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  1. Greetings all! I have attempted to create an nLite'd XP install disk a number of times and I always seem to fail somewhere. I want to use my own disk to make a small, fast and secure install. (so, do not reference me to download any of those "STRIPED TO TEH BONEZ LOLOL" install disks out on the web) I have tried a number of time to stip out thing I think I won't need but always mess something up. What I am really asking for here is if there are any configuration files out there that get rid of all the really, truly useless crap without touching anything that might break something for someone. Or, are there any docs out there that have longer, more clear descriptions of item removal? I have scoured the net looking for guides, config files, etc and I really don't know what do. Thanks for any help anyone can offer.
  2. Just a quick bump to get this thread back on the front page. Keep voting people! And, Nuhi, keep us updated in this thread if you can. Also, MODS, can we get a sticky for this thread? It has a TON of views (most viewed non-sticky thread I can find on the nLite board at the moment) and is somewhat turning into a news/discussion thread anyways.
  3. That was one hell of a post tho. I agree with just about everything her had to say. I'd love to get my grimy little mitts on a beta of nLiteVE, just because my Vista test bed is a 10gb partition, it's all I can spare . Vista, on a default install, is about 8.5gb on my machine, which really doesn't lend me much room to install the day to day apps I use to really spend more time IN Vista. *sigh*
  4. Nuhi, don't rush it bro. I am sure all of us here would rather wait a few weeks for a finished product than use Veestah and have it break. Also, I am sure most users here would agree that it would be wise to wait at least a month before converting to Vista full time. We all know the hacker community is going to try to rip the OS to pieces once it releases so, I repeat, take your time. But, things I would personally like to be able to remove are Windows Mail/Calender/Address Book/Movie-Maker HD/Media Player 11, the Accessibility tools, the Welcome Center, the Sidebar, the built-in games... pretty much all the useless crap that most people never use or replace with different apps right after a clean install. I look forward to the release of Veestah. Personal note: nVista sounded much cooler tho. But does bear a striking resemblance to nVidia and both M$ and nVidia might get angry at that one. How about Revista? (Pronounced Reh-Vista) for "Revising Vista to suit your needs."
  5. Bump for great justice! ... ... and more voting action.
  6. Wow, didn't expect nuhi to post in my thread. Well, since you have seen the post, I want to thank you for nLite, it really makes a huge difference and is a great help for power-users like myself. If you need a beta tester for the Vista version of nLite, send me a PM and I'll be happy to test it for you!
  7. For whatever reason, Microsoft has never truly allowed users full control over the operating system they have purchased. For whatever reason, software like Accessibility tools, internet browsers, media players and e-mail applications are forced to be installed on windows based systems, even if the user doesn't ever, EVER use them. This is what we have nLite for. Nothing feels better than taking a 3GB installation and trimming it down to 1GB. What if we could do that with Vista? Turning an 8GB install into 4 would even be a hell of an improvement. There is just so much junk and clutter in Vista that many users just won't need. (IE Windows Mail, Movie Maker, Accessibility Tools, etc.) All the fancy GUI's and new features for programs we never use anyways just take up disk space and bloat the system. I know that, personally, when Vista comes out I will want to use it for the increased security and DX10 that only Vista can bring, but at the same time, I don't want a bunch of crap on my system that I will never use. This is where the guys at nLite come in. They have already done and INCREDIBLE job on nLite and I can only hope that they do the same for Vista. Let's vote, seriously here. Let's show the nLite devs that we appreciate their work (by posting stories about current nLite use) and let's also show them that we want to see the next-gen of nLite for Vista. Until Microsoft realizes that normal users don't want all the crap they have built into the OS and make an installation system that allows users to actually customize their own systems, nLite is all we have (that's arguably the easiest)!

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