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  1. Hi Is there a way to do a complete install of a package when using the .msi /qb switch. This switch only seems to do a typical install and I need to be able to do a complete install on several packages that have .msi files. From what I read I have to create an transforms.mst file but I dont know where to start and surely there must be an easier way??? njdouglas
  2. Wow, thats what I call service!!!!!!!!!!!! You d'man!!! Cheers
  3. Hi, Excellent Utility this, but I have a question. I regularly use an unattended disk to install XP on machines with only a CDROM but some have DVD drives. To this end I have two sets of disk. I have an Unattended DVD (1 disk) and an identical CD set (4 disks). Currently I use a batch file to check for the presence of a file on the disk, if the file is missing the program displays a .vbs file message asking for the correct disk. As the file system on the DVD mirrors the CD, if the DVD is inserted, the file is found and the install continues. If the CD is in, the file is not found and the message is displayed. Now if I use CDSwitch to try the same thing, it will work fine for the CD set as I can check for the presence of the correct label, however it wont work for the DVD as the DVD can't have four labels!! Is there any way to have CDSwitch check for the presence of a file on the required disk instead of just on the ejected disk?? An example would be: CDswitch %cdrom%\cd2.txt /f:%cdrom%\cd1.txt The example above would check for the file cd2.txt on the disk and if it didnt find it, would eject the CD with cd1.txt on the root of the disk. However if the DVD was inserted and had cd1.txt & cd2.txt on the root of the drive, then the install would carry on normally. Can this be done?????
  4. mm, I'm having a similar problem. All the WPi files reside in %cdrom%\wpi folder. I've edited wpi.cmd to change the wpi startup path to %cdrom%\wpi and the cdrom gets identified correctly. However, when I select the apps to install and begin the install WPI adds WPI to the path of the application to be installed. e.g Nero resides at %cdrom%\$oem$\cd3_apps\nero\nero.exe and the config.js file tell WPI to run %cdrom%\$oem$\cd3_apps\nero\nero.exe. However when i start the install and runonceex begins i get the error that setup cannot find: "%cdrom%\WPI\$oem$\cd3_apps\nero\nero.exe I have tried changing the wpi startup path to just %cdrom% and then editing the paths to videochanger, WPI.hta etc to read %cdrom%\wpi but it appears that whatever folder wpi.jta is run from is added to the installation path after the cdrom drive letter. can anyone tell me why its doing this??? thanks
  5. Seeing as i rarely need the wireless drivers and I would prefer to be able to press F6 during text mode setup for the Mass Storage drivers, this means I can get rid of these completely. However this still leaves me with over 400 characters too many so seeing as the sound drivers are the least important for my use I might as well get rid of them and add them manually. Back to the Kass Storage Drivers though, Am I right in saying that if the OEMPREINSTALL=YES switch is in Winnt.sif, then F6 doesnt work during text mode setup? If this is the case and I have to set OEMPREINSTALL=NO, does the rest of the driverpack still work??? I know that doing this will not copy the subfolder contents of the $OEM$ folder to the relevent folders but this is unimportant as I use a batch file to call the runonceex stuff.
  6. mmm, I remember seeing in one of your earlier posts something about that. This is why the subfolders in your DP only has one letter asigned and not the full manufacturers name right??? What is the limit for Win 2K (and for XP for that matter)??
  7. Has anyone tried the BTS Driverpacks on Windows 2000. I appreciate that BTS was designed soley for Windows XP but most drivers are for 2000 & XP anyway and I'm just interested if anyone has tried this or knows whether or not it will work??
  8. All we need now is a driverpack like Bashrat the Sneaky has done for XP!!
  9. After hearing about nlite to intergrate hotfixes I gave it a try and its look good. Can I use your DP at the driver intergration stage or do I have to do this separately after Nlite has finished its stuff
  10. Ok I'm not using Nlite and I am slipstreaming the drivers in a folder on the root of a partition e.g.DPBase is extracted to C:\ and the other DP's are copied to c:\driverpacks.
  11. OK now I'm having a nightmare!!! Still getting a oembios.bin file cannot be found error at 31% of file copying even though oembios.bi_ exists in I386 folder on the CD. Also it looks like the DP sound is not working at all. After step 1, in the UXPCD/Dpfiles/DP folder there is no S folder for the sound drivers. There is a G, M, L and W folder only. Help?????????
  12. is DP massStorage Working as it should now as the website says not to use it?
  13. Cured!!!!! moved my UXPCD folder from c:\software\blah\blah\blah\UXPCD\ from 8 folders down to c:\UXPCD and the batch now completes fine. Will now create an ISO and test with VMWare. If all goes well will test it live tonite.
  14. Tried a reboot but still getting this error????
  15. Steps 1 & 2 complete sucessfully. Now I get an error at very early in step three. During driver compression I get the following errors. 1. Firstly nircmd.exe is not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program or batch command. This doesnt seem to stop the batch file though and the batch continues until it recovers the backup of winnt.sif file successfully. After this the title "driverpacks slipstreamed....method 1 appears and a white command prompt window opens and the following error is displayed: 2. The input line is too long. This repeats many times and finally the batch file stops and the following is displayed: batch recursion exceed stack limits. recursion count = 548 , stack usage = 90% This occurs with or without using DP MassStorage.

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