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  1. Tryed the new 1.4.5 beta I had trouble integrating thise critical hotfixes KB944533 KB933729 KB927891 kb929213 kb932168 I am slipstreaming a Danish (DK) version og windows xp sp2 (from original cd) I only slipstream hotfixes and copy my winnt.sif file to source befor making an iso The same hotfixes work fine with 1.4.1. I always had a problem getting the wga tool to work, but I extracted it and install it from my runonceex.cmd instead (nlite 1.4.1 and 1.5) By the way Nlite is cool. The time I invest in getting my xp source just right comes back 10 fold. So thank you creator of nlite. Best regards Michael
  2. I found your documentation very usefull. just an ide to make your dokumentation even better You should add something about the Licensing and user interface (this was the only thing I was missing) http://technet2.microsoft.com/Office/en-us...3.mspx?mfr=true to make a truely unattended installation you need to: check I accept the terms in the License Agreement Set display level to basic or none (this will skip the install or cosomize page) uncheck Completion notice (this will skip the i am done now page) check Suppress modal (this will suppress error and dialog boxes) No cancel disable the cancel button (the X in upper-right corner in Full or Basic.) if you set display level to full (default) it will display all of the user interface options and messages (and disregard the checkboxes) I point this out because i overlooked it and it was bugging me to go to 100 machines and hit install wait half an houre and then hit finish. although only 2-3 min roughly wasted, this was per machine so multiplyed by 100 that gives me some time to do other things (4 or 5 houres to be exactly) I made a default office.msp and put it in the updates folder (so if you start the install by the regular setup without switches it will still install unattended. I made a special install with display level full - which users can use if the have special needs like (outlook or infopath which i have not included in the default install) I called it office outlok.msp, stored it in an extra folder i called extra along with the pdfxpf addon and created a cmd script for the install. So users who want to install the default go to the setup.exe, and users who want to costomize go to the office_special.cmd This is very usefull stuff to know if you like me are installing multiple programs at once with a cmd script, and therefor I think you should make a section in your dokumentation about this. Again very usefull document you have made, but if you append this section no admin would want to be without it. best regards michael
  3. I am having problems to integrating the wga tool too, but no problem what so ever integrating the IE7. just put them with the other hotfixes and remember that KB929969 and KB933566 has to be installed after the ie7 as they are ie7 hotfixes. Best regards mimo
  4. mimo78

