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  1. Please post the corresponding html source code.
  2. Hi Kel Can it be that clicking on your sigs DL-Link redirects to some other Web page ? It brings up google.at's search page on my win box AND on my lin box. Even if I browse to http://www.arkanasoft.com/WPI/ I see the index, but clicking on a file to download redirects me to google.at. WGET on linux doesn't work, too. And I so much like to see, what WPI got up to .... :-( Does that happen to anyone else ? Is there any other download-location ?
  3. since you can't know which drive letter the USB device will get when connected, it's not possible to set a direct path. So the answer would be NO. But if you know about javascript, you could copy and alter the parts for findeng a cdrom and so make additional installation sources (ie %USB%).
  4. copy the vaio-theme's category.htm to the default theme's folder and edit it to your like. when no category.htm is found in a theme folder, the default fom boxes.js is taken (catch clause): function CategoryHeader(category) { var tf, strfile; var txt=new String(); txt = ""; var line = new String(); line=""; var ex; strFile = WPIPath() + "themes\\" + theme + "\\category.htm"; try { tf = fso.OpenTextFile(strFile, 1); while (!tf.AtEndOfStream) { line = tf.ReadLine(); txt += line; } } catch (ex) { txt = ('<div class="category">' + category + '</div><hr align="left" width="95%">\n'); } finally { if (tf) tf.Close(); } txt = txt.replace(/%CATEGORY%/gi,category); return txt; }
  5. Where did you get WPI from ? Look at the WPI homepage (klick my sig) - documentation - folder layout. It's a little bit outdated (the pics), but the base is correct. So RTFM first. Another thing is - if you do huge installs (taking long), it would be better to cal wpi.cmd instead of wpi.hta
  6. The example wpi.cmd: REM Determine the WPI startup path. REM If WPI should run off the CD the replace %dp0 with %CDROM%\PathToWPI set WPIPATH=%~dp0 echo WPI will run from %WPIPATH% This cryptic %~dp0 says "directory from where this skript (wpi.cmd) is run". The commentDO NOT WANT to run it from CD. I (WPI author) do not run it from CD, and the original wpi.cmd does it for my purposes. The whole CDROM-thing is just for demonstration. You can also COMPLETELY IGNORE the fnt and registry thing. If we cut it down, the skript will say: set WPIPATH=%~dp0 --> = current wpi.cmd's drive:\directory ! for /F "delims=: tokens=1" %%i in ("%WPIPATH%") DO %%i: --> change to that drive cd "%WPIPATH%" --> change directory start /wait WPI.hta I know it's cryptic, but that's the way with shell skripts. As long as WPIPATH gets set correctly, you wouldn't have to care for anything else.
  7. Hi. I dunno RIS a have nothing to do with remote installs, so the following could be completely wrong. You could make a seperate config.js for each of your machines. If it's possible in RIS - connect client-install-share to let's say drive Q: before running WPI. Reconfigure WPI's sources to load config.js from Q:... So each machine would get it's own config. If that was a silly answer don't blame me. I just got to this when thinking about how a user logs on to a domain. There a logonskript could map specific drives... - if that's possible with RIS - good so. If not - forget the above and the answer would be: NO - wpi isn't designed for that.
  8. An answer to question no.1: go into options and uncheck "disable, when dependencies ot met" not configure your apps to be dependent. (see example config - master and its dependants) if you check a dependent program, its master is checked too. if you uncheck the master, the dependant is unchecked. Q2: sorry. no better manual available. Q3. make a screenshot and post it together with your useroptions.js and config.js, so that others could try out your config. it's important for us to know, which resolution you're using. Good luck.
  9. I once read, that using UNC Paths can be done by adding a few more backslashes to file paths. Have't done int myself, so you'll have to try (use 6 ur 8 backslashes) Another way - although I don't really know how RIS works - would be to connect the share as drive (fixed drive letter for all installs - lets say W:) - then you wouldn't have to use UNC paths. Don't know if that's possible with RIS services - it's just my guess.
