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  1. SLOVENIAN language relesed BDW how can i submit it to my WPI?
  2. hey you are very goooood at this buisnes :D thx
  3. i agree with that, but when i was instaling driver maunaly before i started to use WPI i installed all the drivers without restaring comp. now i tryed again in debug mode and now was order of instaling correct. 1,2,3,....
  4. yes i know this, but few minutes ago i was testing on virtual pc and 1. prog was insatlled correctly (sound drivers), second was AGP driver. instaltion of it (AGP) started instaling ATI drivers and then ATI driver wizard said that no AGP found. probably because AGP driver wasn't installed totaly. BDW first aplication is set to be AGP driver, second sound driver,... .... and ATI software and drivers were set to install 5. !!??
  5. and why the order of instaling of aplications is't right? it instals 2,1,3,5,4....
  6. how to make that instaling of aplicatinos will wait until previsious aplication install to the end?
  7. does anyone know where to download acrobat 7.0 ??
  8. this new version is cool. i just want to know why did wpi (i gues it was him) delete all my icons from desktop?????
  9. you are right. but it says the same error when i remove (").
  10. install proces of winxp was well and the copy of contents of $OEM f$ folder. but then i have to run wpi maunal from its folder. and then while instalation process reports an error. here i a picture of an error can anyone tell why is this happening??
  11. yes i get WPI from it's home page and i read the dovumentation. but it doesnt work. or there must be something wrong with my settings.
  12. ok. so i have to delete $OEM$ path from install.cmd now should be are the folders correctly set? and this file install.cmd i must place in install folder? i would like to make this as a b oootable DVD. on dvd should be win xp and some programs. kelsenellenelvian can i ask you something? can you make a list how folders should be made? in witch order and where to put files of WPI an where to put files of programs witch i want to install? please
  13. here is a picture of error. http://www.imagevenue.com/img.php?loc=loc1..._nofindwpi2.jpg (it's not my but it is similar.)
  14. druing testing has somethin faild. error messegae said that is there is not install map on HD. here is list of folders in my working derictory [working\xp_cd] [working\xp_cd\$OEM$] [working\xp_cd\$OEM$\$$] [working\xp_cd\$OEM$\$1] [working\xp_cd\$OEM$\install] [working\xp_cd\$OEM$\install\wpi] [working\xp_cd\$OEM$\install\wpi\common] [working\xp_cd\$OEM$\install\wpi\themes] [working\xp_cd\$OEM$\install\wpi\themes\default] [working\xp_cd\$OEM$\install\wpi\themes\vaio1280x1024] [working\xp_cd\$OEM$\install\wpi\wpiscripts] [working\xp_cd\I386] [working\xp_cd\I386\ASMS] [working\xp_cd\I386\ASMS\1
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