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  1. This I'll do for sure. Nice changes BlueLabel. Cool enhancement. I'll replace the cons-property with your cond-property, since it's more useful. Changes will be included in next WPI version (this week).
  2. Ok. Checked it. If unsure, how to write config.js, please use the config-wizard. I found several appearances of uid[pn]=['']. Ok - a single uid '' is ok - but what's UNIQUE in '' if more than one prog is set that UID ?? If you do not want a program to have an unique id, then don't set one. Don't even set uid[pn]=['']. Also, I found some appearances, where deps were set, but no uid given. If a program IS dependent of another program, then this program must also have an unique identifier. config.js
  3. ??? Please be more exact. What do you want to do ? How do you do it now, so it doesn't work? Post examples.
  4. Sorry, but what does "will free WPI up" really mean ? What happens ?
  5. @sai Please note: excl doesn't work yet.It has no effect. It's just there. I'm working on that thing right now, but it takes more time, than i planned (it's always the same).
  6. I do not have Bulldogs version. Can't integrate it.
  7. And now please try the WPI ersion in the attachment and post your result. In this version WPI sets the registry's timeout-value to 900.000.000 instructions on start. the value is deleted from registry when WPI finishes (either automatically after installs or by clicking on exit) wpi.zip
  8. Read Knowledge base article Nr. 175500. It's not WPI's fault. There's a solution in this article. I'll incorporate this into WPI if possible.
  9. You might not know it, but you can not only switch transitions on or off, but also set the specific transition WPI uses. In the tooltip-style parameter 21 says 51 in the example config. 51 stands for "random" - so the transition would change. if you set it to a value lower than 51, the transition style will be fixed to a siingle type. Play around with it.
  10. For me as developer there's now 3 possibilities to fix this prob: 1. Leave WPI as it ts and ignore he prob. 2. Remove the functionality of WPI to wait for RunOnceEx's end and display all apps in a single RunOnceEx Window. (As it was in early Versions of WPI) --> problems with cleanup scripts. 3. Include a new option to let the user choose his way of how tho let WPI wait. --> Nice your you, very bad for me (so much work) To wait, or not to wait ....
  11. Download Version 3.2.1 It includes your config and fixes the tooltips bug.
  12. Seems to be a prob with you unattened switches. So it's the wrong forum. Also - see my exaple config - the switches for office are in there.
  13. Hey guys. Have you read that first post ? No brabbling around in this thread. PLEASE. Open another thread for you discussion !!
  14. %ProgramFiles% evaluates to drive letter + path so if the folder's called 'Program Files' and located on C: then %ProgramFiles% would be "C:\Program Files" in this case %systemdrive%\%programfiles% would evaluate to "C:\C:\Program Files" ... see the problem ?
  15. The prob could come because WPI running in background. WPI utilizes IE - so the command prompt says it's IE. Could really be that Wait thing. - nothing happens, time elapses, WPI in background running --> Windows might think WPI is doing this. Since WPI waits 'til the runonceex process is finished windows thinks WPI makes that wait - not the runonceex process. I don't think it's WPI's failure ... but I also cannot prove that. Have you tried without wait.exe ?
  16. 3.2.0 is a tryout. Stick to Version 3.1.3a meanwhile.
  17. That's a prob with 3.2 That's because of the new dependency checking. Recursions make it slow, it seems....
  18. swedish would be fine... I think I found the problem: Got to options and look, if a bgpicture is set. if yes, then look, if it's really there. If not - delete the value --> solved. That't the prob with my release version. to keep it small, I remove the bgpic, but leave the value in useroptions.
  19. I see. same behaviour for me. What's that ?? I'll see to fix the bug.
  20. Hi. Version 3.2 will be dedicated to the 'most wanted' exclusion functionalty discussed in thread 'if A is selected then B should be ... what ?' Right now I'm only on the way to it with Version 3.2.0 introducting the possibility to disable checkboxes, if their dependencies are not met. Exclusions do not work yet, but as 3.2 is dedicated to that ... just wait for it. Please test that thing with your configs and post results. There could be some bugs. The new function can be switched on/off in options dialog - so the 'old' behaviour is still in there ... Have fun.
  21. A note to myself: Add manual column and page breaks. Add possibility to keep categories together (no splitting with colbreak). Manually set the number of programs + cat-headlines per column ? partially done, see boxes.js Better handling of linebreaks in program/category - names. Option to have page-flipping or automatic scrollbar. Let the user choose. DONE
  22. Uploaded the italian changes and fixed a problem with the tooltips on the main page. Version 3.1.3a

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