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  1. Just to make my position 100% clear, i am not suggesting or supposing that 9/11 and the events surrounding it (including the war) are connected, i am flat out stating that they are and that there are mountains of evidence, including declassified government documents, expert testimony, photographs, recordings and video to back that up. Your point is a very valid one and precisely why i highly recommend you do your own research. I cannot begin to connect all the dots or elaborate on all of the details or evidence which is readily available for you to study should you be so inclined. Nor am i suggesting anyone should believe me and take what i've presented at face value. Actually, i would much prefer people did not because there is so much more to this and people need to investigate on their own. I assure you that anyone with a semi-functioning mind that approaches this with the attitude of doing the research FIRST and not caring about where the chips may fall is in for a very rude awakening. As for the remainder of your post, i fully understand your point of view and any agitation you may feel at what i have presented. I fully understand it because, several months ago, i would have felt the same way. This is why it is critical that you do your own research. Look at the resources i've provided. Look at the 9/11 Research Sources bookmarks i've collected. Prove me wrong.
  2. Even after hundreds of hours of research, and possessing a decent knowledge of what is going on with our government and world affairs as a result, i still stumble upon things that completely shake me to the core now and then. This video did exactly that. It touches on many things, but particularly the path that our leaders are following and what is in store for us. Again, don't take it as fact, nor anything i've said for that matter. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! For me, as someone who has done the research (and continues to do so), this video mostly just helps to reinforce what i already knew, though there were a few chilling things brought up i'll be looking into. The only part of the video that is highly questionable to me is the suggestion that planes other than commercial airliners may have been used to smack the towers and i almost didn't link to the video for that reason. However, there is so much more indisputable information revealed that "they" don't want you to know, that i have to bring this to your attention. Besides, who or what hit the towers is of little consequence at this point. Mainly it does a pretty good job of explaining WHY we don't know what is going on and why people like me, who speak out against the events surrounding 9/11, are often seen as "conspirators". In fact, i don't deal in theroy, i deal in facts. If you do your own research, you'll understand that if you want to find "conspirators", you need look no further than our world leaders. One Nation Under Siege
  3. COINTELPRO: Joyce Riley, RN explores the dark side of government funded projects designed to subvert the United States Constitution and undermine our freedoms. http://www.undersiegemovie.com/media/riley.wmv Dr. Rima Laibow illustrates from an FBI educational brochure how U.S. law enforcement personnel are being trained to identify potential domestic terrorists by "thought" profiling. http://www.undersiegemovie.com/media/laibow_fbi.wmv there are hundreds of examples like the above if you look around. this is nothing new.
  4. CORRECTIONS IN GREEN As hard as this may be to swallow for some (as it sure as heck was for me at first), an abundance of evidence to support that 9/11 was a false-flag operation is absolutely OVERWHELMING once you start poking around. It's easy to come across several hundred resources a day, none of them tribute sites. Do your own research. I've read hundreds of documents, including many from gov whistle blowers (US and UK), eyewitnesses, declassified gov docs, dozens of first responders and watched hundreds of hours of video. Anyone still clinging to the "official story lie" needs to do the research because all the answers are in plane sight. This war is all about power and the control of petroleum (natural gas and oil) and has absolutely nothing to do with terrorists. This country was never more hated in history, nor was it ever under more danger from real terrorist attacks. Do the research; find out why we are spending more than any other country on our military; why we are occupying more countries than at any time in history. Find out why we're building bases in Africa and why many of the ones in Iraq line right up with oil lines and proposed oil lines (Halliburton). Ask questions! Do you know invasion plans have already been drawn up by Cheney for the invasion of Iran? And that the use of nuclear weapons is being discussed (if not already approved) to bust hardened Iranian military installations that can't be destroyed with conventional bombs? These are probably the top 3 must-see videos that i've found, though there are many, many more (better to watch in order): 1) William Rodriguez: 9/11 Hero 2) Dr. Steven Jones, Prof of Physics, BYU 3) 9/11 Truth: Denial Stops Here - From 9/11 to Peak Oil and Beyond Also see the TerrorStorm vid (in my sig). There is no problem with redistributing it or translating it into different languages, though the author would like a copy if you do. If you want to take action you'll find NO shortage of resources as this issue keeps gaining more support, even 5 years after the event. A Zogby poll was done in NY a while back (released Aug, 2004) and it was released to all main-stream media. NONE OF THEM PUBLISHED THE RESULTS. It showed that ~50% of NY'ers felt the government knew in advance (this is already well proven and well documented) and 66% wanted a new probe to dig into what the 9/11 "omission" commission missed (victims families compiled a list of ~165 questions and ~30% were answered). Find out exactly WHO headed the commission and the answers will be crystal clear as to what the motives of the commission were. Many other countries are well aware of this -- the US citizens are the ones in the dark because main-stream media (CNN, FOX, AOL) are owned by military contractors (Westinghouse, GE) who have members of corporate oil sitting on their boards. You can find out what is going on, but it's certainly not going to be handed to you on a silver platter by CNN. Look at the references i provided. Quick Facts: FACT: Jeb Bush, George's brother, ran security for the WTC and Dulles FACT: NORAD scrambles ~100 intercepts/yr.. Average response time: 10 min. Yet NO JETS were scrambled until after the Pentagon attack on 9/11. Bush sat on his behind in a school reading "My Pet Goat. Why? To not scare the children? Protocol called for him to be IMMEDIATELY EVACUATED by the Secret Service. Or was he somehow magically safe behind an invisible deflector shield at a publicly announced photo-op in a public school while "terrorists" were flying around blowing things up? FACT: NO STEEL BUILDING IN HISTORY HAS EVER COLLAPSED DUE TO FIRE, or even a combination of structural damage AND fire. Don't believe it? Prove it wrong. FACT: Thermal imaging done by NASA several days after the collapses showed hot spots well in excess of 1,300 F. JP-8 jet fuel (nothing more than refined kerosene) burns at a maximum of 1,800 in optimal conditions with a constant supply. Estimated temp of fire inside the towers: 1,300 F. How could temps in excess of 1,300 F be recorded days after the collapse? AFTER thousands of gallons of water has been dispensed? Where did the molten piles of metal found under WTC 1, 2 and 7 come from if the fires were not nearly hot enough to melt steel? FACT: Steel melts at over 2,500 F and loses about 1/2 it's strength at 1,100 F. In the Windsor building fire in Madrid, which burned totally out of control for ~20 hours, the ALUMINUM DESKS did not melt, nor did the building collapse. One Meridian Plaza in Phili was totally consumed by fire for 18 hours. Never collapsed. Many more examples are available of fires in steel buildings that burned much longer and hotter without ever collapsing. Yet 3 buildings, for the first time in history, and on the SAME day, did exactly that. FACT: The VAST majority A significant portion [18-OCT-06] of the jet fuel burned off OUTSIDE of the buildings in the fireballs we all saw. Experts agree the remaining fuel would've burned off in ~20 min. FACT: Simple (like VERY simple) physics dictate that a building CANNOT FALL AT NEARLY FREE-FALL SPEED on it's own, yet all 3 buildings on 9/11 did exactly that. FACT: Buildings DO NOT simply collapse into their own basements (demolition is something i have some experience with). If there is structural damage, they topple. How do 3 building3, with isolated pockets of fire, (WTC 1, 2 and 7) all collapse symmetrically into their own footprints? I have to wonder if i ever saw such a thing in a cartoon, much less in real-life. FACT: If the fires were SO hot, why is there photographs of people standing in the gaping holes left by the planes after the initial fire subsided? Why was the smoke black, indicating a fire starving for oxygen? FACT: Almost every one of the 700+ (over 1,000 according to Cheney) "terrorists" arrested in connection to 9/11 was quietly released. FACT: ~9 