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  1. makeiso.exe

    that was it thnxs again
  2. makeiso.exe

    thnxs man see ya
  3. makeiso.exe

    need to make script for makeiso.exe and i was wondering how to do that thnxs
  4. need help fast

    thnxs man ur great
  5. need help fast

    please anyone
  6. need help fast

    thnxs worked great thnxs
  7. need help fast

    does anyone know of where to find the dll file for the wallpaper need to get a wallpaper image from wallpapers on xp home @22222@thnxs!!!!!!!!!!! coolcliff
  8. I want to change the words windows use during install like Dynamic update to System update or something else how do I do that 2@@@@@thnxs CoolCliff
  9. Resources For Multi-boot Fans

    i think we should it'll be great
  10. Unmountable boot volume on setup

    do you have a programs like winiso or ultraiso they take the boot file and make it bootable than a non-bootable if u download it read the help file it worked for me
  11. Custom Setup.exe for MultiBoot DVD

    checkout mine http://rapidshare.de/files/3733531/zip.rar.html
  12. Autorun program

    im using autoplay media studio checkout my project very cool iused some XPero images to make this looks cool http://rapidshare.de/files/3733531/zip.rar.html
  13. Using a TV as moniter

    lcd because thy use lcd to make flat panel display
  14. Windows Vista Information

    this ur info u need http://www.microsoft.com/windowsvista/default.mspx
  15. need help with cmd autorun

    thnxs man that did the trick