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  1. Hi click the start button right click computer on the right pane choose mange. Next choose disk management right click the c drive and choose extend volume. You may have to shrink the E partition first.
  2. Hi I have been looking for a pc txt to phone solution and finally found one Pinger Text Free works great you can receive text msg also http://www.pinger.com/tfw/ and it is free the best part hehe.
  3. Hi yes I am still on version 7.0.1474 . Today for the first time I got a avast popup asking me if I wanted to see my virus count on the last 1200 pages I looked at LOL, so they must be tracking every web site you go to. I find this funny because if your going to track people where they go why tell them about it. Time for a new Antivirus solution I guess.
  4. Hi I am just here to say that the new Avast Antivirus program free or paid for requires you to agree to allow them to collect data from your pc. Of course they say they wont use the data so why do they want access to it. We have all heard this before and your data gets sent to whoever they want.
  5. Hi is there any way that you can disable driver signing for the f6 or load driver button when install a f6 controller driver. In windows 7 the f8 on install gives you a menu to choose to disable signed driver. Thank You John
  6. Hi well older cards get nothing from new drivers to start with. Also on every driver release from ATI or Nvidia they have release notes I suggest reading them if they contain nothing for your card then dont update the 12.6 was really ment to fix problems with the 7000 series. If in reading these release notes there is something for your card but you dont have that problem dont update it example they put out a fix in the driver for people that the game wow crashes, if you play wow and it does not crash why update it. The crash is caused by certain configurations in hardware if you dont have that you dont need the fix. Most people update to the new drivers just to say they have them although they do no good for there cards or make them run worse.
  7. Well I live in Canada so our internet just sucks LOL. I use sympatico as I live in a small town cable has just arrived here but its so poor its not worthwhile. I am on a old account the ultra one it is unlimited downloads you cant get that here anymore but I get 6 meg down and 64k up for 81 $ per month now that sucks LOL. But I remember dialup all to well so it helps to think what if I had dialup.
  8. Hi I dont know if any of you have started to receive these emails from a friend on hotmaIL, The email only has a link in it it may say you have reveived a private message from who ever sent you the email. If you click the link you go to a virus site. I am only mentioning this as 10 or my customers have gotton this in the last week. Most use some crappy password like there dogs name with no cap or numbers. Just for a bit of humor when I tell them they have to change there password its but I like this one and dont want to change it LOL.
  9. Hi I see the one I use not mentioned so I will now hehe, I put it on many customers pc's. StarBurn its free nice interface does all the regular burn stuff iso or what ever. I still use imgburn for iso's though
  10. Hi yes I agree most people should stay away from the auto fix it tools. In just one case a customer was going from a nvidia card to a ati card once you remove the N drivers reboot and run jv16 reg cleaner it finds a lot of nvidia stuff still in there to make sure it does not interfere with the new ati install I remove them so yes there are cases when it is good. But for the general public no. For a pc guy thats in the business it comes in handy. All I think jv16 does is check for dead entries and you dont have to hunt for things to remove so its a little safer hehe and we all know to back up the registry before we play with it.
  11. Hi there is one program I use to clean the registry like if you remove a program it will leave all sorts of junk in there ie norton . JV16 reg cleaner I have used this for over 8 or 9 years you dont have to choose anything and it has never messed up a registry on me.
  12. Hi well lets define friends a friend is someone you can count on that enjoys your company and you do things together. I myself am a loner now as I am old so I have about 2 or 3 friends left that i see but when i was biking I had more friends and the others are just people you know most of them have died now as we lived the hard life hehe. You cant replace a friend you have had for 30 years. This facebook thing I am not involved in nor would I be you never get to really know the person and never do anything together ie fishing camping or what ever and they post everything they do or about themselfs. Just because you know a person that person is not really your friend he would be a acquaintance. I know with the online friends sites ie facebook many people consider this there spot to make new friends and are actally addicted to it. Real friends are hard to find they are trust worthy and would not do anything to harm you, very hard to find these days. If a person is suicidal you quiting facebook would have nothing to do with it. People like that, and I know you always say tomorrow will be better they cant see that they only see there problems or the bad situation they are in and feel there is no way out. I know about this as a few of my friends have done that, its a block they hit and cant get over beleive me I have tried to help them even move them into my house to be with them and give them support but in the end they just cant get over there problems and it happens you cant blame yourself as its a problem they just cant get by and has nothing to do with you. I feel really bad for them but I have also found out there is nothing you can really do when they hit that mode. If you are alone myself I am I have 2 hounds they give me great company and they get you out of the house.
  13. Hi well the hosts file and firewall can take care of any reporting or there are other ways to do this I wont mention them LOL. Once again I am not talking about peoples home pc's as I dont see a home user spending 2500 $ or so for cs 6 as they would have no need for it. All Corel software runs a similar program and there are other programs that report on you as well.. As for win 7 not being compatible I can put a cd in with old games on it like hexen earthworm jim click the exe and the game opens and runs in win 7 64 bit.. Also some people just like to stay with what they have but there is no real diffrence useing xp or win 7 you access things almost the same control panel and other settings. I also realise that not all are the same, to me a new os is great I get to learn it, some people dont want to learn for some reason, as for win 2k or 98 sure its fine if you dont want to play the new games or run new hardware. As for sticking with old stuff I know old guys that wont use the net there still on bbs and dialup LOL but thats there choice as long as your happy thats the main point, and no one should tell you what os to run, use what suits you and your hardware and programs. Well thats all I have to say I bet your all saying tg hes done LOL.
  14. Hi now your being picky LOL. If only part of it is going to work why buy it would you put out $2,599 and have half the programs work but only parts of them no of course not. Remember photoshop is only one part of cs6. Anyway its only a example things change .I would not want to try and setup my 2x vid cards in crossfire on win 2k it was never ment to do that. Now if you say you can your not useing ati drivers and maybe theres a work around but I dont want to play with stuff to make it work I dont have the time.
  15. Hi so what would you do tell all your graphic people they can only use part of the program. Once again I am not talking personal pc's it maybe fine for you at home to use part of a program but if your in business doing graphics it is not acceptable to turn out work thats halfway there when others in business are useing those features. And this is one program there are other programs and things that just wont work well. I am just useing cs6 as a example.

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