of the "terrorists" have been reported by generally reputable resources such as The Chicago Tribune, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The BBC and The LA Times, to be alive and well in other countries. Atta's father claimed to receive a call from him on Sep. 12, and that is probably the least creditable report. Some of them are working in the airline industry. Of course these reports were ignored by the 9/11 "omission commission". FACT: The DOJ admitted that the identity of several of the "terrorists" is in doubt. FACT: There is NO MENTION of 9/11 on the FBI web page for Usama bin Laden. When questioned about why, the FBI's chief of publicity said the reason is because the FBI HAS NO HARD EVIDENCE CONNECTING BIN LADEN TO 9/11. What is this war based on again? FACT: There was an explosion in the BASEMENT that set off the sprinkler system and killed/burned workers SECONDS BEFORE THE FIRST PLANE EVER HIT. There are dozens of witnesses to support this. Explosions in the lower levels may have been caused by jet fuel which spilled down the freight elevators. [18-OCT-06] This just goes on and on and on for ever. Do your own research. Look at history and see why false-flag OP's are nothing new and learn about the processes. VIDEO RESOURCES FOR STUDY: Studying the events surrounding 9/11 is no easy task. It is a highly complex issue to begin with, and it researching it is only made more difficult by the wide variety of opinions that different people hold. You'll come across everything from "there were no planes, they were drones" to the Britney Spears approach, "i think we should just trust our government". The truth lies somewhere in the middle and and it's up to you to do the research. I will tell you this: if you're looking for the truth in a can, forget it! There is no single "secret document", film, news article, or any kind of neat little package that will throw everything into perspective and provide a convenient answer. What there is, is a lot of data and when put together, it should provide you with an answer. Here's some pretty creditable resources to get you started. These will make a lot more sense if you watch them in the order they're listed.: GENERAL: UNCOVERED: The Whole Truth -- This is required viewing for anyone wanting to know the truth about the US Invasion of Iraq. Our soldiers are dying because of a lie. A New Standard for Deception by Kevin Ryan -- Kevin Ryan pokes a LOT of holes in the NIST reports. He is only one of many. Improbable Collapse : The Demolition -- Pretty good introduction that pokes a number of holes in the official story. Building the World Trade Center, 1983 Documentary -- Optional. I think it's pretty interesting. Northwoods documents: false flag attacks -- A very quick lesson in false-flag operations. The example used here, Operation Northwoods, was killed by Robert McNamera. United States World Policy -- More examples of US foreign policy (may be disturbing to some). CNN: 9/11 Cover Up -- The curtain is pulled back to expose "Able Danger". William Rodriguez: 9/11 Hero -- William worked as a head janitor at the WTC for 20 years. The republicans wanted him to run for Congress. He helped introduce legislation to aid victims of 9/11 that the government could care less about. He was offered millions. One of the places he lived after 9/11 was under a bridge. He gave up the money and the power and, instead, decided to hold on to his values. Thermite -- A very funny, but good intro to thermite (which is slightly different than thermate). Alex Jones Interviews Steven Jones -- A possible answer as to why molten metal (steel, not aluminum) was found under WTC 1, 2 and 7, even though all of the experts agree that there was no fuel source available to melt steel. His theory is well supported by other professionals as well. WTC witnesses to explosions -- More testimony of explosions, but don't weight this too heavily. The Oil Factor: Behind the War on Terror -- This film provides a lot of material that should easily provoke more questions. It does a great job of connecting the dots between 9/11 and the current turmoil in the world today. BE SURE TO WATCH THIS! 9/11, Shock & Awe: clip from Hijacking Catastrophe -- Further evidence as to why we illegally invaded Iraq. 9/11 Truth: Webster Tarpley Speaks in Seattle, April 1, 2006 -- Digs deeper into the politics of the war. Very good material. Barry Zwicker: NORAD on 9/11 -- Presents the more popular theory as to why NORAD failed to responded (the least popular one being that NORAD was simply ordered to "stand down"). 