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Found 8 results

  1. i installed the NTFS from SP3, then i used a flash pen with 16GB's and works fine. but if i use an external disk 500GB's the Explorer is rebooted... i need a patch for read external disks with 500GB's or more... and is SATA disk
  2. KernelEx Auxiliary DLL Updates psapi3b.7zuxtheme.7zuxtheme423.7z Update packages include DLL and complete source code. DLL API Counts Stock = KernelEx 4.5.2 Msimg32: Stock (5) WinXP (5) Pdh: Stock (71) WinXP (158) Psapi: Stock (17) WinXP (24) psapi3b.7z (27) Userenv: Stock (16) WinXP (110) Uxtheme: Stock (48) WinXP (95) uxtheme.7z (95) Uxtheme423.7z (124) Wtsapi32: Stock (20) WinXP (35) ROS.41 (44) --- Stock --- Msimg32 (5 of 5): 4.5.2 Pdh (71 of 158): 4.5.2 Psapi (17/27 of 24): 4.5.2/psapi3b.7z Userenv (16 of 110): 4.5.2 Uxtheme (48/95/124 of 124): 4.5.2/uxtheme.7z/Uxtheme423 Wtsapi32 (20 of 35): 4.5.2
  3. i need some updates for win9x: 1 - instead using 'MS-DOS Sound Blaster Setter' is there another program for i get the Sound Blaster parameters? i have installed the https://retrosystemsrevival.blogspot.com/2020/06/modded-ac97-windows-95-drivers.html (manually) and i get the sound and sound blaster emulation drivers.... the doom 1 and 2, Heretic and others 3D games and the Jazz Rabbit have Sound Blaster sound... but the Commander Keen, Wolf3D, Prince of Persia and others use the Speaker... i need a way for get, correctly, the sound blaster on all MS-DOS games without an emulator(DosBox). PS: if i use the original drivers, i can't get the Sound Blaster emulation driver. 2 - on Windows ME, how i can get the Command Prompt(MS-DOS) on Startup menu(F8) and on ShutDown menu? i tried the 'Real MS-DOS', but i damage the system 3 - for get the ACPIOFF working we must, first, update the system?(SP3 or other) 4 - after install Internet Explorer 6 SP1, i lose the 'Save Previous Folder'(when we shutdown the computer with an open folder, the system reboot without the folder open... how can i resolve it?)
  4. I have been playing around with a dual-boot msdos 6.3 + 7.1 boot system. to help with a help file. There are things to do with these DOS versions yet, but the help-system from 6.22 has been updated to include most of msdos 5.x to 7.x, as well as interesting info on pcdos, versions of programs like emm386 and msd, which shipped with dos, and even basica / gwbasic, etc. http://www.os2fan2.com/files/dos7help.zip is the source. The version of qbasic has a number of known patches applied, inc;luding the *.* and phatcode patches. dos6.com is help.com, renamed so not to overwrite help, and so it's accessable from 4dos as well. qbed.com is edit.com renamed to not overwrite edit.com. The help and ini file are qbed.hlp and qbed.ini, for similar reasons. W
  5. So while wanting to view some online channels on my old laptop, i found no online tv app with working channels for Windows9x. I decided to make my own one, i took me a day. The application is very simple based on VLC ActiveX, a country selection dropdown box, a list for channels and a player. Requirements for the player to work: VLC 0.8.6a (make sure to install it with ActiveX) and some codecs and internet. The program was compiled on WinME, and i named it WorldTV Stream. It has hundreds of channels from several countries (Europe, USA, ASIA, ARABIA, AFRICA). It has some bugs like some channels that cannot be streamed shows error, and cahnging caountry several times result in an error and program restart is needed. After double clicking or pressing enter on a channel from list wait >15 seconds to load You can download it from here: https://files.fm/down.php?cf&i=m3p6pet7&n=w9x_onlinetv2.rar I'll try next to create a html5 capable browser based on CEF2 (Chromium). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update: Most crashes and errors are because of the old ActiveX from VLC 0.8.6a which does not understand .ts formats correctly (at least a fifth of the channels in list are working), i would recommend vlc 0.8.6i. Newer than that form 0.9.x and up won't work and won't start)
  6. See to me, there is ABSOLUTELY NO up to date browser that works on Win9x. By that I mean one that can render HTML5 and do banking. Right there, that should render Win9x as only being appropriate for offline use.
  7. Vintage Application Repository What is this? The VAR tool helps Windows 9x and Windows 2000 computers to get software easier. When the client has been installed, installation of another software is as easy as navigating to the executable, executing the following in a DOS prompt, and dealing with the installer published by the software vendor. varm install Firefox Just like apt-get. I have just recently started the development of this tool, therefore bugs are everywhere. The code is hosted at GitHub: Repository of the repository For slightly more information, please visit the GitHub repository. It contains a README.md file. Please submit an Issue on the GitHub repository if you encounter any bugs or wish to suggest future features to VAR.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/user/danooct1 (NB: Not me, just a fan.) I just wanted to share something tech-related that's also very entertaining. I notice there's a lot of vintage-system enthusiasts on this board and thought you might want to check out this channel. I'm relatively young for a computer nostalgist, so until I saw this guy's videos, I had no idea that viruses used to be kind of an art form for malware writers to show off their skills. Some of those 8-bit graphics were pretty darn cool... if you can ignore the fact that your hard drive just got wiped. Not only that, but some of the programmers seemed to have had a defiantly warped and un-PC sense of humor about taboo subjects (the "abortion" virus, the "AIDS" virus, the "suicide" virus, etc.). At least one or two actually wish the user a Merry Christmas as their files are getting nuked -- there's a German virus that even plays a chiptune version of "O Christmas Tree" out the computer speakers, and displays a message about an evergreen Tannenbaum. Internet trolls, before there was Internet, lol. Anyway, this channel has some pretty cool stuff and you might want to check it out.

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