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  1. you could change it for yourself in generate.js search for %15 and change the value. as for you second thought: if the window's too big for the screen, you also wouldn't see where you are - where's the purpose in that ?
  2. nemesis5: hoffe, du kannst dennoch englisch lesen... So no i've added functionality to overcome the problem with only on column in the RunOnceEx dialog. RunOnceEx now gets called every 15 apps - so the window doesn't grow too big. Also gresh informed me, that the substitution of %cdrom% isn't always working correctly. Therefore I altered the code a bit. If you use the %cdrom%, append the full path to the app on the CD (config.js's method of setting discPath won't work with %xxx% parameters) Version is now 2.8.4 Sorry for all the updates coming so quickly, but I want you to have the opportunity to participate... ZIP removed.
  3. the runonceex dialog only supports 1 column. therefore if too many apps get installed, it won't show them cause the dialog grows too high vertically. The programs get installed anyway. This could be solved by calling the runonceex-mechanism a couple of times with each havin fewer apps to install. Its a problem to keep for one of the next versions. At the moment only sorting by cat/name is done. Sorry.
  4. gresh suggested that sorting by categories and names would be fine. well - here it is. turn on/off in config.js Version 2.8.3: ZIP removed.
  5. Another answer to your question can be found in the config file of this thread's program. Search for the 2.8.2 version, download it and open config.js I you like it, use it, change it or do whatever you want.
  6. No. This command runs the runonceex-installing mechanism. I had to comment it out for testing purposes (forgot to stop the timer sometimes). If it's commented out the please remove the comment. (Should be fixed in 2.8.2). Sorry for the bug. Shame on me - I'm not Microsoft.
  7. could there be something wrong in prog[pn]=['Defrag'] desc[pn]=['Defragmetierungsprogramm'] cmd1[pn]=['msiexec.exe /qb /i //cdrom%\\programme\\Security\\Defrag\\Defrag.msi'] dflt[pn]=['yes'] cat[pn]=['Security'] pn++ shouldn't it be just cmd1[pn]=['msiexec.exe /qb /i %cdrom%\\programme\\Security\\Defrag\\Defrag.msi']
  8. @nemesis5 which switches ? the app-switches are discussed in another thread/forum. WPI 2.8.2 renders it correctly. we need more information to help you. instead of prog[pn]=['Reg hacks'] desc[pn]=['Autokonfiguration<br><i>Empfohlen</i>'] cmd1[pn]=['REGEDIT /S %cdrom%\\programme\\Hotfixes\\RegImport.reg'] dflt[pn]=['yes'] cat[pn]=['REGS & Hacks'] pn++ prog[pn]=['Hotfixes'] desc[pn]=['Autokonfiguration von Hotfixes<br><i>Empfohlen</i>'] cmd1[pn]=['REGEDIT /S %cdrom%\\Programme\\Hotfixes\\hotfixes.cmd'] dflt[pn]=['yes'] cat[pn]=['REGS & Hacks'] pn++ prog[pn]=['Codecs'] desc[pn]=['Autokonfiguration von Pre-Codecs<br><i>Empfohlen</i>'] cmd1[pn]=['REGEDIT /S %cdrom%\\Programme\\Hotfixes\\codecs.cmd'] dflt[pn]=['yes'] cat[pn]=['REGS & Hacks'] pn++ you could also write prog[pn]=['Reg hacks'] desc[pn]=['Autokonfiguration<br><i>Empfohlen</i>'] cmd1[pn]=['REGEDIT /S %cdrom%\\programme\\Hotfixes\\RegImport.reg'] dflt[pn]=['yes'] cat[pn]=['REGS & Hacks'] pn++ prog[pn]=['Hotfixes'] desc[pn]=['Autokonfiguration von Hotfixes<br><i>Empfohlen</i>'] cmd1[pn]=['REGEDIT /S %cdrom%\\Programme\\Hotfixes\\hotfixes.cmd'] dflt[pn]=['yes'] pn++ prog[pn]=['Codecs'] desc[pn]=['Autokonfiguration von Pre-Codecs<br><i>Empfohlen</i>'] cmd1[pn]=['REGEDIT /S %cdrom%\\Programme\\Hotfixes\\codecs.cmd'] dflt[pn]=['yes'] pn++ and omit the duplicate cat[pn] entries
  9. @a06lp: no. if you put it like prog[47] desc[47] cat[48] prog[49] ... then cat[48] would totally be left of. the program's constraint is the existence of a prog entry. if a prog is missing, then stop, even though there's a prog[i+1] sorry guy. but i still can't find out, why you want it exactly the way you describe. do you want to have the option of empty categories (that's the only thing that'll not work with my version) ? Good news for nemesis5. You can have you multi-column version. This one supports up to 6 columns (you can define to have even more, but ie wont render them correctly with a window so small as 1024 - not enough horizontal space) For that I had to introduce a new variable in config.js calles numColumns. It's set to 3 in the download version and is used only in resolution 1024 and above. The column rendering now works in a correct way (it didn't in my 2.8.1 version under some circumstances). Just a merged screenshot: And here's version 2.8.2: ZIP removed.
