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  1. After using Vista a long time, I now shifted back to Windows XP. And after a few days, I installed the XPize package. It is just a marvelous piece of software for the Windows XP OS. Looking forward to any future updates. And maybe you could make a "new" package. Incorperate the new KDE4 icons Birger
  2. I would take NOD32 over Norton any day!
  3. I also want to know how I can integrate this hotfix with my Windows XP CD.
  4. And must I every time load the last session if I want to alter the dir with my files? Because I encountered the problem of BOOTFONT.BIN not being made.
  5. Not bu buildnr like KB890120, KB890130, etc.? Is it even possible to sort the way they apply with nLite? I just figured they installed in an alphabetic order.
  6. Not sure what causes this. Maybe an admin has a better understanding..
  7. Please use another service to upload the images. I can't see them.
  8. Trying to make a complete Windows XP CD with SP2 and all hotfixes available. This is in norwegian, so I can't use all the available updatepackages floating around. So I ask you, which should I intregrate first, and then start on new. In.e. I install .NET 1.1 / .NET 2.0 first, then all the hotfixes, and then WMP11, etc. Maybe there is an guide somewhere I have overseen. So please link it here...
  9. Might find DirectX Addons here: http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5239
  10. Is there anyone who wants to make an DirectX Addon package for me, and I guess, many other?
  11. OT: Could you point to where I can integrate Microsoft Update?
  12. Maybe it is time to reinstall Windows? Maybe you have installed alots of apps that crashes the system upon updates.
  13. Experience problems regarding the mfplat.dll file.
  14. MindTooth

    nLite 1.4(.1) - - ->

    Really nice I miss one tweak, select which icon to show first, My Documents, or My Computer. This is a must!
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