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  1. Don't turn on segments, just dynamic transparency That's 1.5$ * 5.
  2. SIB/SAB is totally disabled in Safe Mode by default. You can enable it via group policy or registry values: EnableInSafeMode=(DWORD)1 in HKCU\SOFTWARE\StartIsBack or HKLM\SOFTWARE\StartIsBack
  3. I had such reports, and that's Windows 11 Command Bar broken. Dunno why, disable it.
  4. I don't understand the problem, please clarify the behavior.
  5. StartIsBack++ 3.1 almost https://s3.amazonaws.com/startisback/StartAllBack_3.0.9d_setup.exe
  6. Try updated version: https://s3.amazonaws.com/startisback/StartAllBack_3.0.9c_setup.exe Clarify pls
  7. StartAllBack 3.0.9beta https://s3.amazonaws.com/startisback/StartAllBack_3.0.9d_setup.exe Please care to update translation if you're ok with this
  8. I think segments may trigger it? What other games
  9. Yes, I confirm there's incompatibility with 7+TT and 3.0.5 If you're affected you can downgrade to 3.0.2 for now https://startallback.com/download.php?v=3.0.2
  10. Yes, it will stay this way. One day it will crash and burn on Dev.
  11. If it does not have any stable ID then it will be considered new every time
  12. What you mean by 'still'? Never heard about it. Please capture crash or hang dump
  13. Set corner icons to use Windows 10 flyouts
  14. Please test this one: http://startisback.com/StartAllBack_setup.exe
  15. They don't work. And they have not really properly worked in Windows 10 and nobody cared
  16. No, I said I won't do randomly customizable right-click taskbar menu. Policy fix was done the moment you reported it and is not worth discussing at all.
  17. Write to startisback@gmail.com, we will try some remote access debug

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