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  1. Thanks , that already helps alot. of course if there are anymore hacks can they be listed here
  2. I know there are massive amounts of info on the board on what files can be modded to visually change all aspects to the look of windows. Would make it easier perhaps if there was a list of all dll's exe' cabs etc needed to for the changes . Can there be a post that will list such files. I prefer to use windows own files and resource tuner/hacker to modify them. Dont like stardock find is sux the life out of what resources i have. Sorta like the wife. I just find if there was a list then would make it easier to know what to input in the search engine. Any help from member(s) would be appreciated. Want to do this all in an customized unattended cd. Thank you lionhrt
  3. Your not saying that you created or want to created a text file with all your config entries or your registration codes, and then be able to use that file in a wizard that will run through the text file and fill in all the relevant info to the config.js?
  4. No real harm done mate. And completely understand, I too myself am a busy guy on the real side. Wife, kid, bills and my 44th bd coming up. Just didnt understand why you hadnt replied. when info was provided. But do so now. So lets move on, get your homelife in order and lets get working on this. heh. Its a good app and with the integration of syssetup would definately be a benefit. Thanks again for the reply
  5. Not that i normally would do this, but like you said you were disappointed with the lack of help or response to this post. I think your app is a useful tool to have and use it regularly. But I did take the time to format my drive, seeing it really needed it and sat down as suggested by you so that i can get the strings (atleast to the point of getting the ones listed in my response.) Sent you an email stating as such since you seemed desparate to get syssetup integrated properly into your modifier. The least you can do is thank a member for helping you out. Not that it is important just if a site is set on the idea of being a community then why not reply with at least a "Thanks M8". EDIT. I only responded because you did re-enter the site after a period and responded to your one post. If it was that important you would have checked this one as well.
  6. @lizard1: Give the guys time to get it right. Like he said, he had too pull due to errors. If you like maybe you can grab the buggy version from someone who has it if your that eager. These guys put a lot of work into it, and when needs to get pulled, so be it. I would rather have one that works then one thats gonna waste my time preparing it and not have it functional. One post and your bugging for a version that needs the code to be looked at again. Why not grab version 4.2b and work the graphics/theme yourself till the new version is working properly.
  7. These are the screens i am most interested in. I understand the file winntbbu.dll will modify this: and you can change this appearance using reshack on logonui.exe for this: But don't know how or what files are needed to change these: and want to default my own background here: Any help always appreciated. lionhrt
  8. Dont know if this has been ask before, if so i appologize in advanced. I want all my installations screens to look the same. For instance the modified winntbbu.dll, syssetup.dll. Windows Post Installer (courtesy of kelsenellenelvian) Can anyone tell me all the files involved. From the first screen (winntbbu.dll - WPI) from what i gather you need the installation gui for windows the logon screen and wpi. but dont know off hand any others needed to be modified. or what files other then mentioned to do it for me (such as reshack or resource tuner) Anyhelp in an answer is appreciated.
  9. Still working on this, will upload momentarilty when completed. @TheBeets, borrowed your buttons temporarily till i can make news ones they just happen to match the colors of this theme. Lionheart
  10. almulder: I must admit the appearance wizard is looking sweet, let me be another to thank you and others involved in making this happen. Thumbs Up
  11. Is there a way to change the timer's progrees bar to either match your themes color xcheme or to use a pic instead? noticed this in the timers.js function tProgressBar(){ var table = '<table width="124" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" class="timer"><tr><td><img src="./Graphics" height="10" width="120" id="timerImg" /></td></tr></table>'; document.write(table); } also noticed this in the wpi.htm ]<!-- Timer starts here --> <div align="center"> <script> if(timer=='on') startInterval(); if(timer=='off') stopInterval(); if(timer!='off'&& timer!='on') window.alert('Timer Value can only be "on" or "off" Please Change it in config.js'); </script> <span style="vertical-align: bottom"><strong> <font size="2" color="#afaeae" face="Arial"> <script> if(timer=='on') document.write(getText(lblTimerTitle)); </script> </font></strong> <form name=display size="4" class="txtboxshow" style="align: center; font-size: 24pt; font-family: Arial; font-weight: bold; color: #afaeae; vertical-align: baseline; width:100; height:37"></form></font> <strong><font face="Arial" size="1" color="#afaeae"> <script> if(timer=='on') tProgressBar(); if(timer=='on') document.write(getText(lblTimerStop)); </script> </font></strong> </span><p> </div> <!-- Timer ends here --> Can anyone advise
  12. Is there a way to lower the catagories so that they are a lil more away from the top of the screen. Dont wanna adjust the size of the image at top so need to lower the catagory.
  13. Thanks almuder everything is the way it should be now. Now its time to work on a new theme. Dedicated to MSFN (WPI members). Cheers
  14. Same link as usual mate. http://www.mnsi.net/~lionhrt/WPI_lionhrt.rar thanks again for looking at code.

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