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  1. ONCE AGAIN: R(ead) T(the) F(uckin') M(anual). or just search the forum. Perhaps it's already done. Why should others help you, if you do not spend a little bit of your precious time with reading and searching in the forum ?
  2. was a test. remove last line of config.js. why didn't you use you old config.js ? seems you did cut and paste.
  3. I don't know. It's not IE directly that WPI runs on. It's the HTML Apllication Host (mshta.exe in system32 - directory) that executes .hta files. I think it utilizes IE-dlls and so on, but so do the windows explorer and the active desktop ... I won't try to remove my IE from my system only to check this, sorry. Try for yourself and post the results.
  4. I'll look into the code. Seems I'm doing too many backslash replacements.
  5. hah. and now I found the problem. seems, i left an echo where it shouldn't be: Correct: REM Make WPI directory the current directory for /F "delims=: tokens=1" %%i in ("%WPIPATH%") DO %%i: cd "%WPIPATH%"
  6. One thing first. I see, I left my test-programs in there. Remove the last line in config.js (for....)
  7. WPI isn't designed to do network installs. Sorry. But Whimsy and I are working on ideas how to achive this...
  8. Now I see what you mean with the distributed config idea. Not that bad. I'm not familiar with WMI. Not even with remote installation as such. As I see it, your idea would be to 'generate' a config.js from various ini-files. So this generated config-file could be posted by useres for support. How would this WMI-thing work ? The problem with WPI -as it's now - is the time, installs take. I'm sure you've seen the various posts with the 'script is taking too long' error. It would be even worse with remote installs (network=bottleneck?). All this, 'cause WPI is waiting till the end of all installs. Any idea in this direction ?
  9. Hi Whimsy. A few annotations to your change requests. 1st: Would good will it do to read resources from DLLs ? Where's the advantage. Wouldn't that lead to the face, that you'd always have to do a full istann, if you want to test WPI ? 2nd: I think you're speaking of different file-sets on deifferent install media. This was asked before - and is possible with current versions of WPI. See this post. The point, why I am against 'distributed configuration' is, that the forum couldn't help users with poroblems in their configs. Right now it's easy - just post the config.ja and others can help you. But if there are INIs in several directories that would be a hard thing to do. Plus: the information must be given to WPI. It wouldn't spare so many lines of code, if you'd have to write your ini-files. (the only one spared would be the cond[]-property mentioned in the thread above. Additionally it wouldn't be possible to use the config wizard. So configuration would become a very hard job for unexperienced users. 3rd: What could you do with vbs, that you couldn't also with js ? I know the syntax is easier, but are there any other advantages ?
  10. Hi sonica. In version 3.3.5 there's a small utility included. It will hide the command-window. Name is cmdow. See the packaged wpi.cmd-file for its usage. The utility is located in <WPIpath>\common. Note: the command window would still pop up for a short time, but then it will be hidden.
  11. Bonedaddy - you would only have had to change the 'SET WPIPATH=...' line. All others should have been untouched. Stiil, your batch file seems to be correct.... Please post your config.js. Remove license keys.
  12. Hi. I'm getting all sorts of errors, when connecting to the board. This only happens in the mornings hours (8:45am local time = 3:45am board time). Some of the error messages come from mysql, saying this or that table isn't there, or a connection couldn't be found. Other messages just say 'hey-an error happened - check back later' .... Often I got the 'host not found' error in IE. Is it service-downtime, or have there been 'unplanned' problems with the board software? I didn't find any 'official' board service timeouts. Have there been some in the last few days, or what was happening ? [EDIT]When I got an answer from the board the load was up above 50%[/EDIT] Example: Today, January, 11th, 3:45AM board time.
  13. Ok. Themes are back in Version 3.3.5. Tested it on various resolutions. Seems to be stable. Read the changelog. WPI.cmd is documented inline. Startup with .cmd OR .hta Test it.
  14. Suggestion is: leave it as it is +-Page 1------------+ + AAAA BBBB CCCC + + AAAA BBBB CCCC + + AAAA BBBB + + AAAA BBBB DDDD + + AAAA DDDD + +-------------------+ + page flip + .+.Page 2-.-.-.-.-.-.+.. + DDDD EEEE + + DDDD EEEE + + DDDD EEEE + + DDDD + + + +-------------------+ OR recode it and remove the page flipping 'cause we all know how to use a scrollbar. the second option would also lead to always have as many columns, as were defined in options (so it won't be maximum nuber of cols, but fixed number of cols). +-------------------+ + AAAA CCCC EEEE s+ + AAAA CCCC EEEE c+ + AAAA EEEE r+ + AAAA DDDD o+ + AAAA DDDD l+ .+.......DDDD.......l+.. + BBBB DDDD b+ + BBBB DDDD a+ + BBBB DDDD r+ + BBBB + +-------------------+
  15. No. I won't remove the themes. It's just, that I won't jump, when a single user PMs me that something doesn't look like he wants it. see here for an example. Has a brilliant topic title, too. Or here. They requested - I jumped. I know - my own mistake. That won't happen again. Not every problem will be solved immediately. But of course there will be further development. At least from my side. It'll only take a bit longer - perhaps others might decide to do additional coding and every once in a while, we'll be merging the different codes. Good examples are Bulldogs changes to include more predefined directory variables, BlueLabel's cond-properties or the lang.js file. We could even open a project on sourceforge for that.
