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  1. deleting question, I think i found the answer
  2. I have my cd set up with Wihu with a checklist at the end of the install for extra programs... I want to know if anyone has a way for installing individual firefox extensions. I have just been zipping up my profile, but I want the user to be able to pick and choose what extensions they add... is this possible? Also, unrelated.. is there a simple way to set firefox as the default browser? Something like small reg entry... I've searched the forums and the method I use right now seems unnecessarily envolved.
  3. yeah, I did. My syntax is correct for the new cdshell isn't it?
  4. Heres part of my cdshell.ini in case there's a problem with it
  5. Well I've followed all the instructions by flyakite and am using the recent CDShell release Everything else has gone fine, except for ERD Commander. It always tries to install XP from my i386 folder instead of ERD from the ERDC folder. I have followed flyakite's instructions to a T... has anyone else experienced similar problems?
  6. I'm looking to minimalize xp by replacing some of it's built in tools with less bloated ones. I'm thinking I will use litestep as the shell and explorerxp as a file manager. But both are almost as consumptive as their MS counterparts. Does anyone have a favorite small file manager or other anything else they've replaced standard ms components for? I mean if I have them both running it can take up even more resources than just running one explorer process (it doubling as my shell and file manager). Is this a fruitless endevor or is there a real way to come out on top by going with ms alternatives?
  7. i've tried setting the autorestartshell to 0 (it was on zero by default).. it still seems to propagate endlessly. Can I not run a shell that ends, without XP automatically restarting it? (this is with minilogon)
  8. How do I get rid of these? Minlogon doesn't use them but I would rather not use it because of other problems it causes. Not to be confused with the XP loading screen. Any suggestions?
  9. Ok, I tried running the application as the shell, which was a fantastic idea. The problem is that I have the program set to shutdown the computer on exit. When it exists, windows immediately tries to run the program again and I get an error message saying windows can't start that process because it is shutting down. This has never been a problem except now when i run the program as a shell. Is there any way around this?
  10. well i'm going to be using XP as my OS for an emulation box. I just need it to run my emulator and I want to hide as much of windows as possible, including being mouse and keyboard free (using a usb controller).
  11. I am trying to execute a program before the desktop loads, like what happens with RunOnceEx after a fresh install, but have it happen every time I restart instead of just once. How do I go about doing this?
  12. I know how to replace strings with a hex editor, but how would I go about changing what key is pressed for an action to take place (for example, instead of pressing f1 for help, you press the h key). It's just a simple keystroke substitution.. is this possible?
  13. How do I create a menu that I can scroll through the options with the up and down keys and press enter, instead of each option having a specific key? I just can't seem to find out how to do this.
  14. >>In that case, there is no solution other than using a batch file that was exactly my question, thanks.

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