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  1. Nope, still don't get that even with that display config. There's no reason for Windows to change working area, likely some app does this
  2. That is probably Garry's Mod, but it's not possible to use exclusive fullscreen and multiple monitors, as deactivating game minimizes it. Not seeing anything like your behavior
  3. Is it possible to post videos, not cropped gifs? What's the game you're using?
  4. That's unlikely. So what do you say, you enter fullscreen on one display but working area breaks on all displays?
  5. That means some app is overriding screen working area
  6. You want Classic theme support, which is not accounted for.
  7. You can only disable SIB menu styling in registry: [HKCU\SOFTWARE\StartIsBack] ImmersiveMenus = (DWORD)0
  8. Please keep on topic for release feedback. If you have a question, start a question thread or write to support email. Please refrain from repeating same stuff, flame wars and personal attacks. Support will try 'We're sorry you're not satisfied with experience our app provides' attitude if you have problems here.
  9. StartAllBack 2.9.95 (RC6) Available only if you check for updates I really want to finish with RCs, so please curb your enthusiasm
  10. Transparency is there, i don't know how you managed to disable it
  11. There is no dual start menus anymore. I understood your request, please stop asking.
  12. Can you provide crash dump / info?
  13. I meant what I wrote. Stock settings is not a preferred / supported way to tweak SAB taskbar special icons - this is a known bug for now.
  14. Well yeah, if it hurts when you do that, don't do that
  15. Yes, you can dial translucency down on Advanced page (set Clear to disable blur)
  16. What are those even? Still in RC4?
  17. Dunno. Create new user profile
  18. Now that was reported as OldNewExplorer conflict
  19. You're right, Text should be used. But it still looks terrible
  20. But which 7-zip version is this?
  21. StartAllBack 2.9.92 (RC3) This is the last RC planned, next is 3.0 release
  22. That's a stretch. What file? What crash?

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