9/11 Truth Speakers at Herbst Theater, April 21, 2003 -- A deeper look into the politics driving the Bush administration. TerrorStorm -- Alex Jones blasts... well, pretty much everyone. This is a recently released overview of the events surrounding 9/11. OTHER: These next 2 document the Israeli intelligence operation they were running in the US prior to 9/11 (they will not release the details of any evidence regarding 9/11) Israeli spies part 1 Israeli Spies part 2 OPTIONAL: A lot of this just reinforces the above. First one is 2 parts. I DO NOT necessarily agree with the Pentagon theory they deal with here, but there is a lot of other information worth looking at. It's worth it just based on the entertainment value September 11th the Con the Conspiracy September 11th the Con the Conspiracy The Cover-Up of Pre-9/11 Intelligence: What's Going On? -- Some very good and creditable evidence presented here. Mentions the illegal destruction of 2.5 TB (terra bytes) of data related to "Able Danger". WARNING: Some mild language. DOCUMENTS FOR STUDY: NIST WTC Publications -- This is the official, governments version as to why the WTC towers collapsed from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. This is their final report, issued Sep.-2005. FEMA: World Trade Center Building Performance Study -- Federal Emergency Management Agency report on 9/11. National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (9/11 Commission) -- Official 9/11 Commission report dealing with events surrounding 9/11. OTHER RESOURCES: 9/11 Study References -- These are some of the resources i used for my study. In addition i have collected ~3.5 GB of data which i have stored locally. I created a slide show that covers some of the basics regarding the events surrounding 9/11. This short introduction to a highly complex issue is an attempt to connect the dots from what a false flag operation is, through 9/11, and on to the war. 3 formats available: 9/11 Red White and Blue Flags -- MS PPT 9/11 Red White and Blue Flags -- OOo Impress (OpenOffice.org) 9/11 Red Flags -- PDF
  5. some updated info: if you want to find ONLY cameras that are streaming video: inurl:axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi this works with more than Google "mjpg" is Motion JPEG cam's serving stills can almost always be manipulated to stream. their URL's look like: /axis-cgi/jpg/image.cgi just change as per above and you get it to stream more parms to play with: barcoord=n,n -- this seems to be the P/T coordinates for the camera in the format of "123,12" (of course the cam has to be on a PZT mount) barzoom=n -- zoom camera=1 -- the camera number. i've found several more cameras for a particular site by changing this showlength=1 -- no idea resolution=704x480 -- popular large resolutions seem to be 640x480 and 704x480 text=1 -- 1/0 draw text compression=n -- default seems to be 2 digits (50) color=1 -- 1/0 color/greyscale i think clock=1 -- draws time date=1 -- draws date dummy=n -- can be a long string of numbers. no idea if you get a small image, you can almost always change the resolution by changing the "resolution=" parm, or adding it if no exist. in many cases you can add the parms you want if no exist and get more to play with. the minium URL requirnment for most of the cams is like: domain-name/axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi a lot of the cams i found can be controlled (PZT). easiest way is to go up 2 directories and you end up at the cam's webpage for it's internal http server. requires JS. default auth for admin settings can be found in the Axis manuals. of course all of above is for Axis cams only -- haven't tried any others yet. now i'm off to collect more cams
  6. The government allows it because the "teen-help" industry (and that's exactly what it is) is a 60+ billion dollar a year business with a huge growth rate and many millions are being donated to government officials. Money talks, not ethics. This is nothing new and if it surprises you, you should dig deeper and do your own investigation. The campaign contributions are a matter of public record. So is the torture. ~106 deaths as of this writing, many due to asphyxiation from being restrained. Visit wwasps.com and see if their facilities look like abusive facilities. They are advertised to look like virtual resorts. The parents are told that their kids may make incredible acquisitions and to expect and ignore this. The point is, the parents either don't know or, in some cases, don't care. Many parents don't want their kids -- simple fact. Many parents abuse their kids to extremes. These places just get paid for it. If you understand that our government is out of control, and corporations have a large hand in running it, then there's nothing surprising about this.