  10. @a06lp because that's not the way javascript works. and btw. you do only have to add the category to the category's first app. so let say you got 2 utils A and b then just add cat[A]=['Utils']. cat does not have to exist. @nemesis5 no more 3 columns with the version that supports categories. maybe in a forthcoming version. stay tuned.
  11. ATTENTION ! There's a bug in the 2.8 download. Installation won't start. I replaced the version in the post above. So it's 2.8.1. Sorry guys - hope you didn't already burn your CDs. I switched back to the 2 column version. 3 cols isn't anymore with categories introduced. Sorry.
  12. Ok. Don't mind - the problem's solved. Should somebody else ever have the same problem do this: deactivate the mainboard's second SATA-controller (the ITE-thing), or use this one. Either way helps you out of this hell. Somwhere else I read that a bios update could help - but this was no option to me 'cause I don't have a floppy or USB-stick to boot from, and since the OS won't boot ....
  13. I myself thought about introducing a tabbed layout. But fiddling around a bit showed me, that the tabs look empty if you do not have many apps to install - so forget that. The thing with a category system is that: Let's say we introduce a new variable cat[xx]=['Something'] in config.js - then you'd probably have to sort your entries in config.js according to the categories, unless someone provides a more complex boxes-generation script, or you switch to coolsights version 3.1 I see that you sort the entries even now - so making a change to the current script wouldn't be too complicated. Perhaps i can spend some time on it the next few days. Hey, why don't you provide a hardcoded GUI-prototype how the GUI should look like ? Check back.
  14. HI folks. Just integrated the mass storage driver pack onto my UXPCD. Had to remove the 3114 so that XP Setup recogised the 3114r. Setup finds the drivers and reports my 2 160GB Baracudas as one 320GB drive. I chose to create a 20GB partition and install XP on it. Formatted with NTFS (not fast format) and the files got copied to it. The next step is reboot and GUI-mode setup. This works (tested on non raid systems many times) - BUT NOT ON RAID - XP does not boot. There's not even a message saying there's no boot device. After POST there's just nothing ... The Board is a new one (ASUS P5GD2-dlx with SIL3114r). Any suggestions what to do next ??? PS. I forgot to mention that it's XP-SP2 slipstreamed I'm trying to install.
  15. oops - forgot that. i see your point. i could fix that thing with the checkboxes' distances (set the height to 1%). Another problem is, that tey are filled first right then down, which messes up the visual order some would like to have. I myself am not very happy with that. I'll fix the probs as soon as I have time... Thanks for submitting your opinions. Attached my former version .... ZIP removed.
  16. install.cmd should be called fom within winnt.sif so that it runs on first logon it should then call the wpi via: start /wait %systemdrive%\Install\WPI\wpi.hta Got it ? dunno 'bout miktex @others: I posted a slightly modified version of my WPI. look on previous page.
  17. change e.g. desc[pn]=['Installs Microsoft Office 2003 Professional. <i>Recommended</i>'] to desc[pn]=[''] --> no tooltip
  18. All the 2.7's options should work (not tested). And unlimited really means unlimited (as long as the memory can handle it). Dunno what the runonceex-dialog thinks about too many apps (think it's just single column) @beppemito: what do you mean with descs on/off ? tooltips? just leave them blank ('')
  19. Done it. 2.7 with: unlimited apps constraints see this thread for explanations no renumbering tooltips defaults checked countdown to install some ui-changes (2 colums if >640x480 , then page scrolling) New version posted ui-chages: 3cols in 1024, 2cols in 800, 1col in 640 mode ZIP removed.
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