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  1. Well, it's busy doing search. What search? I have no idea, find the correlation.
  2. Create dump file for sihost.exe next time this happens.
  3. That's nice to hear but I hope you'll find the culprit, write if you have found any more issues, including DebugView log
  4. No, this is not a common problem, there's a software conflict or broken system.
  5. I've prepared test version which may work http://startisback.com/StartAllBack_setup.exe
  6. Yeah, that's how it is by itself, not SAB
  7. Yep, it fails on critical hooks. Some other nasty hook (or anti-virus protection?) affects that. I would like remote access to such machine, dump does not contain all memory. This version shouldn't crash but won't fully work either http://startisback.com/StartAllBack_setup.exe
  8. Well, something conflicts with SAB. Write to startisback@gmail.com if you're able to provide remote access (via AnyDesk/TeamViewer). We'll look into DebugView output and whatnot.
  9. Well, we need a more stable reproduction scenario. I may have had something like that once but can't definitely say SAB is the culprit
  10. I believe you have explorerpatcher installed, can't have both
  11. It fits for me on French, no matter the settings.
  12. There are no other possibilities to make it work without online activation.
  13. 1000+PC license is not tied to hardware
  14. All Dev changes are undone so far
  15. I don't know why would your browser won't launch, write your license details to startisback@gmail.com - i'll upgrade key manually
  16. Well, browser is supposed to open. Make sure default browser is selected
  17. I've prepared build with test fix http://startisback.com/StartAllBack_setup.exe
  18. I do not believe there's a link between those events
  19. No, installation directory can't be changed.

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