  10. Hi guys. Come on. Stop fighting. We all work on the same thing. So this is a 'where do I start from' question, I think. I have to admit that Astalavista is right. There's a lot of inforation in this forum, and it anwers this kind of questions fully - BUT - it's hard and takes a very long time, to search and read and ... I know - WPI's lacking some sort of 'WPI for beginners'-documentation. So where to start. First: the WPI home page (see my sig) - there's some information there - but it won't answer your questions exactly. Download WPI and start it. See the two buttons for options and config ? Options controls WPI-specific behaviour. Config lets you define the apps, you want to install through WPI. It comes with a selection of sample application configs which let you see, how configuration is done. The configuration is stored in a file called config.js in one of WPI's folders. It's a text-only javascript file. You can open it with any text editor (yes - even notepad does it) WPI was originally designed to be run in unattended installs, but at its current state, it can be run as some sort of autorun from a CD too. The most important thing is, that the paths in config are correct. For this, you can use ie %cdrom%/...../install.exe as a cmd. Note, that it can be tricky to run installs from CD, when there's more than one CD-Rom drive (I thing that WPI take the first one - though I'm not sure). For using WPI as autorun, you have to search the forum - sorry. To see how it all should be setup for unattended install, see the WPI homepage. So - it's no problem to make a XPsp2 Unattended Install CD and put the most important apps on it and install them through WPI(DVD's even better -- more space - more apps), and another CD/DVD with not-so-commonly-used applications and use WPI as some sort of autorun.
  11. There's some rule with quotes: rule 1: Opened quotes must be closed. (eg 'helo friendly name' ) rule 2: ' is different from " (eg. WRONG: 'helo friendly name" ) rule 3: if you use a ' for opening a string, you can use " inside the string and vice versa. (eg. 'helo "friendly" name' ) rule 4: if you have to use the same type of quote inside a string you'd have to escape it (eg 'helo \'friendly\' name' ) Any one knows more ?
  12. @Asta Do you change your avatar every day ?? Now to your question: The included .cmd file works for me in [GuiRunOnce]. And my WPI installation still sits in the $OEM$ folder. All the changes for running it from somewhere else were made for users, not for me. I do not use any RunOnceEX.cmd. So you're welcome to do some documentation, if you're working with RunOnceEX. I'd put it on the WPI site. BTW: using 1 or 2 percent signs has nothing to do with from where you call wpi during installation. So for every installation it would be some sort of batch file and you'd always have to use 2 % signs in that file.
  13. @Soulin Tought about you comment. Can't see any solution. Any sense in there ? Or are you just trying to get your third star, spamming around in the forum ? Well - you're welcome. Give an explaination of yout thoughts (1 post more !).
  14. Hi guys. Try the following for %i in (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) do if exist %i: ( if exist %i:\WIN51 set CDROM=%i: ) If you run directly form command prompt use only 1 % sign. In a batch script (.bat, .cmd) you'll have to use 2 % signs. Replace WIN51 with the file name you're looking for. This script first looks, If a drive letter exists and only checks for a file, if it does. Works fine on my machine. A simple tryout: Open a command prompt and execute this: if exist Z:\ (echo yes) else (echo no) replace Z with any other drive letter. For CD-ROMS the answer is yes, if a media in inserted and no, if the dirve letter exists, but no media is found. Try it for you CD-Rom drive letters. Do you get an answer (yes/no) or do you get the error message ?
  15. Please - one of you - post your config.js (remove serials).
  16. Options wizard - screen resolution. But that only affects WPI's window size (it's meant for testing purposes - how would WPI look like on a different resolution ?) You can't set the Windows' display options screen res with WPI.
  17. Ok. So now it's clear that you're using a clean XP install. WPI should run then. Well - it doesn't. My next questions to track the errors are: You downloaded WPI and unzipped it. Where ? Which folder did you use ? (what's the full path to wpi.cmd) What's the full text of these error msgs ? (line numbers, file names ??) You didn't change anything, just unzipped it ? Which OS language do you use ?
  18. Must have something to do with your nlited installation. I have never tried nlite, so I could only guess. Your first error message says "Automation server can't create object". A better text would be "An Active-X object couldn't be found or initialised" (that's what any visual basic program would say for the same error). So there's something missing on your machine at the time you're trying to execute wpi. On a clean ínstall, you would never get the "Which program ..." question. Sorry guy, but you have to recheck your install. the other errors are dependent on the first one. thinking object oriented the situation is the following. an object can't be created (first error) this object should execute one of its methods (second error) the result of this shall be evaluated (third error) So if you fix the first error's cause, the subsequent errors will be gone.
  19. replace for /F "delims=: tokens=1" %%i in ("%WPIPATH%") DO echo %%i: with for /F "delims=: tokens=1" %%i in ("%WPIPATH%") DO %%i: see - the echo is gone. my failure. had to put it in for testing and forgot about it. sorry.
  20. post a zip of you config.js, so that we can work with your settings please. remove your keys.
  21. So quick and simple: WPI won't work with anything other than IE.
  22. which theme do u use ? which resolution ? .cmd file seems to be ok.
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