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  1. Basically, I try to avoid the 'cloud' as much as I can. 'Cloud' is good for backing up your passworded/encrypted files (in case someone breaks into your house and steals your hardware). Even then, I do this from within a browser at my own choosing, not some 'cloud' automated service running in the background. Other than that... Can you imagine how stupid 'cloud' computing actually is? Most people have their internet bandwidth capped on a monthly basis. Good luck with that and people's concern about their privacy storing their whole setup and private lives online, which may be accessible by virtually anyone! There's a reason why we have cheap USB pen drives --- so people can go from computer to computer and still have access to their files... offline! So, let's see... afford 3-4 USB pen drives/year (or pay a one-time offline software cost) versus pay the same recurring annual dollar subscription for some 'cloud' service I don't really need... Personally, I don't think 9 will be as successful as 7 (b/c seven ate/eats nine --- 7, 8, 9)! This might be pre-ordained as people pretty much hate Modern-anything UI 1.0. So, I don't see how ver 2.0 will change people's mind! The way I see it, Windows X, XI will then be purely be based on 'cloud' and will be close to the end of Microsoft. Then, they backpedal and get reborned/get it right again with Windows 12 offline-edition-only! IMHO just a little speculation on my part, I'd LOL if anything like that ever happened!
  2. It's not a matter of games being designed for the XP era. If Microsoft made DirectX 11 available on XP, it would blow 7/8 out of the water! Just b/c 7 has the greater market share doesn't make it the King of Windows OSes! People were forced into upgrading b/c of the annoying EoL message on MSE... Like I said, lack of USB 3.0 & AF support are XP's short comings (I couldn't care less less if XP doesn't have native multi-core support. It just means I can run many apps simultaneously and have each thread spread on different cores). When you combine XP + 7 in a multi boot scenario, you essentially have a killer PC running XP most of the time (switch to 7 if you need things done on USB 3.0)!
  3. Those who are dual or even triple booting Windows XP/7/8... I urge you to download Unreal Tournament GOTY demo (1999) from FilePlanet now. Turn on console ([~] or [Esc]) during the game and enter STAT FPS. You'll see why XP is still the King! What can I do about Windows 7/8's slowness? I want to continue using XP forever b/c it's just the fastest thing out there, only lack of USB 3.0 and Advanced Format HDDs support are keeping me back...
  4. ^ is it possible to just target .NET 2.0 from VS2012? I doubt VS2005 would load the source code created with VS2012...
  5. What can I do? Targetting the app for .NET 4.5 didn't do nothing for it. By slow, I mean the refresh cycle to display stuff in the app lags like hell in 7/8... Why would the same source code produce sucky results in 7/8 than XP. Was the .NET runtime in 7/8 that poorly coded? An analogy is: If my app was a game, the fps in XP would be something like 48, in 7/8 something like 8!
  6. ^ There's no arguing with some people... Sheesh. The label clearly reads AF (some manufacturers don't use the big clunky AF logo) and even directs you to a website for more info on the new format... Anyways, I'm too lazy to dig it up. WD has two lines of Blue hard drives, the old Blue and the new "Scorpion Blue". The specs you posted refer to the old line of Blues which most vendors no longer carry (at least the non-AF ones)...
  7. ^ Then, it might be a surprise to you that WD even went AF for something as small as 320GB. Here's the proof, stock HDD for a laptop circa 2012 that supposedly still supports XP: http://www.notebookcheck.net/fileadmin/_migrated/pics/24_hdd_01.jpg Line above "U.S. Patents" declares it...
  8. They also pulled MSE version 4.4.304 (the last version without the annoying XP EoL nagging) within hours after end of XP support... Too bad for them, I foresaw it coming created backup copies.
  9. ^ That is only the specs sheet. What I mean is, most vendors stopped stocking on non-AF drives... So, while WD still makes non-AF drives, it's not easy to find them in the market place!
  10. Whoa man, it's not easy to find non-AF drives nowadays, even for small capacities like 320GB. They're all AF to get you to dump XP for a new sys (b/c the modern OSes require more computing power just to run decently) to boost PC sales. It's what the "cartel" does best, plot new ways to get you to upgrade. Anyways, to the above post, if points 1 & 2 are accomplished by Installing Windows 7 on the 1st partition, the 2nd partitition (and onwards) can be reformatted by XP Embedded without any trouble, correct? (Since XP Embedded setup isn't anything like XP Pro --- Embedded forces you to format the partition it's going to be installed on)
  11. Does Windows XP Embedded POSReady 2009 have native support for advanced format hard drives, or must I do the trick formatting the partition with Windows 7 first prior to installing POSReady '09?

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