    Kb892130 Wga tool

    Hi there. I have been building unattended for a few years now, but new to nlite. I love Nlite becasue I discovered that hotfixes are not integrated, but slipstreamed. Meaning I save space on my source, leaving space for other things AND I no longer worry about my install is broken when my install hits the t-13 stage (this is where the integrated hotfixes gets installed) I was wondering if anyone else had problems integrating the kb892130 (WGA) When I used the previus version of nlite (1.3.5 i think) this installed well, only had a problem with the kb905475 (wga note) I still have, but that's ok for me. but when moving to the new version 1.4 beta I just can't get this working. Tryed to put it on top so it would be the fist to be slipstreamed. I am working with a Danish Win XP, with sp2 slipstramed and my own winnt.sif answer file as my base. So are there anyone else having this or am I alone on this? Is there a bug, is there a solution? When I go WUsing (windows update) on my fresh installed nlited xp, there is 1 update 1. kb892130(wga), after that I am missing 2. Kb890830 (the malware scanner) and kb905474 (wga note) Help or kick ins is appreciated. best regards mimo
  5. I finally got Adobe creative suite to install unattended, with 1 mouse click Used autiit, to do this task and it works like a charm. se this post (hope this is alright admins) http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=16226 This has been my trouble child for a long time, and the many people who tryed to do the same thing I did, will recognise the tears, sweat and blood this messy installer has created for admins and unattenders like my self. Therefor I also would like to post this, so that anyone who ever wanted to deploy this package can do so by using my script. The script contains remarks (hope my engelish is good enough) So it should be easy to edit and modify for your needs. Best regards mimo And here it is, tada: CS1.au3
  6. Is it possible to add a task to the task manager bu registry? background: I work on a school and want all machines to go down at a specifyed time 16.00. so I want to run the cammand shutdown.exe or alt. psshutdown at this time so the computers powerdown and save me a good walk and time as i have 200+ machines. I want this included somehow to my default unattended installs, so i figured that a registry entry was the best way if possible. kindly mimo
  7. I was wondering if its possible to include multiple mass and sata drivers to the txtmode part of the install. anyone know?, anyone tryed? just asking before i dig into this.
  8. I had the exact same problem with my asus p4c800-e. it found the raid drive, formateded it, and stalled. I thing the asus driver is no good. tryed to make it txtmade stuff, but didnt work out for me. How ever I got this sucker installed somehow, but cant remember how. maybe I used my msi drivers for the promise 376/378 (the disk is named G72-PRSA060 Promise 376/378 driver) or I found the driver on promise website. I don't think I used asus own supplyed by the support cd. my way of doing things Try not to make them txtmode (use the default way to install) and try you way with the drivers. then when you finaly found the driver that works for your setup, make it txtmode hope this was any help, cuz I know just how annoyed you are about this
  9. I finaly got my unattended xp kinda working. my xp works in virtual pc and all the machines I installed it on (obviosly ), but it DOSN'T work on my laptop for some reason. my original xp works fine, but my unattended halts at bios start and says "no emulation boot" and stops there, when it shoud display the "press a key to boot from cd" message. anyone have an idea why? maybe something to do with that El Torito guy?!?, maybe the naming of my cds, I thing I tryed to use the original naming without succses....... any ideas?? An other thing is my win 2000 pro cd I began working on. I updated it to service pack4 and installed the many remaining hotfixes with the cmdlines in oem folder method. the hotfixes were installed but runonceex.cmd didn't. I found out that the reg command wasn't supported by 2000 and fixed it by placing the reg.exe in my system32 dir on my oem folder. the runonceex keys are now working and calling the setup files, but still dosn't install, because the programs aren't there. Doesn't win2k copy the oem folder to root, as the winxp does? or am I missing something else? El MiMo
  10. actualy I think the integrate command makes it alot easyer to update your unattended cd. You don't have to worry about placing it in an update folder using qchain.exe and updating your svcpack.inf I think this is a briliant idea and it works for me quick and easy.
  11. hmm I get you now, think I missonderstood you. You are correct I install the updates via the windows update (thats correct) after I installed (on a virtual pc) my unattended iso, but I use the information in windows update to actualy get the updates / download (again you might say) After I downloaded them, I get them from my virtual pc (connect to it via my "real pc") and then integrate them to my NEW unattended cd. I just done this and can confirm that slipstreaming or integration of the fixes work. they are not shown under windows update nomore (not as installed, because they were integrated and not as critical updates because they are installed) So now you have your fully up to date unattended cd, why else would I mention the integrate switch in the first place...... hope this made my message more clearly (I am not always good at explaining stuff in english, as it's not my natual langi)
  12. It dosn't matter if they don't depend on each other, no.
  13. chosing langi from a drop down box, is what i did anyhow. The links in the forum is actualy the same link as the hotfix itself is providing. so its forum vs. windows update My way is kinda easy cuz you then know what update you need(you just installed them), instead of getting them all from the forum and you just nead 2. kindly mimo
  14. I just wrote a thing about that look abow you
  15. I just made my windows xp with service pack 2 integrated (called slipstreaming???) anyways, I done this before with windows 2000 pro, and there I had to download the updates and install them by a cms script or by qchain tool. But it seams a** these days are over for xp anyway. When i tested my iso of xp install cd, i found out that there was 5 updates KB834707 KB873339 KB885835 KB886185 KB885836 I had a lot of trouble finding the first hotfix (kb834707) as there are different versions. anyways I started the hotfix with the /? switch to find out what commands to use for silent and noreboot, but found that the /integrate switch was now included. so to integrate the hot fix you just go: KB834707.exe /integrate:path where path is like "C:\unattended\xp cd" (not includeing the i386 folder) For those who has trouble finding the right hotfixes, i did this: installed the fixes via windows update and the reboted. I then went to windows update again and chose "show install overview" (don't know if this is right (I use a danish version) but anyways you get an overview of the installed hotfixes. You can then click on the update and click on the link for help and support and you are now displayed a page with a description af the problem and the link to the patch / hotfix. When downloading the hotfixes be sure to get the right language version (default is english) hope someone finds this to be usefull, if not plez don't sue me

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