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  1. when i want to shotdown my windows xp computer i have to do it by hand. it does nog shutdown automatic. can somebody help me?
  2. ive posted the switches yesterday, but an ini file issnt working for me, dont know why. maybe it works at the original msi file?
  3. if you install the posted msi file then you have the lite version, because it standard doesn't install the normal crap. greetz astie
  4. here is the activation file located for every user of your pc. its a .dat file. Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe Systems\Product licenses
  5. for those who wants to know the switches of the new winamp, here they are(i've putted them in a .ini file): [sETUP] XNAME=***** XKEY=*****-*****-*****-***** XShortcuts=1 XCore=1 XAgent=0 XLibrary=0 XIntEx=0 XModernskin=1 XAudio=1 XVideo=0 XVisual=0 XExtra=1 XRegopt=1 XAudAssociate=1 XVidAssociate=0 XShortcuts means "Create Shortcuts" XCore means "Core" XAgent means "Winamp Agent" XLibrary means "Winamp Library" XIntEx means "User Interface Extentions" XModernskin means "Modern Skin Support" XAudio means "Audio File Support" XVideo means "Video File Support" XVisual means "Visualization" XExtra means "Extra Audio Output Effect Support" XRegopt means "Registry Values" XAudAssociate means "Associate Audio Extensions" XVidAssociate means "Associate Video Extensions"
  6. I download his msi so I can give you a good answer to you question. In short, we are going on the same direction. He also removed the custom action like what I did.I hope this answers your question. Wait, if you already have his modified msi, why do you have to make a new one? mrmb, I think you should compress your msi (with winrar) to save bandwidth. Uncompressed - 4.85 MB (5,091,328 bytes) Compressed - 1.09 MB (1,145,971 bytes) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> wow you guys rock. i havvent replayd in this topic because i got banned without a reason. ive tried your solution with Wise Package Studio, and search the msi script for CA_ActivationCheckLicense. I've removed that line (in total 3 in a row) and then run the installation (setup.exe /v/qb!). It really went sillently and i want to thank you all for helping me and many others with this problem. greetz Astie
  7. oke removed it, but cant i turn the activation off on installation so it pop ups when you start photoshop for the first time?
  8. u have tu use the /s switch (like this: winrar.exe /s) and after the installation you can add your register tweaks for the winrar settings. greetz astie
  9. i've got the new adobe photoshop cs2 silent running but can not get the activation screen removed on installation. i've already got this: start /wait %systemdrive%\install\photoshop\setup.exe /v/qb! (this is the program installation) start /wait "%systemdrive%\install\photoshop\Adobe Common File Installer.msi" /qb! (this is an installation to remove the update error when you start photoshop) copy %systemdrive%\install\photoshop\B2B86000.dat "%systemdrive%\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe Systems\Product licenses" /y (this is my activation file for activation) regedit /s %systemdrive%\install\photoshop\settings.reg (for getting some reg settings right) and my Abcpy.ini looks like this: ;*************************************************************** ;Adobe Installer External Configuration File: Abcpy.ini ;*************************************************************** ;*************************************************************** ;Main Section ;The (Product) key is a required key ;*************************************************************** [MAIN] Product=Adobe® Photoshop CS2 AbcpyVersion=2.0 ;*************************************************************** ;OEM Installation Options ;*************************************************************** [OEM Install] SERIALNUMBER=xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx SERIALNUMBERTRYOUT=xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx USERNAME=a COMPANYNAME=d INSTALLDIR= DisplayWelcomeDlg=NO DisplayEULA=NO DisplayXPDialog=NO DisplayTypeOfInstallDlg=NO DisplaySelectDestDirDlg=NO DisplayCustomDlg=NO DisplayUserInfoDlg=NO DisplayConfirmRegDlg=NO DisplayStartCopyDlg=NO DisplayFinishDlg=NO DisplayFinalMessage=NO DisplayRebootDlg=NO DisplayBackGround=NO DisplayBackGround=NO DisplayProgressBar=NO ProgressBarStart=NO ProgressBarEnd=NO Can somebody help me? greetz astie
  10. i've done that but then there is no program that controls the .cab files, i've got to choose a program then. anybody a solution?
  11. I want to enable the standard Archive program of windows xp (sp2), i've now got winrar but i want the standard archive program to open .cab files. is there a .exe files for it or a .msc file? greetz Astie

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