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  1. in the original config.js that was in the package of wpi, double quotes were used if double quotes were opened then single quotes were opened, the jscript will run normally however i am not sure whether it will work the other way round, if we open single wuotes first then double quotes
  2. double quotes in config.js cause a problem is there any other work-around than editing it line by line?
  3. same story as him:( after i prepare the wpi configs and all that stuff, what do i do to let it run after installation??
  4. nice work guys still working on mine first time i work around with wpi
  5. doesnt your host have the built in shopping cart that supports these features?
  6. my personal website check it out free services and much more www.che100.net
  7. here are the switches Using Command Line Parameters Previous Next Ad-Aware can be operated without using the graphical user interface (GUI). It can be controlled by using command line parameters. UNC paths are supported. Example: Ad-Aware.exe /smart +silent +update +nice-2 Ad-Aware will run silently (without the GUI) in the background, checks for definitions file updates before it performs the scan, and then performs a Smart System scan at IDLE priority Available command line parameters /smart Performs a Smart System scan /full Performs a Full System scan /custom Performs a scan using Custom Scanning options predefined by the user /ads Performs an ADS (Alternate Data Stream) scan and is only available on NTFS enabled volumes Using /ads alone will run the ADS scan using the parameters (paths) defined in the scan settings Using /ads with a path as the very first parameter, for example %Ad-Aware.exe% "C:\test" /ads will run an ADS scan on the defined path /? Displays a help window with a listing of all the available command line parameters /help Displays help on available command line parameters /paths:"%pathsfile%" %pathfile% defines a text file which includes a list with paths that will be scanned. %pathfile% can also specify a remote resource. /sdump:"%destinationfile%" Creates a file containing status information at the specified location. This command requires a destination file name. Information appended to the file created will include version, build, loaded definitions file, available add-ons, scanning statistics, etc +archives Overrides any archival scan settings so that archives are scanned -archives Overrides any archival scan settings so that archives are not scanned +auto Performs both scanning and removal in full-automatic mode using the automatic quarantine and log file settings defined by the user +cskip Skips the conditional scans +delay Activates delayed loading +diskonly Only performs a disk scan. It will not perform any memory/registry scans +log:"%destination%" Creates a log file at the specified path. The full path name must be added in quotes +mru Scans for negligible risk objects and temporarily overrides the last user setting for that option -mru Skips the scan for negligible risk objects and temporarily overrides the last user setting for that option +nice+/-n "+" boosts priority: ABOVE_NORMAL_PRIORITY_CLASS up to REALTIME_PRIORITY_CLASS (+nice+1 or +nice+2 respectively) "-"decreases priority: BELOW_NORMAL down to IDLE (+nice-1 or +nice-2 respectively) +nodefnotice No warning will be given if the definitions file is outdated +noset Scan will not alter any user data +nowrite Disables all writing to disk. Ignore lists, cache and preferences are not saved if this switch is used +prefs:"%file%" Uses a user-defined preference file for the scan. The full path and file name must be added in quotes +procnuke Performs an aggressive memory scan. Ad-Aware will try to unload/terminate the process/module and immediately delete it. This is required to handle reciprocal processes for example. It also unloads explorer and recognized modules during the removal, regardless of whether or not the tweak options are set +ref:"%file%" Uses user-defined definitions file for the scan. The full path and file name must be added in quotes +remove:n n must be a number between 0 and 10. If used in combination with the /auto parameter, only content that has an equal or higher TAC index will automatically be removed +retv:[out] Returns the highest TAC rating of all objects found as exit code +safeload Loads the minimal configuration required for Ad-Aware SE to operate. Skips loading of cache files, ignore list, plug-ins and extensions. If there are problems launching Ad-Aware SE the conventional way, use this command. +sd Sends command to running instance of Ad-Aware +silent Runs Ad-Aware without showing the graphical user interface and scans automatically without removing any detected objects +update Checks if a new definitions file is available and downloads it on Ad-Aware SE startup

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