  16. I think that's a 1 user only change request. Writing an ini-file wouldn't be that hard. WPI already writes files. You could easily adapt the file-writing methods combined with the registry-write method to suit your needs and create an ini file. I won't do it. And this 'section that specifies a section'-thing is a bit too complicated for me. WPI isn't coded to work with reboots. Sorry, man.
  17. I see your point, but please understand the following: Doing it the way it is now only affords 1 single strategy for rendering the textboxes. This startegis is the following: begin in upper-left corner and place boxes (and category headers) downwards. If space is filled up , begin a new column. Do this, until max-columns are filled or no programs left. if there are still programs, place the page-flipping-line and begin anew. Your suggested method could work in another way: Begin in upper-left corner. while "in-category", place the boxes. if column space is filled up, change column, else process the next category. What happens, when all columns are filled up, and there are still programs left ? So that would lead to the following strategy: count the programs and divide their number by number of max columns. Begin in upper-left corner. for each box displayed, increatse a counter. if counter = previous result (progs/maxcols), begin a new column (not immediately, but when next category begins). That would be a top-down-right-strategy. It would alwas lead to the number of defined columns. No page-flipping. Always use scrollbar. Dunno how that all would look like in code, but it can be done. I'm open for any further suggestions. @users: decide !
  18. I'm currently working on a way to satisfy both sides: me - for I want to use special fonts in themes, and all them who do not want fonts. I removed The buggy version from download to avoid more "what a s*** happened to WPI" posts, like the ones above. I'm guilty of seeing things too complicated first place. I already found a solution, that won't lead to having wpi startup only with cmd and wsf (windows script host file). It's not fully finished yet - and I'm still testing. So releases won't come that fast and you'd have to be more patient. Themes really worry me. I'd better not implemented them and left WPI as it was, since there are more and more posts that say 'columns don't work', 'resolution problem' ... themes lead to more problems than I thought.... With the upcoming of the wizards it was possible to have no knowledge of javascript and despite use WPI. So there are more and more unexperienced users trying to make use of WPI. That would really be possible, if I didn't add new functionality 'every day'. I see, that there's not enough time for you to test that thing. That's why I get all these 'Which version is stable ?' PMs. So I'll test a bit more and release a bit less. Not every users wish must be incorporated that quickly, but please understand that I incorporate my own wishes and ideas to the program. I release these changes and let you participate (that was the idea of WPI's original authors, and it's a good one). You are not forced to download every new release.
  19. Oops - my fault. replace set WPIPATH=%~f0 with set WPIPATH=%~dp0 and my script should work too.
  20. no - but people would happy, if you'd open one to spare them searching
  21. Logically the wrong thread, but chronologically correct: Version 3.2.4 is out.
  22. and I'm austrian and there it's skript. I could also write command file or batch job. I think everyone would understand.As I see so many complaints about all the things with fonts, themes and startup I'll take it out of WPI. Versions 3.3.x are now offline while I remodel 3.2.3 to use the additional option to keep categories together. [EDIT] @a06 - BTW: didn't you ask for the pics sources and take them to make this ? [/EDIT]
  23. Replace the contents of wpi.cmd with the following @ECHO OFF REM REM WPI startup skript. REM REM Example, how to look for CDROM-drive. Must have a file called WIN51 in its root. for %%i in (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) do if exist %%i:\WIN51 set CDROM=%%i: echo Found CD-Rom as drive %CDROM% set WPIPATH=%~f0 echo WPI.cmd run from %WPIPATH% REM pause && exit REM Hide this command window REM "%WPIPATH%\common\cmdow.exe" @ /HID REM Special registry tweak needed regedit /S "%WPIPATH%\common\wpi.reg" REM This one installs any theme-supplied fonts and starts WPI start /wait /min wscript "%WPIPATH%\common\WPI.wsf" REM call any cleanup code here, or after this script. exit this will examine from where the cmd-file is run. (it would set WPIPATH to %systemdrive%\Install), but if you rewrite the WPI-path line to set WPIPATH=%CDROM%\Install\WPI it should work.

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