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  1. The fix was added in 3.4.2. There were other reports about this crash which was introduced with 3.4. Unfortunately, I was unable to reproduce it.
  2. I don't see what could reset it. Works even if you toggle classic taskbar.
  3. If I manage to reliably crash explorer at the SIB volume (hundreds of thousands of users), Microsoft writes me an angry letter and then comes to repeatedly punch me. This is not the case here, moreover, crash you experience would be known since 2012 I've prepared a special version to work this around http://startisback.com/StartAllBack_setup.exe However I would like that you try to find the culprit that triggers this crash, try to narrow down the scenario or capture a crash dump
  4. I need a crash dump please 1) Import this registry key http://startisback.com/Enable_Crash_Reports.reg 2) Create C:\dumps folder 3) Crash 4) Send me dmp file from C:\dumps folder Uninstalling is the same as other apps - via Installed apps / Add-Remove programs
  5. Why would you need to tweak this 😭
  6. I've prepared test build which works around bugs with menu, task button width and also icon grid screw-up with high-DPI displays mixed in: http://startisback.com/StartAllBack_setup.exe
  7. I've prepared test build with restyled dark acrylic menus, please test http://startisback.com/StartAllBack_setup.exe
  8. Maybe if you ask same thing 8 more times... Increasing transparency to same level as 'modern' menus may hurt readability and may require larger font / less contrasty elements, so there's a compromise required. This is an OS bug related to dynamic DPI scaling. Rebooting or logging in again helps.
  9. There is a secret option on Explorer page. Double-click area around 'Details page on the bottom'.
  10. StartAllBack 3.4 Underlined are the changes since 3.3.9d
  11. No, StartAllBack extends system setting to Win32 scrollbars. MS Word is custom UI app.
  12. It's in system Settings - Accessibility - Visual Effect
  13. Set 'Legacy context menus' on WinRAR Integration page.
  14. StartAllBack 3.3.9d https://s3.amazonaws.com/startisback/StartAllBack_3.3.9d_setup.exe
  15. No. There's no scenario to affect this setting - except when you check it yourself. Please find when this happens exactly. There is no way for StartAllBack to affect native search. Which one? Preview pane in explorer is dark without SAB. Yes, there is some redrawing issues in Beta/Dev.
  16. I don't think it is related. Try using native start menu? It is a system feature.
  17. StartIsBack does not change bluetooth icon design (StartAllBack does). Bluetooth icon may come from different stack. Built-in one is pretty much useless anyway
  18. Are you using Fences? What's the dark goo?
  19. Why is this a problem?
  20. StartAllBack 3.3.9c https://s3.amazonaws.com/startisback/StartAllBack_3.3.9c_setup.exe
  21. Create "NoClose"=(DWORD)0 in HKCU\Software\StartAllBack What's that, we have 3.3.5 now. You don't have Fences?
  22. No idea. Can't distinguish what's going on on your screenshot. Maybe you have disabled search if there is no search.
  23. Set Windows to dark style then, stop retarding

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