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  1. in the original config.js that was in the package of wpi, double quotes were used if double quotes were opened then single quotes were opened, the jscript will run normally however i am not sure whether it will work the other way round, if we open single wuotes first then double quotes
  2. double quotes in config.js cause a problem is there any other work-around than editing it line by line?
  3. same story as him:( after i prepare the wpi configs and all that stuff, what do i do to let it run after installation??
  4. nice work guys still working on mine first time i work around with wpi
  5. doesnt your host have the built in shopping cart that supports these features?
  6. my personal website check it out free services and much more www.che100.net
  7. here are the switches Using Command Line Parameters Previous Next Ad-Aware can be operated without using the graphical user interface (GUI). It can be controlled by using command line parameters. UNC paths are supported. Example: Ad-Aware.exe /smart +silent +update +nice-2 Ad-Aware will run silently (without the GUI) in the background, checks for definitions file updates before it performs the scan, and then performs a Smart System scan at IDLE priority Available command line parameters /smart Performs a Smart System scan /full Performs a Full System scan /custom Performs a
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