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  1. I have a weird problem. I did something stupid that caused me to have to un-install and re-install the latest Aero Glass. However, after I did, I notice my windows have no borders. Is this normal? Is there a way to get my classic Windows-7 style Aero glass borders back? Attached is a screenshot.
  2. bthompson1234

    Aeroglass stopped working for me

    Guys, I've got a great tip. After my Aero Glass was restored, I noticed that it still didn't work with the Chrome browser. So, I did some investigation and found this: Go to this URL: chrome://flags/#windows10-custom-titlebar And turn off "Let Chrome override the behavior of drawing the title bar". It's explained in this message thread: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/chrome/07K2f9Thj1w Enjoy!
  3. bthompson1234

    Aeroglass stopped working for me

    Windows installed another update that broke it again. Fortunately I found a link to the new symbols file and it fixed it. Boy, this is a real cat-and-mouse game with Microsoft! ^sigh^.
  4. bthompson1234

    Aeroglass stopped working for me

    Hot diggidy dog!!! That worked!!! I didn't even have to hit the retry button. You are awesome!
  5. bthompson1234

    Aeroglass stopped working for me

    Thanks for the quick response! It's Windows 10, Version 1803 (OS Build 17134.285). I read in the comments that v1.5.9 is supposed to work for that version. I got this PC in early July and Aero worked for me until it updated just this past weekend. I turned the computer on and got a "Hi" message, followed by a login screen with all my settings wiped out, including Aero Glass.
  6. Everyone, I'm at a complete loss. I've been using BigMuscle's Aero Glass plugin for Windows since Microsoft stopped supporting that interface in Win 8. It has worked like a charm most of the time. However, with recent updates that plugin completely breaks. I get the error message below, and no transparency. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ Incompatibility issue Aero Glass does not know how to hook your version of DWM (0x81). You should download appropriate symbols package for your operating system from Microsoft website and press Retry button. I installed the latest version (v1.5.9) to no avail. The same thing happens. I have been round and round looking for answers on forums, but all I find is mumbo jumbo about downloading symbols packages, with complicated, hard-to-follow instructions for installing the Microsoft SDK and Windows debugger. Is there a simple way to overcome this error and get back my semi-transparent, blurred window captions? Why did Microsoft take that away anyway?!!