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  1. i've tried multiple combinations of rbg's to get a truly accurate blue color to replicate windows 7, but none of them ever look quite right. they're either instead purple, or a way too bright shade of blue that should be darker, but always show up as a sort of bright neon blue. does anyone know the real blue color code or rgb combo to achieve a truly accurate windows 7 blue for the taskbar & start menu... as well as aero glass? would be much appreciated.
  2. strange... changing the blur radius in the app did nothing for me. i also played with the opacity settings in open shell and still couldn't get rid if that matte look. man, maybe i've installed and uninstalled too many mods and themes at this point, lol. something may have gotten screwed up aling the way. oh well - still better than win10 defaults. thanks for ur time.
  3. hello! i'm using a start menu skin from the classic shell forum that i really like (http://www.classicshell.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=5824#p32231). a user there apparently used aero glass' registry settings to lessen the blur on the skin, resulting in a glossier look: http://i.imgur.com/JftP3H0.png his quote: "..also speaking of which, it seems kinda interesting how much of a difference the blur radius alone can make: i would ask on that forum/thread, but their registration verification tool is broken. so ya - i currently have the look on the left of that image, but desire the one on the right. i tried lowering the blur deviation entry in regedit, but it only affected the title bars on windows. is there any way to do this with aero glass?

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