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  1. Well, bts has hosting (quite a lot actually), it's just that there were some problems lately with the server (datacenter switch, bandwith calculation errors, ...) and now a domain redirection that takes 48h.
  2. You DO know this is already being worked on? And by that I mean a real program, not a script? (autoIt is still a script)
  3. I don't know if it's LEGAL to post that...
  4. ugh, topic subscription not workin again... (I think it should be enabled by default...) setup.exe /silentmode /reboot /cfg=pathToConfig\config.xml you can find a lot of information about this here. edit: never mind, finally found a setting in control panel called "Enable 'Email Notification' by default?" in "email settings"
  5. Uuuuuuuuuuhm you really really should want to try something like this: put the following text in some file, call it keys.txt (for this example): 1 PLEASE pay attention to the newlines, it's '1' and then ONE newline. then put keys.txt in the same dir as BTS_DPs_Slipstreamer_V5081.cmd, open a cmd prompt, go to the dir, and type this: BTS_DPs_Slipstreamer_V5081.cmd < keys.txt TADAA, you got past the question wich asks for the method. Now implement that in your scripts, or yeah, since you are using autoIt, why not just use sendkeys to get past those questions instead of having people editing huge files? just a suggestion edit: and why did you post the whole cmd?
  6. Uhm, there is a post in the "unattended windows" forum, and you can always pm me if you need help... Also, when you enter nothing (aka just fedit.exe) or a wrong syntax, fedit will tell you all the possibilities it has, and how to use them.
  7. uuuuhm, the other way around
  8. hehe, that's what's so cool about homebrew apps
  9. that isn't really a mistake, many of us (at least, I do ) rename those "cryptic" files to shorter names that are easier to use
  10. edit the registry hives on your ua-cd... look in the guide or search the forums for that method.
  11. Hello everyone, I've updated Fedit to v2.0. With this update I've totally rewritten Fedit, now there is almost no disk access, wich should result in a great speed increase, and new features such as case sensitive/unsensitive, substring searching and a "before" line.
  12. uhm, fedit CAN handle quotes just use something like this: fedit -add -f "some file" -l "a line with some \"quotes\" here"
  13. Are there any speed hits or disadvantages with this method of "replacing"?
  14. It's cool, but don't really like the green text...
  15. Well, if you want some help, you can always add me on msn that's easier for helping
  16. I'm sorry, suscribing to a topic doesn't seem to work (gonna check some more options in 'my controls' to see if I find something ) If someone is still interested, here is the one I use (everything is activated, advanced heuristics is auto. used when scanning, ...) config.xml
  17. Well, I was around but couldn't do much BUT I'm gone again on vacation to Tunesia for a week, but I promess (yes I do) that after that I'll make that clock and work on the uap edit: lvl 18 already
  18. I'M BACK TOOOO hehe, suppose no one missed me
  19. There was someting about that drivers path that would be to long... Because 2000 supports a much shorter path than XP
  20. Just to let you know gugs, BTS is having some trouble getting pc access And this will be for a few days, so don't panic
  21. You need the administrator version of NOD32, wich has an extra option (program) for making config files.

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