot of their installers was the ability to choose what packages to install, unlike macro$shaft which assumes everyone needs an friggin' animated doggy and MSN messenger, etc., etc., etc.
  3. atomizer

    nLite 1.1

    i'll second that. good idea -- provide an SDK so people can write modules. I don't know what nuhi's intentions are over the long run. If he doesn't intend on commercializing it, then i agree, though i don't think this would be an easy task. Also don't know if he's signed and NDA's with MS that would prevent releasing parts of the code.
  4. Randall Hinton pepper spray vid I just found that link to a short clip from the French documentary on Tranquility Bay. It's a clip of Randall Hinton admitting to the use of pepper spray on Layne Brown up to 3 times a day. Layne and his mother were included in the film, though Layne did not speak. She says her son has been on medication since he was released due to the trauma he suffered for the 9 months he there, including being beaten, being forced to deficate in a garbage bag attached to him like a diaper and having his genitalia scrubbed with toilet brushes. She says he spent the majority of that time being forced to lie on the floor. Layne died at the age of 24 on June 6, 2006, of natural causes.
  5. another source of various videos of beatings, holds, debates, etc.. !!! WARNING !!! language, adult content cafety.org if you haven't seen the video in which Martin Lee Anderson was beaten, and which resulted in his death shortly thereafter, there are frame captures available here This is a video slide show that i find rather touching. It was put together by the admin for TBFight.com i beleive. He is seen in the later slides: Video slide show of Tranquility Bay facility
  6. I've been very busy compiling information and building a website to host it. Please see: Tough Love, Behavior Modification: Controversial Methods for the Rehabilitation (http://wwaspswatter.awardspace.info/) Also, i have made major changes to my fist post.
  7. Well, there are and have been many legal actions taken. Some have been successful and some not. Sue Scheff, who founded P.U.R.E., has drawn a lot of attention. Her latest victory was on June 6, 2006: http://webwire.com/ViewPressRel.asp?SESSIONID=&aId=15760 Getting these facilities and organizations shut down, especially in this country, is no easy task. The amount of hand shaking, money, political ties and campaign contributions are astounding. You have idiots like "Dr. Phil" referring people to these places on television and many government officials, including Bush, promoting this crap. This is a multi-billion dollar industry with a 25% growth rate according to a recent documentary done by the French. According to HEAL (http://www.heal-online.org/), it is the second fastest growing industry in this country. Meanwhile, kids are dying
  8. Martin Lee Anderson 1992-2006 The following website contains information and a video of the beating that resulted in the death of Martin. The quality is poor, but it is clear that the beating was was an unwarranted, vicious and criminal attack by several guards. It appears Martin never resisted. For most of the video, it appears he was incapable of resisting and needed assistance just to stand up. http://www.nospank.net/anderson.htm
  9. Is there a relitivly easy way to change the default browser for MS office applications? I spent about 10 min. searching the web and these forums and was very suprised to come up completely empty. I use FF, and when i click a hyperlink in Word, the **** thing wants to use IE! And yes, FF is already set as the default browser. I also changed program access and defaults to non-MS. Also looked through my file types and didn't see anything there that needed to be changed.
  10. You know what i like about Macro$haft? The fact that they're on top in the desktop OS market. Why do i like that? Because when you're on top, there's only ONE way to go... and it ain't up!
  11. more videos... http://fornits.com/anonanon/video/Wami1.rm \ http://fornits.com/anonanon/video/Wami2.rm /-- both of these document a fair amount of abuse. http://fornits.com/anonanon/video/Wilderness00.rm - evidence of abuse and death at a wilderness camp for troubled kids. http://thestraights.com/video/straight-boston.mpeg - documents Straight, Inc.. All of the Straight camps were shut down since this documentary was shot. This piece is pretty mild, which is typical when these places know they're going to be filmed.
  12. Inside Edition did a short and, in my opinion, rather watered-down special some time ago on some of the WWASP camps. They failed to document the extent of the torture. Here's a direct link to the video. The video of kids in dog cages and marching is from High Impact, a "school" in Mexico that was closed by Mexican LE. According to a former victim, it consisted of 2 tents; one for housing and one which acted as a latrine.
  13. There's a short video that can be found here: http://www.swatthewwasp.com/ It's only a few minutes long, but it covers some of the basics of the atrocities being committed.
  14. It does seem crazy. I was skeptical at first, but it didn't take much poking around to change my mind. Now i'm dissopinted and angry and on a crusade. As for your question of how it started, it was started in Utah in the 80s' (i think) by Bob Litchfield. Evidentially there was inspiration from the Mormon religion, though i am not knocking the religion. Bob went to college for business and is now extremely wealthy. Here's a forum that several of these kids are members of if you want to read what they have to say. The website is run by a former WWASP victim. More forums: http://fornits.com/wwf/ http://tbfight.com/tbf/index.php - this one is also well known. Note that you will find members and parents who have nothing bad to say about their experiences. I believe this is the case for 2 reasons: 1) whatever program they were in actually did help them and 2) these forums are likely patrolled by WWASP affiliated personnel who post lies. If you find out anything about the film, please let me know. I'm particularly interested if it can be distributed without breaking the law because, if so, i know someone who has a copy that will put up on their FTP server ASAP. If you obtain any contact info, let me that as well if you would.
