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  1. Nah, it just sounded too much like "windows, nein" so they skipped it
  2. Well, that's how win7 and older behaved, and win8 as well, until it randomly stopped. I then switched to autologin with a password, which worked for a couple of times, then stopped as well. I don't see any need for a password on my home PC. I trust my family and if someone else gets local access to my PC, the windows password won't stop them. Anyway, thanks for the tip. It's not, the bug that those 4 updates introduced is that the transfer windows are always started in the background, no matter the state at the end of transfer as the OP in your link describes. edit: unless you meant my last post where the dialog was still in background (because it remembered the last state)
  3. Well, great. I have removed those 4 updates, restarted, and nothing has changed. I guess the damage is already done. edit: actually, it seems it is working again now. Maybe on my other try something has stolen the focus, since it was right after the restart. Thanks for the tip jaclaz! Now if only you'd point me to the update that broke autologin with a blank password...
  4. This started happening after some windows update (gg, Microsoft!): whenever I copy/move/delete files, the transfer window is always behind all other windows. Is there any way to fix that?
  5. I think the startup tab might only contain per-user autoruns, which is also "safer" if you're not sure deactivating an entry is safe. As for avast, they implemented a new version of web shield which broke dropbox uploads. They then fixed it, and in the version after that everything broke down again (with the same workaround needed to get it to work again). The balance of having to fight with my AV and it protecting me was just not there anymore for me.
  6. What is the advantage of autoruns over the startup tab in the task manager? ("more details" view) Personally, I'm always configuring my system to notify, but not download. But that was when windows didn't display the stupid overlay, so thanks for the pointer to WUnotify, I'll take a look at that. Now if only the avast team didn't have the habit of re-introducing bugs they fixed in the last few versions (I'm looking at you, web filter)... Made me get rid off avast completely after they broke dropbox upload a second time. And surprisingly, even without an antivirus, my system is still clean (verified by installing -> scanning -> uninstalling once a month), and unsurprisingly runs even faster.
  7. That sounds similar to some old Creative cards problems where you had to deactivate their sound helper service to actually have sound. Computers work in mysterious ways...
  8. I have recently set up visual studio to tinker around with windows phone 8.1, it seems hyper-V is needed for the emulator to work. For now I have disabled it and am going to enable it when needed. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  9. I'm actually running a mostly vanilla (except for a custom theme) win 8.1.1 installation now, and I'm not missing neither glass nor the start menu anymore. ModernUI aside, the new explorer allows me to work faster, and the network operations not requiring fetching the whole file to your local pc then sending it again is a godsend. Any windows pre-win8 was unable to do that. On the other hand, I have my linux "server" that functions as a fully equipped PC for my parents as well as a seedbox. And the total space occupied by the OS and programs is 5gb. Windows alone occupies about 17gb on my ssd at the moment, so that's almost 400% of more space. What is it used for? I don't know. Even if they got rid of the win32 compatibility layer, they'd only save about 1.5Gb according to the contents of my wow64 folder. And then there is RAM usage, and I mean usage, not caching (as displayed by the task manager). Back when my server was still running windows 8.1, my idle RAM usage was ~1.1GB, with a torrent client running and a second user idling without programs started. My current RAM usage under same scenario on linux is 760MB (and I'm using KDE, known for being "bloated"). Point is, Microsoft seems to rely too much on space being cheap instead of optimizing the OS. That started with NT6 afaik and continues to this day. P.S.: windows runs a lot snappier if you get rid off those pesky antivirus programs. Only using trusted programs and visiting trusted sites is a prerequisite, of course. But that's (currently) another positive point for linux, and a negative one for windows.
