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  1. Hello Fellow WPI Users. First, I would like to congradulate you guys on the 'great' work you have done for designing & implementing a (silent) installer. (very different to other around on the net) Second, Will there be a upgrade to v3.6 or even a v4 soon? How long is the wait between 'major' updates? I would be very interested in using it, but i understand its still the beta stage? I'm still a little shaking at how explainitory it can be to try to get it working. For me, personally, I wont use it, till there have been some major updates to the coding. (maybe some help docs included and a theme'r maybe). Example: What the best compression? (.MSI/.ZIP/.RAR) for storing DATA? I currently have GB's of Data on CDs over my place, I would love to compress onto DVD and put in one of the those DVD Carry-cases. Anyways, I hope to hear something. I dont mind waiting..
  2. How to remove the "next"-button?

    .: Newbie post :. Playing around in WPI Options. Untick = "No Column Breaks in catagories" That will remove the "next' button from the page and bunch all the catagories closer together. I dont know if it will work with a large list, currently the one that came with it, stops just shy of the regs. Anyways, hopes it works. matrix`
  3. Hello MSFN! I was just curious, doing google searches for "Slipstreaming" all night, and 'wamo' I ended up at MSFN Well, I think (WPI) and there are a few more out there, that are great. And What I've seen so far is way cool and it looks way better then other "Software Installers" I've currently seen online.. I just had to download it and have a go at it.. I little complicated, but you really need alot of time/effort just to be able to get it right. The only thing I had problems was with my Virus Detection. Kept popping up "...hta" is trying to load, may contain malicious code. I understand that under a clean install without any virus protection would probably load ok. But what if you wanted to install programs, while running an already running system of stuff on ya system with Virus Protections, you dont want to have to install sumthing, close the disk, click 'unblock .hta', It just becomes a bit tiresome after awhile. Q: Is there a way you can make it an .exe? The reason I ask that, is I would rather prefer to make a 'Extra's CD/DVD' to run after WinXP-SP2, because I bet alot of you could not cram 4GB of pure data on a wittle 650mb Disc. I have alot of friends who only have a CDrom and Yes it would be good to be able to put as much software on it as possible, so that they would be able to select what programs they want to install. If you could, I would definitely burn this baby to a DVD with all the software I've currently got piling up on my computer desk. Cheery-O