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  1. Thanks for the info. I tried opening the batch file from the cmd window and using the 'edit' command. I pressed ctl+p, held down alt and typed in the three letter code and pressed enter, saved the file. When I ran the file the character didn't show up. What am I doing wrong? BTW I'm using windows xp.
  2. I've seen some batch files that echo certain ascii characters to create "boxes" around text. I can't seem to find anything useful searching google to get some help on this. Is there a list somewhere that has the characters I can put into a batch file to make it look "pretty"? Here is an example: ECHO ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿ ECHO ³ ³ ECHO ³ You are about to reformat your Hard Disk ! All Data ³ ECHO ³ wil
  3. Do you think I can do that in conjunction with symantec ghost (I'm definitely open to others, free or not, I'm not a big fan of symantec)? I've tried searching elsewhere for tutorials, I just don't know where to go once I have my master installation ready to be cloned. I think I could figure out how to deploy it over a network but I really don't want to have to deal with re-installing everything. Again the goal is to ask them via batch file with choices and then install image and restart after asking to remove the bootable cd.
  4. I am building a computer for someone and am going to install windows with drivers and apps pre-installed. I am planning on using sysprep to reseal the computer so the user goes through the oobe. What I would like is to be able to create a restore cd or dvd that will boot and ask if the user really wants to restore to the factory config and when done asks them to remove the cd and press a key to reboot. I know that I can use something like norton ghost to create the image but how can I make sure that the user has to choose whether or not to really restore it, etc.? Can anyone suggest a good tut
  5. I'll try to be more clear. I am building computers for other people. I would like to: 1. Install drivers via the $OEM$ folder (I think I can get that going with help from previous posts) 2. Use GUI Run Once to install misc. apps i.e. pdf reader, reg tweaks, etc. (Also something I think I can do on my own) 3. Install windows to the point of restarting for the last time and then let the user input how they connect to the internet, user names, and activation for xp home installs I guess I need to know what to put into the winnt.sif to let the oobe run with those or more elements and then after th
  6. I don't want to set up the users automatically, I want the oobe to run so they can do that themselves. Want I want is similar to Dell's setup where you basically go through the oobe but extra programs are already installed. I know I can use nLite and the gui run once to get that stuff set up, my problem is knowing how to keep the oobe, or just certian parts of it.
  7. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. What I would like to do is be able to set it up so that I keep at least the way users connect to the internet and user names in the oobe so that when they first turn on their computer it asks for that info and then goes into the first run install routine. Can someone help me figure out how to do that?
  8. Here is the code from my theme, is that what you wanted? <html> <head> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="./themes/Custom/wpi.css" /> </head> <body class="body" onLoad="SetScriptWaitTimeout(); startstop(); fillBoxes(); check(load_checks); startstop(); flevInitPersistentLayer('layercfgbtns',0,'','','15','','','15');window.focus();"> <DIV> <DIV id="TipLayer" style="visibility:hidden;position:absolute;z-index:1000; left:0; top:-100;"> </DIV> <script language="JavaScript1.2">sizer(); applyCssFilter();</script> <script>
  9. Here's my runonce code for winamp, just change the path of the msi file and the ini file to suit your needs. REG ADD %KEY%\050 /VE /D "Winamp 5.111" /f REG ADD %KEY%\050 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\Install\Winamp\Winamp5111.msi INI=%systemdrive%\Install\Winamp\winamp.ini /qn" /f Note: the second and third line are really all on one line.
  10. I know this question has probably been asked, but I couldn't find anything helpful when searching. I'm currently using RunOnceEx.cmd to install my programs. At the end like most people I'm importing a .reg file for all my preferences and using another cleanup.cmd to delete some unwanted files/organize the start menu. Some programs like winamp install the folder into the %UserProfile% start menu and I'd like to be able to move some of those files around, however the user profile that I want to modify hasn't been created yet when runonce runs. Is there a way to add a startup item to run once AFT
  11. Sure, in fact that's exactly what I did, what I posted was a direct quote from another board.
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