  15. Since i have nothing intelligent to say, i'll just say that M$ can $hove it where the $un doesn't $hine. idiots and i'm saying that even though i'm running a legitimate copy, albit one on which WGA has not, is not, and never will be installed.
  16. Most recent death: Layne Brown November 21, 1981 to June 6, 2006 24 yrs. old
  17. that is very nice work! i love TRXs' sig.
  18. if you want more in-depth information, try the GSpot Codec Information Appliance
  19. Her name was Angellika. She died on the 26th of May, 2006 at the age of 7 after being "restrained" for the 9th and final time by staff at the Northwest Counseling and Guidance Clinic in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. A CRUSADE: A couple days ago i watched a French produced documentary called "Tranquility Bay - WWASP Behavior Modification Camps". This stuff is extremely disturbing. The film has not yet been released in the US, although it is slated for release as i understand it. Currently, it is available as a torrent. It is a 'must-see' film. The deal is that there's many (possibly well over a hundred) unethical and even criminal "rehabs" for kids with problems like drug and alcohol abuse, disciplinary problems, psychological problems, etc., operating in this country and abroad. Some without a licence. Many of these facilities and organizations have roots in 2 corporations: the World Wide Association of Specialty Programs [and Schools] (WWASP or WWASPS) and the Straight Foundation. These are privately owned corporations from what i can tell and this is big business, to the tune of $60,000,000 a year with a 25% growth rate ($60M/yr, is a conservative estimate). The web of money, politics and government organizations involved in these for-profit organizations is difficult to decrypt. There are ties everywhere. However if you dig to the very root of this maggot pile, there are a few name that pop up: Robert Browning Lichfield - founded WWASP Melvin F Sembler - founded Straight, Inc. Betty Sembler (wife of Melvin) - founded the Drug Free America Foundation, Inc. (DFAF) These are the people that founded the organizations that are directly responsible for the beating, torture, rape, homicide, suicide and psychological problems of thousands of kids today. Collectively they have donated millions of dollars to the republican party in order to ensure their profits and power. I'm not telling you anything that you can't verify for yourself. Government records, law suits, court transcripts, photographs, videos of brutal beatings, negative media attention, parents and children speaking out, etc... it's all there! And it doesn't appear at a rate of a few times a year, it is a constant flood. At first you will probably be very skeptical about this whole deal. I was too. That skepticism will soon begin to be displaced with anger and sadness as you visit this website and do your own research and learn about the multitude of investigations, law suits, torture, deaths, profits and politics involved with these "death camps". What i ask you to do, is make other people aware of this. Notify everyone you can think of. Write your congressmen. Alert the media. This needs to stop and it needs to stop NOW! Please visit this website for more information, photographs, videos and much more: Tough Love, Behavior Modification: Controversial Methods of Rehabilitation (http://wwaspswatter.awardspace.info/) Theres a SEND EMIL button on the page that will launch your email client and fill in the subject and the body for you. You don't have to do anything, just pick some friends to send it to.
  20. There have been many, many problems reported with norton. IMO, this crap IS a virus. I'd suggest looking for alternitives.
  21. DING DING! OK folks, settle down now! Quiet down. You in the back, quiet down! OK, i'd like to make a toast in honer of nuhi and the rest of his team, the beta testers, those who contributed to the project, Ryan, the nLite forum members, the many people who use nLite and whom ever it is that i forgot. It's been a long road, but one well worth traveling. Here's to the continued success of nLite! DRINK UP!!!
  22. Yeah, i think something should be pinned.
  23. I forgot about that. Maybe just stick with the Wiki then you think??? Anyone can edit that, correct? (i never used one before). Exactly! Done that myself onece or twice
  24. I think it might be a really good idea to sticky a topic such as this where all guides for reinstalling a component removed with nLite can be grouped for easy reference. Some folks could care less if they have to do another installation build, but this can be a big hassle for others. This is especially so if they removed something that's very trivial to add back, but are not savvy enough to figure it out. I know there's a topic "what not to remove", but that serves a somewhat different purpose. For those who are either lazy (me), or don't know what they're doing (sometimes me ), here's a little application that can be of some use. I've used it myself as part of the process of reinstalling the 'help and support' components some time ago: Dial-a-fix

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