  7. i didn't remove or disable it though (i assume you mean windows scripting host)
  8. run a search for "the lost boys". lost boys of texas i think, but i'm not sure. there's mormons that kick out young boys when the male/female ratio is not what they want it to be (the older men like to have sex with the young girls).
  9. hiya nuhi! always had problems with some of the visual tweaks, but things went a little crazy this time... nlite 1.2rc xp pro, sp2, ryanvm hotfix cab 2.1.2 integrated with his utility (1.4.2) this is what i have discovered so far... disable animated menues not set small icons in start menu not set display log-off not set expand printers not set search the internet in start menu not removed none of the network adapter settings were applied none of the visual tweaks applied 2 DEP entries in boot.ini (noexecute=optin and noexecute=alwaysoff) only the latter should have been set shared docs not removed new connection wizard not removed system tray warning after log-on: windows cannot locate the disk clean-up wizard (which was removed) i did a couple things different on this build: i integrated the raid driver for my via chip -- setup detected the drives fine, but i was still prompted for the floppy later in setup (that may well be something i did wrong) i changed the %user profile% path to 2nd drive: d:\usr LAST_SESSION.INI
  10. source: http://www.isaccorp.org/documents/back-to-...s.08.16.06.html
  11. Source: http://www.isaccorp.org/anderson/martin-le...n.08.03.06.html There is a video of the beating here: http://www.nospank.net/anderson.htm I will warn you, although the quality is very poor and it's difficult to see what's happening, it may be disturbing to some people -- as it darn well should be. More info here: http://www.isaccorp.org/deaths.asp Martin died shortly after being beaten to a pulp by a small army of "guards". As he lied totally helpless on the ground, being kneed, kicked, put into painful "restraining holds" and having ammonia tablets forced up his nose, a "nurse" stood there and watched. For an overview of this problem, see http://help-for-teen.com
  12. !!! GOOD NEWS !!! more here... 7 yr. old 'Angi' died shortly after being "restrained" for the 9th and final time in 30 days while at the Rice Lake facility.
  13. source: http://www.mozilla.org/projects/security/k...#firefox1.5.0.5 download, new installation: http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/releases/ update existing: help > check for updates
  14. Elisa D. Santry, 16 years old, died July 16, 2006 while hiking in 110 deg. heat at the Outward Bound Wilderness facility. She got separated from the group and was found dead 5 hours later. At the least, this is negligence. http://www.caica.org/NEWS%20Elisa%207-23-06%20Critics.htm
  15. The Morning Call By Dina Bass Of Bloomberg News Microsoft Corp. said fourth-quarter profit fell 24 percent after spending more on its Xbox video-game console. The world's largest software maker announced plans to buy back $40 billion in stock, sending the shares higher. Net income declined to $2.83 billion, or 28 cents a share, from $3.7 billion, or 34 cents, a year earlier, the Redmond, Wash., company said Thursday in a statement. Lehigh Valley Local Links Mobile News | Subscribe Online | Order Reprints Excluding legal charges, profit was 31 cents, beating a 30-cent estimate by Goldman, Sachs & Co. analyst Rick Sherlund. Sales rose 16 percent to $11.8 billion. Microsoft, whose stock dropped 14 percent in the quarter, will repurchase shares in two programs of as much as $20 billion each. Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer is seeking to appease investors who criticized spending on Xbox consoles and Internet- based software to catch up to Google Inc. The company also raised its full-year profit and sales forecasts. ''They've come part of the way, but they could afford a lot more,'' said Joseph Rosenberg, chief investment strategist at New York-based Loews Corp., who had wanted a tender offer for $60 billion worth of shares. The stock this quarter had its worst performance since 2002. Microsoft said profit for the year that began July 1 will be $1.43 to $1.47, an increase from an April forecast of $1.36 to $1.41. Sales will be $49.7 billion to $50.7 billion, up from $49.5 billion to $50.5 billion.
