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  1. An Artist @ work, Made in Photoshop

    It's just Impressive... Do you have more stuff like this? i would love to see it
  2. Thank you, I'll check it
  3. Does any body knows how to control bandwidth of each PC in a Local Area network?, I use one ethernet to get connected to Internet and other one to share the access with other 3 PC's in our little LAN, but i want to give just an amount of bandwidth to the others PC's.... Do you know a program who can do this?, we are using XP SP2 in all machines. Thank's for your time
  4. Cyber-relationships

    Ok, I will put some histories soon, but i have to translate them, but i invite everybody to share your histories with us...
  5. Cyber-relationships

    Well, that's it Phyridean, you just said everything... And i repeat, for me is the most romantic method in this times... you are not worried about how you look or how she looks, you are focus in her feelings, mind and soul...
  6. Cyber-relationships

    Hey Dog, my girlfriend is in Florida too, and i'm afraid for Francis too, I'm an Aztec, a mexican for you, and i will never put a foot in that country but now i'm tempted to go in her rescue... By the way she is a beautiful venezuelan girl
  7. Cyber-relationships

    As biohazrd said, you have the cam, voice or telephone to check the authenticity of the people arguments, and i agree with sleepnmojo about the extrovert of the people, i know many couples actually married now who find one each other trough the net, and in my stwisted mind find ths method very romantic , je je
  8. Cyber-relationships

    What do you think about that? It works?, it's good?, it's for loosers? for desperated people? for the last romantic people?
  9. RagnarOk Server and client

    Does anybody knows this game?, I thinks we may be can talk about the issues of this Massive online multiplayer game...
  10. drug-addiction

  11. Yes, that's a spyware matter, i rather use Ad-aware to remove them
  12. who wants gmail?

    Gracias Ximopanolti Merci beaucoup Thank you
  13. don't you think just may be the antivirus enterprises are involved in this affairs?
  14. most annoying thing about microsft

    Well, you must have the ultimate computer hardware and download all the updates daily, otherway, you are out of bussiness Or You can use Linux with his incompatibility...
  15. Well, i think thats near to an impossible, because the drivers of the hardware in the PC's are always in the page of the manufacturer and doesn't exist one main service who can make a "global drivers database" to be used as a absolute updater.