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  1. That could happen if you update wimlib, the official version is no longer supported.
  2. I would ignore them. If there is no lpq.exe in system32 than that applications is no installed and does not need a .mui file. If it get's installed (by dism) later, it should copy the .mui, too.
  3. I guess system32 mui folder is a fallback location for it's subfolders. Added recursive scanning for mui candidates. WIMHost_1.2.3.0.zip
  4. Ok, could generate a crash under some WinPE environments. WIMHost_1.2.1.0.zip
  5. Well I can't reproduce it. Where can I download that exact ISO? Did you try with different source, maybe a clean MDSN version?
  6. Yes, noticed there was a problem, should be fixed now.
  7. I don't get that error. Make sure you don't miss any dependency of this proxy dll.
  8. That should be fixed with WimHost.exe, posted yesterday.
  9. MinWin and RAM booting Windows was a - just for fun - project for me. I don't share your passion about it. So if you want to create a database, be the first one adding something to it. For me, I only provide the tool and a basic example.
  10. I think that I fixed all MinWin bugs reported.
  11. Oh, wanted to improve that error message for years. You have a WinPE selected as source, that's not supported and doesn't make sense. Use bootice to create a boot entry for the WIM file.
  12. No, Setup=1 just means the filter is only used for sources that are still setup mode (SystemSetupInProgress=1). With some luck you can get the missing file logged somewhere in \Windows\Panther.
  13. Something has changed with SysTab32 controls font rendering. Build 4888 was good, but 4892 is a bit blurry.
  14. You can't change it, but you can add it original form.
  15. That sounds like the WIM has data corrupted. Try to apply the WIM with wimlib-image.exe maybe it reports more error data. If wimlib-image.exe failes and Dism works than it seems to be a wimlib bug.
  16. Source code is not available, but it's freeware. Do with it what you want.
  17. Hmm, can't reproduce that here. Do you have a crash dump or error in eventlog?
  18. You should not use DISM to capture a installation WinNTSetup has prepared for this one partition. Either delete HKLM\SYSTEM\MountedDevices before capture or always use WinNTSetup for capture to WIM and apply to disk.
  19. Drive letter assignment is really simple stuff. WinNTSetup will calculate and write \DosDevices\C: to HKLM\SYSTEM\MountedDevices On first boot Windows will recognize a different drive letter and does all the work. This version will add logging for black and whitelist as well MUI and MUN file removal.
  20. PerformenceV2 deletes the registry keys under: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Perflib\_V2Providers
  21. @suxichao You the first one having that problem. Try to nail down what causing it. @wuliyen Seems the MUI progression if a bit a aggressive. This should limit it to *.mui files only.
  22. No. And i don't want to add UI options for everything.
  23. NoDarkTooltips works now, thanks.
  24. Seems the "NoDarkTooltips" reg option is ignored by this new version.
  25. Start by looking at the log files: \Windows\Panther. Maybe your BCD is a bit unusual are edit it to much with bootice. Maybe you some alternative boot manager.
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