  16. Carter Lynn, 18, hung himself in his home on June 6, 2006, 18 months after his release from the Tranquility Bay WWASP facility in Jamaica and just weeks after being interviewed for the Miami New Times 'Rough Love' feature article. He did not live to see it published. He died on the same day as Kerry Layne Brown, also a former client of the same facility.
  17. the fault in my eyes lies with the people who elected the corrupt fool based on what a politically influenced media wishes us to know. the fault also lies on people like me who don't vote at all because i've got "more important" things to do than research what's actually going on, which involves work far beyond watching the boob tube in order to make an intelligent choice. thanks for your comment G-master
  18. I have a love/hate outlook on Michael Moore and his opinions. I wouldn't doubt if most people do. I strongly agree with many of his opinions and strongly disagree with others. This is one i agree with. It's a good read... source: http://applpolisher.blogspot.com/2005_09_0...er_archive.html
  19. You'd be surprised at the size and determination and focus of the anti-wwasp community, much less the anti-abuse community in general. These people aren't going to stop until these organizations stop torturing our kids. 6 off-shore have been shut down and some legal battles are being won. This is not to say the problem is under control in any shape or form as it's still growing to my knowledge, but the resistance is building. As i write this there is a lady who is trying to organize an effort to visit one of these facilities (i won't say which) to try and get some kids out. I intend to be a part of that effort.
  20. atomizer

    nLite 1.0.1 beta

    yeah nuhi, i didn't see support for that feature yet. is this planned for 1.1??? LOL
  21. There may be more than 2 heads here. But the patriot act? I don't see how that's tied in with this at all, other than it's another example of the people in this country being manipulated into sacrificing their constitutional rights through fear, just as these unethical organizations do with their kids. This has been going on since the 80's and growing constantly. On my website, i estimate an annual gross of 70 billion. I was told by a lady i talked to yesterday, and who knows a lot more about this than i do, that it's 90 billion and that the average amount spent on each kid / day is .25 cents. That may sound crazy, and i can't confirm that, but when you consider that these places are staffed by people local to the facilities who are not professionals and who often don't have a HS diploma, .25 cents a day doesn't look so unreasonable anymore. Actually, a lot of the work is done by other kids who have moved up to the higher levels. And about that lady i talked to; she's been trying to get her kid out of Tranquility Bay (TB) for 9 months and can't. Her husband is very wealthy and has custody and he sent him there. So there's another 15 yr. old kid that's in one of the most notorious "treatment" facilities on earth which is scheduled to double its capacity shortly (currently 200). TB is in Mexico, btw. She's been to court several times and will be going yet again. Each time the judge has failed to bring this kid home, in spite of the horrendous and very well established history of abuse of this place and in spite of the piles of evidence and in spite of the fact that 6 other off-shore centers have been closed down, all due to abuse, neglect and other reasons and they weren't as bad as TB. Needless to say, she has quickly lost all faith in our [non]justice system. Making it harder to get these torture camps shut down is the fact that many of millions of dollars have been contributed to the republican party over the years by people like Bob Lichfield, Melvin Sembler and his wife Betty, the founders of WWASP, Straight, Inc. and the Drug Free America Foundation, respectively. Pockets are deep and political influences run all the way to the top. I have a recording of Bush doing a spot for Straight which has a history of abuse second to none.
  22. atomizer

    nLite 1.1

    Actually, i think i was kind of out of line suggesting that. It's nuhi's s/w. But as for making it plug-in capable, yeah; good idea i think.

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