  10. So according to this, running Hyper-V on a non-SLAT compatible CPU will result in a big video performance degradation. Checking my CPU with systeminfo displays Hyper-V Requirements: VM Monitor Mode Extensions: Yes Virtualization Enabled In Firmware: Yes Second Level Address Translation: Yes Data Execution Prevention Available: YesStill, once I enable Hyper-V, I am unable to play any 1080p videos using madvr. Any idea what else the reason for this huge input might be? Is the reason stated on wikipedia wrong? Or is my GPU just so old that the impact is high enough even though my CPU has SLAT? edit: the board ate half of my post on posting the thread
  11. Gimme 5min to port it, just is a matter of importing and exporting in WSB Edit: WSB seems to give trouble with importing it D: D: It's a conspiracy! Yeah, Grim did, but it only worked on win8, and had some problems like text on explorer frames not being centered, and it being black (i need white for dark backgrounds). Did not want to bother him cause it was a purely unofficial port, but now that it's officially abandoned...
  12. The whole snapshots thing only applies to VMWare's product though, or is VirtualBox capable of it too? I see a snapshot feature in VB, but the files it creates seem to be only an image of RAM, which seems kinda useless.
  13. Have you read this on the DPC latency site?
  14. Gah, the Shine theme won't be ported to win8/8.1 it seems (see author comment, currently page 3). Any chance someone could adopt that theme? I had a version that worked for 8.1... but 8.1.1 broke the context menu on the start screen.
  15. Well, if I'm allowed to be cynical, their tactic seems to work out in your favor then
  16. As a follow up, looks like I found the image where I got that statement from in my image cache. Can't seem to find the actual article this was on, but anyway:
  17. Haali is very outdated by now, so it runs into problems with some mkvs now and then. Try LAV filters instead.
  18. I can reproduce the behavior, shae. Never paid attention to that, though. I rarely resize windows after the initial resize to fit my needs.
  19. Well, one thing that did advance is the fact it can now finally send a "move/copy file/folder" command to the remote server, not having to copy the file to local temp dir, then sending it back to the new remote location. This is actually about the only reason why I'm still on win8.1 and haven't rolled back to win7. All my files are on a remote server, linked to my home folder, so doing any operations take a while on win7. To be honest, I managed to port most of my workflows to the linux world, so the day I jump ships is not far off.
  20. Actually, when I was contemplating on whether to up(?)grade to win8.1 from win7, I also looked at VRAM usage. Guess which version had about 100MB more VRAM used in idle? Also, fast boot turned out to be a can of worms in my case, even though I only have one OS installed. Inexplicable behavior like the language bar disappearing, programs hanging on start waiting for a svchost thread, DWM suddenly deciding accepting any input from a filthy human is beneath it... etc. And every time, the problems were gone after a restart... deactivating the feature solved them and win8.1 has been much more agreeable since then.
  21. nVidia broke some openCL<->DX interop things starting with drivers newer than 327.23 and didn't fix it until now, so I'm not updating yet. Besides, for some reason, my GPU doesn't like new drivers. It reacts very allergically to them, driver crashes every few minutes. 327.23 is the last stable driver for my GPU for now. Thanks for checking, I guess it's just win8.1 being win8.1 after all.. Might reformat soon as safe mode is still not working and then there is also *mumbles while wandering off into the distance*
  22. I was staring blankly at my chrome start page, when suddenly both monitors flickered and DWM restarted. I have a dump here, anything AG related or just win8.1 being win8.1?
  23. Replace every instance of "user" with "power user" and then your post makes sense. Sadly, the majority of people I know that qualify as "users" (aka: "facebook, mail, A/V streaming and maybe some office" crowd) are quite happy with windows 8 and metro. The ones being left out are the "power" users who use desktop applications to create content, something metro isn't made for. But we're not the ones who give Microsoft the bulk of their income, so is it that surprising? Oh and my download was about 700MB. I do agree there are only few visible changes though. They probably had to rewrite a lot of code to be able to make them. If you ever coded a large project, you might know just how complicated it might be to change something when your code structure doesn't allow it.
  24. Don't have to uninstall AG. Just go into task scheduler -> right click on the AG task -> disable. Then update to 8.1u1, restart, download new symbols and re-enable the AG task.
  25. Welp, out of 3 PCs in our household, only mine refuses to boot into safe mode, even though all three of them were installed the same way. I guess I will have to just reformat it, as it's also showing some really weird behavior.
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