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  1. Youtube is working on Windows 8.0 and IE10 (you get info about unsupported browser, but everything is working)
  2. Hello there, it's nice to see you on our forum!
  3. Here, in Poland it's the same! Everywhere crap. And adverts.
  4. I know that it is not a topic to such a question but what with the telemetry, spying on Windows Server 2012?
  5. Oh, right, I forgot about it. But which version of driver you patched? That's nice
  6. I want to try it on Radeon HD7970, Device IDs: 1002 6798 (from Internet, I can't run PC with Radeon right now).
  7. Yes, Nightly 51 works on Windows XP. http://imgur.com/a/0S7t0
  8. That's weird. Now download site via Wayback Machine is working and I downloaded this file without any problems. Thanks
  9. I can't download it from your site. And I already sent the message through Skype
  10. Thanks @jaclaz and @blackwingcat! I installed Japanese version and it's working But I must find W2KHFPKVGD.cab to make English version of installation.
  11. "OR you might need to press F5 (when you are prompted to press F6 ) and set the PC HAL as "standard" instead of ACPI, *like*:" Still nothing. Can you tell me more about "BWC's extended core"? What I can (should) exactly do?
  12. Ok, I tried to use Fernando's driver (>Universal 32bit Intel MSM driver v8.9.8.1005 mod+signed by Fernando<) http://www.win-raid.com/t11f23-Modded-Intel-AHCI-and-RAID-Drivers-digitally-signed.html , https://mega.nz/#!9EdwyTqb!tQuVwykF82uZ1_fdiIofZlPYb6TpCdq7k2HSymCrhCg by adding driver for my 3B29 to Win2K install using nLite (I only used an option of adding the driver) but when I'm trying to install Windows, I have 'iastor.sys is corrupted' one more time. I hope that's all what you need...

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