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  1. but the cisco switches is not supporting the voice lan whatever phoens is connected to this switches it dosn't get any signal. that why connect the voice to HP switches supporting POE systems.
  2. i think i already answer this questions 2 time before 1 scope for the DATA and the other for Voice i really need someone expert support or advice. thanks
  3. There are alternative processes, such as DHCP helpers. This type of function, I don't think, is included with Windows, but network management software (such as Altiris) can manage it. Say computers with "insert-variable-here" will receive IPs in this scope, and computers with "other-variable" will receive IPs from another scope. The variables could be DMI information (from the BIOS), computer name (trimmed) or any other bit of information that the computer can transmit. Or in an extreme case, use one scope for preliminary info and when the server determines what type of interface it is, will reassign an IP from one of the two other scopes. But perhaps a real question is, if both of these types of interfaces are on the same physical network, what is the true purpose of assigning them to different IP ranges? unlickly i don't have any managment software yet. i need something with in the windows envirment to do this if it's possible. the and the reason of diffrent IP range is as i said before one range for voicve and the other for data network.
  4. can you please explain more in this point " use DHCP forwarders to do the job " both Scopes are in ther same physical network Data from the range of and the voice network from the range og
  5. of course my client PCs not more then 255 and Voice Network also not more 255 hardely i have 25 PCs and 30 phone but you think changing the lease time will solve the problem i am not sure from this???? hope to get others opinions.
  6. Hi expert people I am back again with another issue. In my network I have DHCP server, this server is holding 2 scopes, One for the data LAN and the other is for the Voice LAN. But now the issue, Now the Data LAN start to take the IP address from the Voice scope. The question is Is there any way to enforce or to route this network to this scope only??? I have Cisco switches for the Data LAN and HP with POE support. Does anybody have any ideas how this can be implemented? Thanks for every one in advance.
  7. Research WMI Filtering on group policies. i am sorry fo rhte delay in the answer. i will search on this soon thanks for everyone
  8. i try to did the same but OUs is not allowed under the computers containers. where else i can create??? i try to creat OU under the AD and try to move the computer to this container also and also not allowed.
  9. i can't access this link of course i am not registerd to this web site. can you copy and paste her plz
  10. This is a better solution. I already define the screen saver policy. I will see what i can do with this one. But now another question, All the computers in the same container in the AD, How I can make different categories for each? For example I have servers and normal desktops and workstations. Is that possible to create for the servers different containers as the servers must be running all the time? Thanks for everyone in advance.
  11. that will FORCE a shutdown at the time specified regardless of if the user is using the PC or not. making the PCs shutdown when idle is a little harder. this is little hard because employee have diffrent diffrent working time. so if i enforce shutdown at this time it will creat problem.
  12. thanks boss for your answer. but you answer diffrent thing. what you give to me is who have the permission to shutdown the system. but i want like time counter or something enforce the PC shutdown after ideal team. i hope you got my idea. thanks again
  13. Hi experts I have a small question and I don’t know if it can be done from the Active Directory or not. Can I enforce Active Directory Members for power shut down? I found dozen of software but I don’t want third party application. Can anyone give any ideas how this can be implemented. If I have to do something from the local computes or I can create a policy or something like this. Thanks for everyone in advance.

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