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  1. Read this post here, and that should do similar to what you are after. It does it's check for the ID of the computer later on into the install that you are after, but that is becuase it uses lots of tools that only work under windows. I believe that this is the closest you are going to get and as far as I am aware the thread is no longer maintained by the OP as he achieved what he set out to do. Hope that this helps Best Regards Rik
  2. I wish to add a 3rd monitor to my setup at somepoint soon. I want to get a PCI graphics card to go along with my AGP X800Pro. It should be able to drive a 19" CRT at 1280x1024. I've been looking an old GF4. My question is would there be any issues with running an ATI card and an Nvidia in a system at the same time, from a drivers POV? Any pointers/tips would be gratefully reciveved. R.
  3. Welcome to the fourm Use the seach funtion, there is a solution out there for the anti-virus and realplayer. The seach button is your friend, much like google
  4. There is no 'official' SP3 and you can say you own it whenever you like.
  5. rikgale


    I get these windows everytime, but they only apper for less than half a second each and also cause the computer to beep at each window, which scares the living daylights out of me each and everytime. It always work, thought, so I dont care. Gotta have something to keep me awake. A quality product. Thanx MHz Rik
  6. I get "Cannot Find Server" not "File not Found" I get "Cannot Find Server" for everything form driverpacks.net, uAwiki works fine, but that is on a different sever.
  7. I've been using netlimiter v1.30 for ages and its a great product, esp useful if you up loading or downloading an large file that is take all the bandwidth. You can throttle it to give yourself 10Kbps or so of bandwidth for surfing
  8. NetLimiter 2 has been released, possibly the best network monitor out there! (My words) Homepage: http://www.netlimiter.com/ Hope this has not been posted already, but I can't find it else where.
  9. Try nlite U dont even have to remove anything
  10. You must have removed the Press any key.... option during making ur CD (I assume us used nlite). You mite have to build it again. Then you can leave the CDROm as the 1st boot option and it will skip if no key is pressed This would solve your problem. There is no magic BIOS setting, that I know of.
  11. Great topic title!!! No really! Do you get the "Press any key to boot from CD....." msg? If you do don't touch anything. Else, go into the BIOS during the root boot and change the boot order HTH Rik
  12. I'm downloading atm, but I am sure that you can tell I'm putting together a list of questions and suggestions for you (I should really write them down b4 forgetting)
  13. In this case I'd ignore the manual and set it to IDE in the BIOS
  14. @Sven Thanx for a link to that post. I'll have to give it a shot this w/e as I am away from home using and insecure wireless access point. @Gamehead200 I'll try ur public server if I can't get mine setup b4 the w/e
  15. Oh well. As always, if you don't ask you don't get. But points for trying
  16. *waves hand over head, while making a swushing noise* That went right over my head, care to go into a tad more detail? please? Cheers Rik
  17. The bext way to think of it is a secure(encrypted) network that sits over the top of your current network. The bouns addition is that this secure network can extend out over the internet. Each of the computers with Hamchi installed on them is given an IP in the 5.x.x.x range and this can be used to access it. However if you use the computer name it will not work over the Hamachi network. Hamachi doesn't allow you to browse the internet securely, but you can use a VNC/XP Remote desktop client and the address to browse the internet using another machine. I hope that this clears things up a bit for you. rikgale
  18. Also if he's working from a hotel, the VPN packets maybe blocked by the hotels router for either being too big or being fragmented. OR something similar to that. I did listen to that Security Now, but that was a few weeks back. I'm currentely using Hamachi and RealVNC for secure comms to my house! and it works a treat
  19. Good idea Gouki, I'd like to be able to show off from time to time!
  20. This is more than likely a problem with your harddrive. Run a google search on "cyclic redundancy error" I can't remember what it is off the top of my head, but it not overly good. I had one of those on one of my data drives about 6 months ago. I could not read or write to certian areas of the disc.
  21. Thanx XPero! My shortcuts now all look a tad less bland!
  22. rikgale

    XPize 4.2 BETA 2

    Cheers Xpero Will have to build my uACD again, I literaly just finished building it with RC4. Theres no harm in more testing
  23. Hopefully he's suffering a hangover like every good student should after there exams. The information has to be purged from the brain somehow to allow the next lot in.

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