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  1. XP freezes

    That's exactly it. CTRL ALT DEL won't bring on Task Manager. Any command remains without respopnse. Best regards.
  2. XP freezes

    I'm using XP SP3. After XP goes into deep hibernation and I press the power on switch, XP comes back but doesn't respond to any commands. I have to reboot to get it back in action. I have Norton 360 version 2 as antivirus and it didn't find any virus. Any ideas why I'm getting that behavior? Best regards.
  3. I'm using WLM Wave 3 version 14.0.5027.908. I have the following problems with that application: 1- everytime I close the program I get the message Beta encountered a problem and has to close 2- when I try to open a .TIF attached document I get the following error message: Error in C\Program Files\Windows Live\Photo Gallery\WLXPhotoViewer.dll missing entry Lauch Photoviewer. Anyone has a possible solution? Best regards.
  4. I was using WLM beta 2. I've updated to v12.0.1606.908 and lost my calendar. How can i get it back? If I update to v14.0.5027.908 wil I loose my contacts and calendar again? Best regards.
  5. Problem with Task Manager

    Hi nmX.Memmoch, Where do you choose the parameters for Task Manager? Best regards.
  6. Problem with Task Manager

    Hi, We're using Win XP Home. I f user X starts Task Manager he gets an incomplete result. If user Y starts Task Manager he gets a good result. Why? Where does taskmgr.exe gets its parameters to display the Task Manager screen. Best regards.
  7. Hi, When I start Outlook I get the following message: Impossible to install or load the add-on C:\PROGRA\HOTBAR How can I get rid of that message? Best regards.
  8. Hi, I had to install a legal version of Windows XP Pro for a friend. I forgot to backup his Address Book in Outlook. Is there a way I can recover the old Address Book? Best regards.
  9. Win98 uninstall

    Hi, A friend of mine has Win2000 Pro installed on the C: and Win98 installed on the D:. She has one physical disk partitioned. How can I uninstall Win98 without harming anything? Best regards.
  10. Hi, Is there a way I can be informed of what sites are blocked by the utilization of a HOSTS file? Best regards.
  11. Hi Mercury_22, I've solve my problem. It was with my HOSTS file. The sites www.ebay.com and www.paypal.com ended up in my HOSTS list. I've downloaded the MVPS HOSTS file and it solve my problem. Case solved. Best regards.
  12. Hi Mercury_22, I don't see the point. Need more info. Best regards.
  13. Hi Atomizer, I've looked at the 2 sites mentioned. On CastleCops the person who had the same problem as I have finally reformated his C:. A soltution I don't want to implement. Any other comments. Best regards.
  14. Hi Atomizer, I've run CCleaner, ewido, Kaspersky and posted an HijackThis log on other forums. When I type www.ebay.com I get redirected to the following address: http://sea.search.fr.sympatico.msn.ca/dnse...&q=www.ebay.com That page tells me the www.ebay.com is impossible to find. I'm in contact with a member of the french PCAstuces forum to get my HijackThis log analyse. Best regards.
  15. Hi, I'm using Windows XP Pro SP2 and IE6 SP2. I can't access the sites www.ebay.com and www.paypal.com. I always get the message The page cannot be displayed. Is my browser hijacked? Best regards.